Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October Days - Daybook Post

Outside my window ~

We have had some rain recently with a drop in temperatures.  It is suppose to be back into the low 80's by mid week.

I am thankful for ~

Still having insurance.

Waking up today.

Having a roof over our heads and food on our table.

Warm beds to sleep in.

From the school room ~

* Sally takes the PSAT on Wednesday morning.

* The kids are working a day ahead in school this week in order to take part in our community garage sale this Saturday.  (We normally school Tuesday-Saturday.)

From the kitchen ~

Now that the temps are a little cooler, I'm looking forward to adding more cold weather meals...chili, soup, stews, etc.

What I am reading ~

I finished a book a little over one week ago and have had a busy home since.  On Monday, however, I did start perusing the Advent selections at a local Catholic book store.  I would like to finish my Advent reading plans for myself this week in order to be ready when November 30 (the start of Advent) rolls around.

What I am praying for ~

Health!  In the midst of this Ebola nightmare, I am quite nervous!  I friend emailed this prayer of St. Roch to me -

Prayer to Saint Rocco
O Great St. Rocco, deliver us, we beseech thee, from the scourges of God; through thy Intercessory, preserve our bodies from contagious diseases, and our souls from the contagion of sin.  Obtain for us salubrious air; but, above all, purity of heart.  Assist us to make good use of health, to bear suffering with patience; and, after thy example, to live in the practice of penance and charity, that we may one day enjoy the happiness which thou has merited by thy virtues.
St. Rocco, pray for us (say three times)
Saint Rocco is venerated in the Roman Catholic Church as the protector against the plague and all contagious diseases.

Around my house ~

* Homecoming dance last weekend.

* I had to teach Little Flowers last Friday.  We studied St. Josephine Bakhita and the virtue of acceptance.

Her slave to saint story can be found here.

I found  a cute (and simple) art project for the girls to make on Pinterest ::

I also taught them how to play the African game Mancala.  (Although, we used beans and egg cartons.)

It was a fun night!

* Last Saturday evening, our homeschool group enjoyed a Rosary / Hot Dog roast.  One family generously hosted  us out on their land for the evening.

Coming down the pike this week ~

* PSAT on Wednesday
* Teach Confirmation Class Wednesday evening
* Mandatory catechist faith formation class on Thursday evening
* Garage sale on Saturday

What I am listening to ~

The three older girls chatter as they get ready for the school day and Stan munching on a piece of his thin bagel at the breakfast table.  (He's always the last one to finish a meal ;)

One final picture to share ~

Have a great week!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Hi Patty! That looks like peanut butter on Clementine's beater...I'm in!
    Best of blessings on the PSAT test tomorrow, and your class too. You are so organized to have your Advent reading in the planning stages already. Good for you!

    I have not heard of that prayer to St. Rocco, but it is a wonderful one, considering the threat of Ebola these days. Our church prays a decade of the rosary after daily mass (October is rosary month), and today was for the victims and health care workers involved. We need to pray, that's for sure.
    Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  2. What a lovely visit! Hope you've survived your frigid temperatures (smile)......

  3. Lovely week! Saint Josephine is one of my favorites!

  4. I'll be praying for Sally in a special way this morning. I hope that her PSAT goes well.
    I just love when I see your girls in their boots. I grin every time. :)
    Too funny, Jonah is the last to finish eating here. He's probably also the most chatty at the table. ha!
    Fire up the crockpot and enjoy those cozy meals. I've been working on putting together a crockpot recipe post that I hope to get up before or while I'm away. Stay tuned!


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