Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Major Hiccup in Bathroom Remodel

Every home remodel/building project has hiccups.

But what really stink is when that hiccup is a major one and comes at the end of a project.

So our beautiful granite top arrived last Thursday.  I was so excited for David to come home and hook up the plumbing fixtures.

* Granite top

I can't remember the name of the color.  It is a remnant though.

So what's a remnant?  You pay a much lower price for a "left over" piece of granite from someone elses project.

It can be a bit of a treasure hunt.  If you are wanting a particular look, well, the search is limited.

That route, though, is TOTALLY worth it for a vanity top!  (Save 1/2 the price on granite.)

* Vanity sink

We wanted something different and unique looking.  We perused for a long time and trough-style sinks kept impressing us.

David wanted to keep the clean lines going throughout the bathroom.

We chose a Lavabo Gea 90 sink.

We received the wrong drain and are missing the pretty, chrome plug for the overspill...those are coming.  That was minor.

* Faucets & Shower head

We went with the Hansgrohe "Metris" grouping.

David knows his plumbing and did not want any plastic parts in the faucets or shower head.  (Technically, we won't need to replace these fixtures due to something breaking on them.)

Now for the first MAJOR problem...

See this over flow hole?

After David hooked up all the fixtures and plumbing, he tested for water leaks.  The drain worked just fine.

Then he filled the sink up to check the over flow hole.  It leaked like a sieve!

He found a hairline fracture underneath and behind the main part of the sink. It was clearly a defect.

We were like holy crap!  Everything was installed...the sink was glued to the granite...the granite was siliconed to the vanity...the backsplash to the wall...ugh.  We felt sick.

What a huge problem...would the sink be replaced?...who would cover the cost for the new granite top?...Will the vanity be damaged?....the walls?

It was a bad, bad moment.

He filled the fracture with some plumbers putty.  A temporary fix.

Ready for the second BIG mistake?

We sat back on our haunches and noticed that granite sink hole had been cut out center by almost 2 inches!

And when he held up a drawer front, it was even more noticeable ::

We were like WTH?!

So here's the skinny ~

Everything is clearer in the morning, right?    (And you know what else?  There are a whole lot of horrific issues people in other parts of the world are facing.)

1. We have to start this phase completely over.

2. Granite people were out yesterday.  They will replace the top.  Fingers crossed, we will find something similar to what we had.

3. Sink will need to be replaced.  (It took 3 weeks for the first one to come in!)  Nothing will be torn out until all products are in.

4.  Project may take up to another month.  (We will survive.  Life goes on.)

* Vanity

Happier thoughts now...

So stepping back, here is another view (minus two drawer fronts) of the beautiful vanity David built...

It is a floating vanity, anchored inside and underneath to the wall.

The tile underneath goes straight back to the wall.  He is installing a long drawer underneath for towels, and the a false front on the top.

We are waiting for the light bar and drawer pulls to arrive...any day now.  And then we measure for the mirror.

Back in August, I jokingly asked if the project would be done by the holidays :)  Always plan for the unplanned and then it is easier to accept when it happens!

It's just a shame that it all has to come out.  Good grief.

Until the next update...

~  Patty  ~


  1. Oh bother bother! I'm so sorry. That's gotta be disappointing! To come so close to the end of the race only to have the finished line moved back.

    Quick favor… can your hubs suggest some sources for non-plastic parts kitchen sinks? When we remodeled our master bath, we did the same as you… no plastic parts! But now it's time to replace our kitchen faucet and we are having a hard time finding something. Suggestions from David?

    1. I'll inquire when he gets home from work. I know it will cost more, but it is seriously worth it. He was like a kid in a candy store working with "rock solid" pieces rather than plastic things made in China.

    2. Not to offend anyone, but sadly, even though faucets are pricey at lowe's or Home Depot, he said he'd never buy one there again. They have a lot of plastic on them and they come from China.

      We ended up going to a retailer that specializes in bathroom and kitchen plumbing. Those plumbing stores usually carry a nice selection of better quality brands. Brands you can't find in DIY stores.

      We went to Knob Hill in Dallas, near the Galleria area. David said they have two locations though. I'm not sure where the other is.

