Wednesday, September 3, 2014


So, she's the only one who's been in the new shower...(the glass arrives tomorrow!)  She is so little, she doesn't make that much of a mess and has actually learned to enjoy a shower (can you tell?!)

Things continue to move full steam ahead around here.

David started the week off with a colonoscopy.  (His second...he's on a five year plan ;)  His dad battled colon cancer about 20 years ago.  With that family history, it's very important to check the pipes out every so often!

If you are familiar with the medication you have to take the day before the'll get our conversation the night before ::

Me ::  Your new nickname is Squirt.  (Laughing hysterically to myself.)

Me ::  Should I put a rubber sheet on the bed?  (Cracking myself up.)

David ::  How about you spoon me one last time?!  (Laughter filled the room.)

He did a great job, just one little polyp this time.  (And we are confident that it is all good.)

Signing off for bedtime now.

Buenas Noches!
~  Patty  ~


  1. Now that is one happy shower girl! I wish my girls were that excited over being clean.
    Glad to hear that things are looking good in the pipes. ;)

  2. Oh those colonoscopies! Soooo much fun. I bet everyone wishes they were on the five year plan!

  3. So good to find the humor in that! Love it!!!

  4. Hi Patty! My husband is also on the five year plan. He can be rather fertile in the polyp-growing department! I hope your husband appreciated your humor, might as well laugh, right?
    Your daughter looks positively joyous in the photo. I can't wait to see the final results on the redo. What fun to see the progress :)

  5. Made me laugh right outloud! I missed this post, but will pray a few prayers for "squirt" (oh, my gosh, he's not going to like that is he?) I mean your husband.

    Can't wait to see the finished bathroom!! How fun!!

  6. Not sure how I missed this post but I was cracking up at that conversation. Those kinds of moments are the BEST!! Glad everything was okay.
    Thanks for the great laugh.


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