Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekends In Texas

Last weekend.

With their dad, mastering the art of setting up hammocks for camping.


Mama won't take me to the pool so I'll make my own.

Mabel wanted a hammock to read in, too.

Who would have thought an old paint sheet and tarp could bring so much fun?!

Tossing in some added comfort.

Almost every Sunday, on our way to Mass, we  see a handful of these floating overhead.

This weekend.

David and Stan were on their Troops of St. George camp out with another troop from Fort Worth.

(Photo credit ::  TSG website.)

They love these Catholic camp outs!!  David said he loves this time with fellow Catholic fathers.

Stan earned his pocket knife by taking a safety course at the TSG campout.

(Trying to look tough ;)

Taking care of my Vitamin D deficiency.

Volunteers at the parish festival.

New shoes because Mama didn't realize all those size 7 shoes didn't fit my size 9 foot anymore!

Have a great week!

~  Patty ~


  1. Hi Patty! (What did your husband do to earn that huge knife?? LOL!) Congrats to Stan the Man on his well-earned knife! We all want our children to be surrounded by good friends, sometimes the adults get lost in that. How fun that your husband enjoyed the company of Catholic friends too.

    Your children look so happy and cozy in that hammock and water table, and you all were such a great help to your parish by your volunteer efforts. Looks like you have been BUSY! I like looking t air balloons, but I don't think I want to be up in one...have you ever done that?
    Monday blessings,

    1. David makes his own camping/ hunting knives! I know. I know.

      I've been parasailing, but never in a hot air balloon. Too afraid 😉

  2. Looks like you guys had a great weekend!

  3. What fun! Weekends in TX look pretty sweet. I can't imagine seeing hot air balloons every week. I have maybe seen one once in my life! ha.
    Camp looks like a great way for father and son time and being with others who are like-minded. Good for your guys!
    I had to chuckle at the shoes. I'm exactly the same way about now. M is in sz 9 too, G in 10/11. Once summer white was gone, I had to scramble to find fall/winter shoes. Next up, winter coats. That should be fun. :( I think just the big kids are in need this year. Growing, growing, growing.....

  4. Those shoes couldn't be any cuter!!
    Nicholas is in the Troops of St George too!! SO happy to hear they have them in Texas!!!
    You also have Schoenstatt...the girls are in that.

    Texas just gets better and better all the time.

    Ummmm, that 82 degree weather we had last weekend, when you were sitting by the pool? Yeah, it's gone. It's like 30 something today, maybe 40. And really windy. I told you Texas was looking better and better all the time, right?

    Happy weekend!!


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