      Another showroom just opened up in west McKinney called Ferguson's.

      I know there is a place in Denton as well.

      We chose Knob Hill because the spouse of one of his clients worked there.

      David said the service at Knob Hill was impeccable.

      Hope that helps.

  2. Oh how disappointing. So sorry that happened, but your outlook is good. I'm not sure I would have even noticed that it was off center. The look of it is beautiful. The sink and faucets are really cool. Good luck with the re-do. You're not going to want to leave that space once it's all said and done!

    1. Poor David noticed it immediately. At first I was like, it's okay. Eventually, I realized how David felt. He's one of the business owners that gives 150% to his customers. So when he made the vanity and the top was off center...well, it was like a car salesman being told to ignore the baseball size door ding. I'm glad I came to understand where he was coming from. But I told someone else...we weren't sure if the sink could have been replaced without causing damage to the granite. So the mistake in the granite ended up being the silver lining! Whew!

  3. Ugh! Why do house projects never go quicker than expected? Why oh why are they always harder and more work than you plan? This one for you will be WORTH IT! That sure is a slick sink!

    1. Thanks, Tara. I just love Have you ever seen that website? So cool!

  4. Oh noooo! I sure do love all of your design--colors, sink choice, faucets, drawers. It will be so worth it in the end and maybe, just maybe you'll be able to laugh about it over some egg nog by the holidays. Crossing fingers!

  5. Oh, no!! least you have a "sneak peak" at what it will look like!!?!!!

    Love it, except for what happened. Hope it goes better this next time.
    David did a beautiful job on that vanity!!

    1. Thanks, Jamie Jo! It sure will. I already found another "scrap" piece in the granite yard. Now we need to wait for the new replacement sink.

  6. How disappointing (and frustrating!) that your project won't be complete for a while yet. I did enjoy the sneak peek though :) Absolutely gorgeous. It all is pretty amazing and really made me think 'outside the box'. I would be more inclined to stick with the 'usual', one faucet, regular porcelain, round sink, etc. Your taste is exquisite and is turning into one amazing bathroom. Well done!
    I do have to say that when I shared this story with Reed he replied, "it's good to know that someone else's projects go about like ours do." lol. Misery loves company.

    1. It was disappointing indeed. But it is all working out.

      And the ideas? You must check out!!!! That was were we searched for ideas. That website is so much fun!

  7. Aaaggghhh! What a disappointment! But it will look fabulous when it is all finished as it should be. In fact it looks great now but obviously you don't want the leak long term. I agree that The off-centre is not noticeable, but once you know it is there, you will notice it all the time. Your husband is quite right about paying a bit more for the best quality metal taps (faucets) as it is much better value over time, fewer repairs, especially with young children and the wear and tear they give.
    Sorry you are having to exercise a bit more patience. Your dear husband has done a wonderful job with a superb finish and I am sure it will all work out, praying to St Joseph for his handiwork.

    1. Thank you, Rachel! I'm calmer than I thought I would be ;) You know, I tried to tell him the sink would be okay. I would live with it. But he couldn't. And I understood why, after a good night's sleep. You see, he never leaves a job site unless his customer is 100% satisfied. His attitude sometimes seems rare these days. He really takes pride in the fact that he treats each individual customer with compete care and attention. When he makes a mistake with a customer, he corrects it immediately.

      So when he did all the prep work for the installers on the shower and the vanity...remember, he built the vanity...and they made a mistake (2" in a furniture makers mind is like a baseball size door ding in a car dealers vehicle), well, he would not accept it. Like I said, it took me a bit, but I "got" it.

      And on the flip side...I'm not sure if they would have been able to "unglue" the sink without busting the granite. So the off center was the silver lining in fact.

      OH! And I found another "scrap" piece of granite that will look just fine. :) Woo HOo!

  8. Oh, but it is BEAUTIFUL!!! Hopefully you'll get it functioning in no time! :)

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  13. What an absolute pain for you both! Probably doesn't feel like it but it's worth doing it right now, instead of having to rectify it later. I can see why it's frustrating- and why you just wanted to say "it'll do" and go to bed! Hang on in there- this will just be a funny story in a year's time.

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