Monday, October 20, 2014

Master Bath Vanity - Putting It Back Together (Part 3)

The granite & glass guys are coming today to install our replacement top and sink, and install our vanity mirror.

It has been a looong month since I posted  our remodeling hiccup.

I realized I never showed you the completed vanity pictures.  David did such a BEAUTIFUL job.  I requested drawers for storage, and boy! did he give me the drawers.  Check it out ...

(That picture above also give you a clear image of how off center the sink hole was cut.

I'm able to store our towels in that bottom middle drawer.

Those are 3" tab pulls that we purchased through a kitchen & bath showroom.  

(He fit the top two middle boxes to fit around the plumbing, gaining as much storage space as possible.)

We also purchased our new light bar.

It is a George Kovacs brand that we ordered through the same kitchen & bath store where we purchased the chrome pulls.

We are almost done.  Almost. Done.

Have to admit, I'm a little anxious about the replacement job today.  I made sure that they scheduled it on David's day off when he can be present to see how they will be cutting the old granite off of his vanity.  That part makes me nervous since he worked so hard on it.

Until then...

~  Patty  ~


  1. Sweetness! I want to live there. Yes, in the bathroom.
    I hope all goes well and I can't wait for the final photos.

    1. Ha ha ha! Sometimes I feel like bringing a lawn chair in their and locking the door. Oh! And keeping my Keurig on the vanity. That would be heaven! LOL

  2. Those nice, empty drawers are just begging to be filled! That is the fun part (for us ladies at least…). :o)

    Don't forget a candle to light at shower time for the full "spa" experience--ahhh. The bathroom looks so beautiful!

    :o) Becky


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