Monday, August 4, 2014

Scoliosis Brace Check #2

It's been five months since our daughter's last scoliosis spine/brace check.  It's flown by for us....wish I could say the same for her.

She had a check today, and it went well.  (Which we knew it would because of her last X-ray.)

We had appointments at three departments.  First stop was the x-ray department where they took a quick picture of her spine without the brace on.

The X-ray tech was a hoot!  She had our daughter laughing from the minute she welcomed us.

Our darling daughter doesn't want to be in these photos let alone have her name mentioned, so she took a picture of me in my 101 Dalmatians lead apron.

(Just trying to keep things light for her :)

Next stop was with the orthopedic.   The top dog!   He was so pleased with what he saw.  There has been NO progression on either of her curves.  That's a BIG, BIG deal.  There was even a slight decrease in both curves.

*Remember, the only permanent fix is surgery.  The brace is to keep curves from getting progressively worse until her growth spurt is finished.  You can read all of our daughter's treatments explanations here if you want.

He doesn't want to see our daughter for another five months where she will receive another X-ray and spine curve check.  She has to continue wearing her brace 8-10 hours a night and work on those physical therapy exercises to relieve discomfort.  Then we will head back in January...good news to for us!

Last step was to Orthotics & Prosthetics Department.

Our daughter is growing and so are her bones.  And being a growing female, her hip bones are growing as well.  This would explain the terrible rubbing pain against her hip bone at night.  

With an adjustment here and there, she was good to go, but not before we witnessed a very moving moment...

While waiting for our daughter's brace to be adjusted, we witnessed a young teenage girl trying out her brand new prosthetic leg.  It was a full prosthetic, from hip socket to ankle.  It was amazing to watch as she practiced her new leg after having outgrown her last one.  What REALLY put a lump in my throat was her excitement over getting to paint her "toes" on that leg.  I glanced down and saw a matching sandal on her "new" foot and sure enough, it had very real looking toes.  Think about it...the shear excitement of getting to paint one's toenails...every teenagers dream!  Tears I tell you, tears!  

~  Patty  ~


  1. Sooooo happy for you all. Patty!
    And I must say, you are the most adorable momma ever! : )

  2. So glad for the excellent appointment!

  3. Yay for progress! Will she have to wear the brace until she stops growing?

    1. Yes. And for her, at her age, 2-3 years seems like an ETERNITY. Girls usually stop growing 18-24 months after the start of their menstrual cycles. The length of time a girl has to wear the brace is determined by the results of the initial bone growth Xray and if the girl has started her menstrual cycle or not.

  4. It is amazing the little things we take for granted. I would have been tearing up as well.
    I am so excited that you got such a great report at the doctor's appointment. It sounds as if you have one patient girl on your hands who really follows the rules about wearing her brace. I'm sure it is not easy. Another thing we take for granted...comfort during sleep!
    I will be thanking God for those two small blessings in my life tonight.

  5. What an encouraging report and I love the apron on you! That must have put a smile on your daughter's face to see you in the apron :) So happy for your family's good news! And that painting toenail story is memorable and emotional for sure! It's the littlest things in life that makes the biggest smiles!

  6. I'm so happy to read the great progress report! Yay for your sweet daughter! We're keeping up the prayers for her :)
    You look lovely in the apron and I bet you helped ease her uncomfortable feelings too. You are such a great mom!
    What an amazing thing to witness during your appointment, the joy and life changing moment in someone else's life. Very special.

  7. I can only imagine that time does not fly by for your daughter! So glad to hear a good progress report. Praying that things continue with no progression!!

  8. I am glad her appointment went so well, what a weight off your minds!
    Now for a weird question for you...isn't "Scottish Rite" part of Freemasonry? I am just puzzled by the name, assuming the hospital was built with money from the Masons?

    1. Yes. You are correct. Just like Shriner's. As a Catholic, we can still be treated, just not a member. (Obviously).

    2. When I said, "just not a member," I meant it as I wound never be a member knowing their anti-catholicisim stand. We go there to receive (literally) the best treatment in the country from her particular doctor, not to participate in Masonry. I have to admit I was nervous entering the building the first time....actually, very suspicious. But my fears were put to rest the minute we were treated by the medical staff. They are top notch.

  9. The hospital looks excellent, I have no doubt that the care is superb and has nothing directly to do with masonry! But it is interesting that the origin of the donors is freely advertised in the name; this wouldn't be the case here in the UK. What is "Shiners"?

  10. Replies
    1. LOL! Just an FYI, "Shiners" is an excellent beer brewed in TEXAS!

      "Shriners" is another hospital for children with disabilities that is established by the Masons. Off the top of my head, I know there is a Shriners near Chicago. That's all I really know about it.

      In the States, if it is their money backing, their name can go on it. I.E. Baylor University (a BIG baptist university chartered in 1845 in Texas, named after one of two co-founders) has Baylor Medical Center or Baylor Hospitals...all over Texas. Or, there are Catholic hospitals that were started by Catholic orders, using saint names, i.e. St. Margaret's.

  11. Oh Patty, I'm so glad that the appointment went well for her and that there are some positive changes. I'll keep praying...

    BTW... you look adorable in the xray apron mama!

  12. Tears in my eyes too! What a blessing to see that girl get her new leg/toes!

    SO happy the appt went so well! That is good news! AND love the apron mama!


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