Sunday, October 19, 2014

Second Chances

Ever since we found out that we were expecting Miss Clementine, the phrase 'second chance' has repeatedly come to mind.  I've cherished so many second chances: newborn noises, baptismal gown and chrism oil, the smell of Dreft baby detergent, all the chubby fat and rolls, hugs from a little one's arms wrapped tightly around my neck as well as I love you's, bedtime stories, bath time fun, and funny toddler-sayings.

Speaking of toddler sayings, here's one for you:

Miss C. on the potty - "Mama, I'm making....(grunt)...poo!  It's a dinosaur! ...(3 second pause)... Oh no!  The dinosaur just broke!"

That child keeps me in stitches.

I think one of the most memorable 'second chance' moments was when David and I left for the hospital in the wee hours of that January morning.  There we were,  two, nervous 43 years olds, heading to the hospital to have a baby after all those years.

Our second chance.

With second chances comes another train of thought, 'If I only knew then what I know now.'  Ha ha!  That one plays through my mind all the time.  I thank God for the advantage He gave me to deal with motherhood this time around.  My confidence has been so much higher and more relaxed.  The stress that society places on new or young parents is downright horrible.  I feel bad for new parents.

When my oldest two were toddlers, I recall feeling the mounting  pressure of needing to 'keep up with the Jones'.  There's another phrase for you, and not a positive one at that.  (Sometimes, I'd succumb to it.)   Around that time, Little Tikes was at its height in popularity and every "good" parent would purchase the biggest and newest Little Tikes toy available on the market.  No matter the cost.  I tried to find our Little Tikes items at garage sales and was happy that my husband kept tight purse strings.  He NEVER caved to pressure like that.  (And he knew I would.)

Which leads me to my next second chance.

Reshaping gift giving.

I look forward to making some changes with Miss Clementine at this age especially with the season of gift giving approaching quickly.  She will be over 2 1/2 years old when Christmas arrives and even quicker at picking up on things.  I am really making a conscience effort to set an appropriate yet meaningful tone.  No.  I don't believe I made mistakes with the older kids when it comes to gifts, it is just that I want to fine tune things a bit.  A second chance.

Our society, as a whole,  is a materialistic one. Toys come and go so quickly.  They are played with for maybe one afternoon before being considered boring and then tossed onto a junk pile or broken into pieces.  Unappreciated. Okay.  I'm being a bit sarcastic, but you get the idea.

I want to pick out gifts  that will be used, cherished, loved, and appreciated like, forever (if forever is even possible.)  She is entering a fun age, and  I am really looking forward to her experience this year.  I think it will be a battery free Christmas.  (Think pretend play and make believe!)

I love this second chances thing!

~  Patty  ~


  1. I enjoyed this post so much Patty and I found myself nodding in agreement throughout. Our little girls are in a way our second chances too. I chuckle inside often as I contemplate the miracle and the surprise gifts they were (are). Like you, I find myself trying to do some things a little differently, capturing moments a little longer, and embracing even the toughest days because they too are fleeting.
    I hear you on the gift giving season as well. Since the big kids now know where the Christmas morning gifts come from, we're trying to be more intentional about not putting the name/face with those gifts for the little girls. I'm also trying to focus on the season of Advent and why that season is so precious (and my favorite). In a materialistic world, these things are tough. In my domestic church, however, I want these things to be simple and treasured.

    I'm grateful for second chances and the opportunity to change things up a little. I look forward to it.

  2. Yes! Yes! Yes!
    So much...
    I adore the picture of you and your hubby with your second chance.
    You are beaming with thankfulness and joy.
    I am right with you, as you know.
    I remember as if it were yesterday...clear as can be...rocking my second chance, Flynn, and thinking to myself that I will live in that moment. Nothing else would intrude on my mind as I held that gift and rocked back and forth. Not the laundry, or the meals, or the chaos of life.
    I already knew how quickly those moments pass...and I accepted that. But I knew for certain that with this baby, I would be able to say I cherished every, precious moment.
    Hugs, my friend!!!!!

  3. oh yes, and please share your fine tuning as you find those forever gifts... that's the way to do gifts for sure!

  4. Great post, Patty. I love the different perspective on second chances. What Clementine said on the potty was hilarious. Love the whole idea of fine-tuning on the gift giving. I was just crafting a letter to Santa out loud the other day...."Dear Santa, we don't appreciate the things we have, so please don't bother coming to our house this year." Passive-aggressive? Who, me?


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