Monday, September 22, 2014

First Quarter Break - Daybook Post, Sept. 2014

Outside my window ~

Our new fall flag.

It is hard to get your fall on when you live in a southern climate.  (And that's perfectly fine with me since I am a warm weather girl.)

From the classroom ~

* Study break.

By Friday, their brains needed one!

(See what I mean about being in the mood for fall?  Pumpkin Spice candles and suntan lotion just don't mix :)

Sally stayed behind due to some serious allergies kicking her bum.

*  New school photos.

I managed to take some a couple of weeks ago.  Just posted them on my side bar (if you want to take a peek.)

* Homeschool fun.

On Saturday evening, two of them were at the stables with some of their homeschool friends for a parents night out.  (Parents drop off their riders for $22 each, 5pm-9pm, one hour of riding, hot dog roast, and s'mores!)

What a fun deal!

Miss Sally attended a pizza dinner / movie night for homeschooled High School kids in our group.

The family that hosted has a huge media room.  They generously entertained 8 young men and 8 young ladies from 6pm-10pm!

* Two week break!

We finished up the reports, papers, and quarter finals tests and  plan to enjoy two, wonderful weeks of fall break!!  Yeehaw!!

I am thankful for ~

* A friend of Sally's who helped her through a tough Chemistry chapter!

* A successful 1st quarter to our school year.

* My children who have worked really hard this first quarter.

* The Knights of Columbus at our parish who are providing the funds for a new evangelizing program.  Amen!!

From the kitchen ~

So many new things bubbling up in our kitchen!  I posted a few of new recipes this past weekend: Mabel makes Jambalaya,  Pecan Pie Muffins,  and Apple Oatmeal Crisp.

But my favorite?

The littlest helping the biggest make monkey still my heart :)

Oh... and those dirty door cabinets two photos up?  Yeah.  I guess I should put them on my to-do list over fall break ;)

What I am praying for ~

* For all of those who have asked me to pray for them.

* For the Christians in Iraq, Syria, and Nigeria.

* Prayers of thanksgiving that an adoption case has finally sailed into smoother waters for the family waiting to adopt baby Marcel.

* For my Confirmation students (and their parents, who so many need prayers!)

What I am reading ~

Unbelievable what this man suffered in the first 20 years of his life and to read it in his OWN words describing certain situations.  Amazing!!!

I was born when Pope Paul VI was I grew up knowing all about Pope St. John Paul II...or what I "thought" I knew of him.  In reality, I had a lot to learn, because I realize now how much I took for granted regarding this Holy Man.

This book is just amazing!  (Bought it at church from the Knights of Columbus, promoting that new evangelizing program.)

What I am listening to ~

David watching a movie on his lap top.  A pesky fly buzzing in the window blinds.  Otherwise...bed time silence.

Around my house ~

This doily belonged to my (maternal) Grandma Achin, who passed away at the age of 72 in 1981.  I was in sixth grade at the time.

I added the three silk sunflower plants and made it our dining room table center piece.  I think my grandma would like seeing this photo :)

A photo to share ~

Watching the ice cream truck go by.

Until next time...have a fantastic week ahead!!

~  Patty  ~


  1. I ❤️ your new fall flag and centerpiece! Sunflowers are my favorite and I even used them in my wedding. :) Happy fall even if it has been in the 90's this week!

  2. Love everything about this one, Patty....
    But my favorite has to be the litte tippy toes helping with the baking! : )
    Your school photos turned out great!!!!
    Enjoy autumn...Texas style!
    We are still at the beach down in Maryland.
    It is perfect....high 70's.
    At home, they tell me it is in the 40's!
    Happy fall!!!!

  3. you are funny about the fall and pumpkin spice candles not mixing with suntan lotion! I'm so glad you've found your perfect fall right where you are! Happy fall!

  4. OH, my gosh, that last picture and the baking one, ADORABLE!!!

    I saw that book today at the noon Mass...wanted to grab it, but didn't...Now I might have to!

    We are having that fall weather, but I am not wanting pumpkin anything because I want warm summer weather....making pumpkin bread tomorrow for my mom's birthday anyway. (she loves it)

    Enjoy your break!!

  5. This is such a beautiful post Patty! I love the scrapbook look to your photos too! How did you make those colorful borders? The big baker with the little baker photo is adorable! Your fall centerpiece is so beautiful and special! And wow! Sooo many homeschooled high schoolers in your group! I'm jealous since my 9th grade daughter is the ONLY 9th grader in our rather small HS group :( Love the blue themed homeschool pics too! :)

  6. So many wonderful things in another daybook post. LOVE! The girls in the kitchen, priceless. And Clementine watching the ice cream truck through the fence, so darn cute. The new sidebar photos are very well done. My how the years are passing and the kids growing. Wow.

    Keep enjoying autumn in TX and time at the pool before heading into your 2nd quarter.


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