Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Feast of St. Peter Claver

St. Peter Claver.

The kids and I reflected on this loving, courageous saint numerous times in the past since he is in the third grade history book that we use (publisher is Seton).

He reminds me SO MUCH of Blessed Mother Teresa.

His feast day is today, September 9.

A couple of years ago, we added this book to our saint collection.  (Found on Amazon, here.)

What a brave man this Jesuit priest was!!  Walking the slave markets and entering the slave trade ships to clean, feed, and counsel the slaves.

You can read some of his story below::

In 1610, he landed at Cartagena (modern Colombia), the principle slave market of the New World, where a thousand slaves were landed every month. After his ordination in 1616, he dedicated himself by special vow to the service of the Negro slaves-a work that was to last for thirty-three years. He labored unceasingly for the salvation of the African slaves and the abolition of the Negro slave trade, and the love he lavished on them was something that transcended the natural order.
Boarding the slave ships as they entered the harbor, he would hurry to the revolting inferno of the hold, and offer whatever poor refreshments he could afford; he would care for the sick and dying, and instruct the slaves through Negro catechists before administering the Sacraments. Through his efforts three hundred thousand souls entered the Church. Furthermore, he did not lose sight of his converts when they left the ships, but followed them to the plantations to which they were sent, encouraged them to live as Christians, and prevailed on their masters to treat them humanely. He died in 1654. ~Catholic Online

I have had a hard time locating his holy card in stores or online, until I found them recently at Catholic Prayer Cards.

"Seek God in all things and you shall find God by your side."  ~ St. Peter Claver
~  Patty  ~


  1. I just read about this saint today in our "Couch Catechism" time from the "Saints for Young Readers for Every Day" book that I just love! He is so inspiring, like all these holy men and women! Thanks for the resource since I had no idea there was a children's book about him and I just love the beautiful holy card! Hope your day was blessed Patty!

  2. Our priest gave a really good homily about St Peter Claver today, and about how hard he worked, going even farther than anyone else, caring for the very sick and people left to die. He's my patron saint, I guess, right? Since it's my birthday? I always contemplate why....what is the significance, I wonder?

  3. Hi Patty! This saint reminds me of 'perseverance'. He tended to slaves for years and years. Always with love, never repulsed, always with love. He is a bit like Mother Teresa, you're right!
    Hope you had a good day,


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