Monday, October 6, 2014

(Loaded) First Quarter Break - Day Book Post

Outside my window ~

Mr. Tarantula passing through last night.

I am thankful for ~

The rain we had early this morning.

The Irish coffee that my husband whips up for me every now and then.

For our children and the opportunity to teach them at home.

Our two week school break that recharged our batteries.

From the school room ~

* Miss Ester (who LOVES art) and Miss Sally (who doesn't) continued on with their art class even though we were on break from our homeschool.

Two finished pieces I have been able to see::

Zentangle - an abstract drawing using repetitive patterns.

Live art -

* Chemistry lab - Miss Sally needs 18 hours of chemistry lab this year.  She worked on those over our break.

From the kitchen ~

What I am reading ~

I just finished Saint John Paul the Great.

This book was amazing.  There are so many facts I learned about him.  What an honor it was to live during the time of this very holy man!  Where I most likely will never be as spiritually strong in faith that he was, I am certainly empowered by him to grow stronger in my faith, especially through prayer  and love of the Holy Eucharist.

What I am praying for ~

For a handful of kids in my Confirmation class.  It is  heart breaking to see the few who could care less about God.  Where I want to shake them silly, I know I must just plant the seeds.

For a successful second quarter.

For all those who have asked me to pray for them.

Around my house ~

We were blessed with gorgeous weather over our break.

We used our FREE homeschool tickets to the State Fair of Texas.

This year it was about tasting some fun food!

 (Bottom left, Texas Fried Bluebonnet - Bottom right, Fried Cheesecake)

And seeing some animals.

We celebrated Stan the Man's 9th birthday :)

Miss Ester joined the youth group and took part in the Hike for Life Texas. (Check out those AWESOME t-shirts!!)

Miss Sally and I were at her swim meet.

Miss Mabel took a babysitter / CPR class.

Coming down the pike this week ~

* Mandatory Adult faith formation class for myself
* Little Flowers/ Little Women (I have to teach Little Flowers this month.)
* Homeschool group's family Rosary night / hot dog roast
* Homecoming dance

What I am listening to ~

Lego blocks.  Someone in the shower upstairs.  Someone else using their electric toothbrush.

One (final ) photo to share ~

We celebrated the feast of St. Faustina this past Sunday.  I kept it short and sweet.  Already owning  the CD with St. Faustina's story,  I just got it out for the kids to listen to.

Wishing you a great week ahead!!

~  Patty  ~


  1. That is one packed post! I love all the pics- the art is fantastic!! That spider is going to haunt my dreams. ;)

    1. Don't you have tarantulas in CA? I'll have to send the next one to you in the mail ;)

  2. What a fantastic catch up daybook! The art projects are ahh.mazing. Thanks for sharing them!
    The State Fair looks like a blast and even though it's breakfast time, I am drooling over that yumminess.
    I'm happy to read that your quarter break was a success and hope that everyone is rejuvenated to get back to the books.
    Those are awesome prolife tshirts. Very cool. Miss Mabel with her glasses is just too precious. Is it weird to say she looks like an American Girl doll with glasses? Sorry, but she does. Too sweet.

    Have a great week!

    1. They did do a great job on the art, didn't they. I haven't seen all the other projects yet. Wish I could. Maybe at the end of their co op quarter?

      I told Miss M your comment, and she said, "Really?" Miss E agreed with you immediately!

  3. The Art is awesome! And that spider? Oh my they just crawl all over the place in Texas? I mean, how can we protect ourselves? Seriously. Do they ever get in the house? Do you kill them?

    The glasses, cuuuute!
    The tees? Awesome!
    The little baker with her big sis? Adorable.
    The fair looks really fun!

    That book? Last week, I was going to pick it up after the noon Mass, but it was not it was! SO I picked it up, can't wait to start it!

    1. LOL! The tarantulas do crawl all over, but I've only seen 3. You will find more of them by a more woodsy area or a tree line. They are very helpful, do bite, but not poisonous. They dig holes in the ground. I don't have any tarantula holes in my yard, this one went under a crack in the neighbor's driveway. They eat up all kinds of bugs, even mice!

      I was thinking of sending you this book. Glad you bought a copy. You won't regret it! I love how he talks about redemptive suffering! Amazing!!!

    2. Not poisonous? Well...OK....if they are helpful...

      I started this book in the chapel tonite (My holy hour is from 5-6) Loved it, and had a really hard time putting it down. I only got through 1/2 of the first chapter...about his life, just got past the part where he survived Hitler...I've already underlined some things!


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