Monday, September 15, 2014

Birthday Girl - Daybook Post

Outside My Window ~

Last Wednesday 102 degrees F.

Two days later...

We actually turned the A.C. off for the first time since last spring and sucked up that fresh air!

It didn't last long.  We are packin' some heat again...90 expected tomorrow.....which is better than 102.

I Am Thankful For ~

Our birthday girl!  11 years old today.

I love her spunk and spirit.

I am thankful for the sweet dinner guests the kids are allowed to invite over for their birthday each year!

I am thankful that we get to know each dinner guest a little bit more with these intimate birthday celebrations.

(Our BIG birthday parties are every 4 years.)

From The School Room ~

* Our back-to-school Mass was on First Friday of this month.

1/4 of our homeschool group was in attendance.  We had donuts in the park afterward.

* Confirmation Class.  It started September 10.  I teach every Wednesday evening again...8th graders.

* Our Little Flowers and Little Women groups started back up last Friday.

Miss Mabel's Little Flower class made this beautiful art project...

I taught the Little Women this month.  We had a Socrates style discussion while crafting these cute picture frames...

(I got the idea from the cover of a magazine while standing in the check out line at the grocery store.)

Our Little Women are going to be participating in a craft sale...all the proceeds our girls make will be donated to a White Rose Center (crisis pregnancy center.)  We experimented with the frames.  (I think they would make a good item to sell at a craft sale.  Don't you think?)

* This is our finals week of the first quarter.

Finals week is ALWAYS stressful for everyone involved in our homeschool.

What I Am Praying For ~

From The Kitchen ~

Miss Mabel wanted to bake her OWN birthday cake this year.  So I let her.  And then she and her dinner guest decorated it :)

What I Am Reading ~

Still on a hiatus till the remodeling is complete.  (And we are a.l.m.o.s.t. done with that!)

What I Am Listening To ~

Friends giggling and having fun :)

Around My House ~

Wishing y'all a FANTASTIC week!!

~ Patty  ~


  1. Happy Birthday to your birthday girl, Patty!
    She is so lovely...
    And I loved all her gifts.
    Get her up here to bake with Peyton! : )

  2. Happy Birthday Mabel!! Seriously, she has me smiling from ear to ear. The sweetness pops off the computer....I just wanna hug that girl of yours. :) It looks like a fantastic birthday and I love that she made her own cake. Very cool.

    Blessings on your finals week and the nearly complete bathroom. Eagerly awaiting the photos so I can drool over the completed project. I really am thinking that hiring David to come here and work with Reed on our bathroom that needs completion would be a win-win for everyone. Don't you agree?? ;)

  3. What a fun girl after my own heart -- baking her own birthday cake (it's truly the only way to get just what you want!).

  4. Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter. I wish her many blessings in the year to come. She and her friend did a great job decorating her cake!
    And Wow! What a great group of homeschoolers...and that's on 1/4 of them? That's awesome.
    Good luck with those finals.

  5. Happy birthday to your sweet little baker!! My 10 year old is the baker in our home!
    I love the small parties too.

    We are in our 6th week of finals are coming!
    Can't believe how hot you are all still!! We have been having 50-60 degree weather the past couple it's like 65 Woo Hoo!!

  6. Happy birthday to your 11 year old. It looks like a wonderful day. I love all of your photos.

  7. She is so sweet and I love her birthday gifts!! Hope she had great day!


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