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Sites and Smells of New Orleans - 2014

The people of New Orleans pride themselves on having some of the BEST food one can find, anywhere.

Unfortunately, I am not a seafood lover.  (I hear those gasps.)  Seriously.  I am the meat and potato gal or to be quite honest, a dessert lover.

And I fell in love with Po-Boy sandwiches and beignets in New Orleans.

One block from our hotel in the French Market was a famous, old establishment called Johnny's Po- Boys.  Our shuttle bus driver insisted we go there for some of  New Orleans' best Po Boys.

A total dive filled with delicious-ness!!!

It was 2pm on a Saturday, and the line was to the door.

Po-Boys sandwiches, we were told, started during the depression.  According to our guide,  a butcher placed  scraps of meat from whatever he had on some old loaves of French bread and said, "I'll feed those Po-Boys."

The only thing we ate after that lunch were some French beignets (French donut)  for dessert (after Mass).

Breakfast was my favorite meal of the day, and this was our charming little table that we sat at two mornings in a row.

(It was pretty humid over there!)

That picture my girlie took reminded me of something out of the 20's.  Talk about having character.  Another view from our table...

She had an egg bagel sandwich...

...and I had traditional eggs Benedict...

Oh my gosh!  I looooovvvveeee eggs Benedict!

Another morning found my girlie trying Creole Cream Cheese Grits...

...and I stuck with oatmeal.  (It's really easy not to eat healthy in New Orleans!)

There was a tiny little cafe we found on our third day...a little treasure hidden away....that had the most melt-in-your-mouth croissants.

I could have done some serious damage eating here.  Good thing we didn't find it until the last day ;)

There was this in the French Market...

and yes, we sampled it...

She handles new foods like a pro.  Me?  I'm more of afraid-y-cat!  LOL

But I was brave in front of my 13 year old!

It was juicy hot, reminding us of a sausage or bratt that shot out juices when you bit into it.  It tasted good, believe it or not.  The texture, like I said, reminded me of a piece of sausage or a bratt.

Then there were pralines.

 Nuff said.

And more beignets.

Sigh....I will miss my love affair with these morsels.

As for the sites around the French Quarter.

 My girlie and I took these photos as we walked around the historic area.  So interesting!

And yes, we jumped on board the trolley...($3 for an all day pass).

The view from our hotel rooftop...

The Carnival Dream setting sail...sister ship of the Carnival Magic (the one we were on just one year ago this week!)

Hotel rooftop swimming pool and patio!

We stayed at the Omni Royal Orleans.  A hotel line that I have never been able to afford.  But for some reason unbeknown to us, the rate for just that particular weekend was discounted to crazy proportions.  So I snagged it.

The location was seriously the best!  It kept us from needing a rental car (we took a shuttle from/to the New Orleans airport), and then we walked or took the trolley where we wanted to go.

I am so eternally grateful for my husband who stayed behind to watch the rest of the kids.  I am so thankful to God for having this one-on-one time with my daughter.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to see history come to life for my daughter as well as myself.

(New Orleans history field trip - part 1, here.)

~  Patty  ~


  1. It all looks cleaner than I thought it would. I have never had a desire to go to New Orleans since my parents traveled there when I was a teen. My mother reported back about people vomiting and urinating in the gutters in the Quarter and I made up my mind I would never go there! Maybe it all miraculously disappears by morning? Haha! I'm glad you had a good time. The food does look fantastic.

    1. Ha ha ha! Bourbon Street. We stayed CLEAR of it! We walked by it on Monday morning, on our way to the convent, and it STUNK like total nastiness!

    2. Well good that it's contained to one street! ;-)

      PS I've made beignets at home and though I doubt they rival Cafe du monde's, they are delish!

  2. You are bringing me back years all looks just the same as it did 25 years ago and yes, the food is magical.

  3. You captured it all so beautifully. I have never had New Orleans on my "to visit" list, but you have def sold me on going (if we ever get that far east :)).

  4. Your photos are gorgeous! I am not much of a 'foodie,' but if anything could turn me into one, I'm pretty sure it would be the delicacies of Louisiana.......

  5. Beautiful pictures! What an awesome trip in a gorgeous and unique city.

  6. Oh my gosh Patty, what a wonderful vacation! I have never had those heavenly-looking donuts, they look AMAZING. Even your breakfast and restaurant looked like that alone could bring someone to the area!
    I'm sure you had such amazing times of learning, but also of bonding with your 'girly'. These are the times of our lives, and you are having a great one!

  7. Wow!! Your trip looks amazing. I think I like Part 2 better....the food wins out. Total yum!
    I'm so happy you were able to spend such quality time with your daughter. She'll never forget it. Great pictures, too. Now I want to go there.

  8. Oh, my gosh, the FOOD!! I think we have similar taste buds!! (I'm not a fan of seafood, but my whole family is!) Oatmeal? Yep, that's me! Now, I would not be as brave as you though and tasted that gater! My kids are brave enough. No unnecessary acts of heroism on my part needed! (haha!)

    Your trip looked amazing! Loved that you were able to walk everywhere and love the pictures your sweet daughter took, a budding photographer...or blogger?

  9. Your hotel was gorgeous! I think I just would have camped out in the bakery ;)

  10. Everyone else has said it so well, Gorgeous photos! Absolutely beautiful. I've enjoyed reading the posts and taking in the sights, smells and food. YUMMY! What great memories you made on your trip. Thanks for sharing New Orleans with us!


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