Thursday, September 25, 2014

What's For Sunday Dinner?

Do any of you plan a special dinner each week for Sunday?  Or a special Sunday dinner routine, for example: eating in the dining room, bringing out the china, or just making time to eat together?

For the past few years, I somehow gravitated to making the fancier meal of the week on Sundays.  I think it was when meat prices started going through the roof, and I had to keep our food budget in check.

For awhile there, we ate every Sunday meal in the dining room, but we have not done that in a long time.  (I'm not sure why.)  Oh wait!  I remember.  It was just easier to feed the baby in the kitchen where her high chair was located rather then moving her (and her messes) to the dining room.

Where we are definitely not like this on Sundays...

... I still am old fashioned in the sense where I enjoy our Sunday family dinners even if we are in shorts and t-shirts at the table.   I like cooking and baking on Sundays, and have been trying to save Sundays as our  dessert day, (keeping healthy snacks for the rest of the week.)

I usually grocery shop on Thursday, when it is most convenient for me.  Do any of you have a regular shopping day?  The one thing I love about making the menu is planning for Sunday dinner (and dessert!)

This Sunday I am planning on making Beef Brisket, recipe here.

Mashed potatoes.

Corn bread.

David's Cole Slaw, recipe here.

And for dessert, it will be provided by Miss Ester who wants to try a new dark chocolate chip cookie recipe.  (Yes, I'll post it ;)

So what is for Sunday dinner at your house this week?

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  1. You know, I have been thinking about Sunday Dinners lately as well. I remember that as a child we would always have fried chicken, cole slaw and mashed potatoes for dinner on Sunday and it always seemed celebratory for some reason. It is a happy memory. So, it shows that the meal doesn't have to be all that fancy to be special. You have got me thinking now.
    We always eat in the dining room as we have taken the eating table out of the kitchen.
    Oh, and we go grocery shopping twice a week, usually on Saturdays and Tuesdays.

    1. "Celebratory" I like that word. As Sundays should be. I believe family time is so important, especially in this day and age. (I always admire your family time together!)

  2. I like the idea of a Sunday Dinner. I guess as a rule our Sunday supper is usually a little nicer than the ordinary "hotdish" or other Midwestern meals during the week. A lot of weekends, Saturday or Sunday supper are usually made by Reed. He enjoys working in the kitchen, but obviously rarely gets to do that during the week. Sunday evening does end up being our relaxing time before the week ahead or the calm after the busy weekend. Your post has got me thinking though that being a bit more intentional about the meal and our together time may be a good idea. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. "Intentional". Another great adjective! You read my mind ;) Our Sundays are more calm as well. After dinner, the older two head out to Sunday night youth group where the other kids pray the rosary with David and I.

      David always makes Sunday breakfast after 8am Mass. Usually omelets or another egg dish. I love when he cooks in the kitchen. Like Reed, he doesn't usually have the time during the week to cook, but when he does, he enjoys it. (I enjoy it, too!)

  3. We had special Sunday dinners growing up! Thanks for the reminder. I want to do this, too :) This Sunday's meal of yours looks delicious!!

  4. I am always rather torn between the desire to create an impressive meal on Sunday and not laboring on Sunday. Yes, we have to eat, but I don't want to spend the day working at it. I think roasting a chicken or making a pot roast is a good compromise. My family doesn't think dinner is complete without dessert, however, so that's another battle. Lucky you have a baker in the family.

    1. I understand, Barbara! For me, "impressive" means holiday dinners. Those wear me out. Completely! I love to make special Sunday dinners, but I look for easy peasy recipes...things that don't take too much effort, but still are a home run! Pot roast is a good one. These days, I need to make two pot roasts since my family is full of big eaters.

  5. I try to do the same thing!! The kids love to have Sundaes on Sunday. We don't usually have dessert any other time, so it helps me to make sure they get it sometimes! (although, with all the birthdays end of August and early Sept, there have been quite a few dessert days!) I also started about a year and a half ago, having a "brunch" for lunch when we get home from breakfast items usually...waffles and sausages, pancakes or puff pancakes, egg bakes...things like that.

    I made your Beef Briscuit...did I tell you? It was awesome!! That briscuit is so dang expensive though...loved that liquid smoke stuff!!

    This week we are having pork chow mein (I have an awesome recipe, but it takes over an hour 1/2 to make, so it's saved for Sundays) and peanut butter pie for dessert!

    I used to shop (as of 2 weeks ago) bi-weekly, on Sat mornings, really really early, like I leave by 6am to be back by 9am. (taking my helper out to breakfast) (then there's unloading and putting away) I just switched to Wednesdays...(because we have soccer Sat mornings now) either afternoon or evening whatever will work best, it's such a big job, has to be done after school, because we homeschool and a big kid needs come with to help push a cart (fun for them, huh?--actually my 10 year old loves it) I'm liking getting it done during the week, having my weekend free from shopping!

    I do Sam's Club Thursday evenings after my holy hour, that's a quicker one, only takes about an hour and a half start to finish. (bi-weekly)

    We do have to run to the store in the middle for fresh stuff, like bananas and odd things, like if we need buns, because freezing buns just ruins them for some you have that problem?

    Have you noticed groceries being higher the past month or two? Like 50-100 bucks higher? I have!!

    I have a quick question you'd know coming from a colder state yourself, is there fresh(er) fruit living in Texas? We are hoping so...we'd love a citrus tree in our yard!

    1. I've seen a steady increase on food prices for quite some time! I also take a child with me because we alit the list to get it done faster AND it's easier in two carts ;)

      I use to shop on Saturday an, and hated it. Now we school Tuesday - Saturday, so it doesn't work. I have to kill time on Thursday waiting for Miss S to finish swim team practice, so I shop then. Plus, the sale fliers on groceries come out on Wednesdays which means I create my menu from what's on sale.

      Fruit. Yes, we have a bigger selection year round, but it doesn't always taste great. I grew up in the sweet corn capital of the Midwest and there's no good sweet corn down here like up there. You know, the kind you don't have to butter, it's so juicy and sweet?

      Fruit season is earlier in the year down here, obviously, as is gardening. But!! You can garden year round down here with certain produce!!!

  6. Wow, that was asked questions...had to answer them!

    1. BTW, I am so glad you liked the brisket. It's another favorite dish of ours. And SO easy to prepare.

      I just checked...I ended up paying $5.49 lb. I didn't get it on sale, but I didn't have many beef dinners on this week's menu, so I felt ok with spending that.


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