Monday, August 11, 2014

Red Neck Shower - Daybook Post

Outside my window ~

We are down to 1 operating shower in our house for the next 5-6 weeks.    So we have taken advantage of the very warm, Texas nights!

I am thankful for ~

A handyman husband.  I am VERY grateful for the skills God has blessed him with.  (He is remodeling our master bathroom.)

From the school room ~

This week is our fourth week, and things are going smoothly.  Another thing to be so thankful for.

Ester and Mabel are at a music camp this week (at our parish).  Miss Ester is a camp helper, while Miss Mabel is a participant.   *They signed up knowing they have to come home each afternoon and work on school work.

Speech therapy.  Stan the man has an AWESOME therapist who comes to our house to help him out.  They are a perfect team.

From the kitchen ~

I'm glad she still fits!  Helps at bath / shower time in our house these days.

What I am praying for ~

World peace.

The Christians and tribal victims in Iraq, as well as other hot spots in the word.

The very scary border issues, especially for the Texas border agent that was murdered and his family.

What I am reading ~

Rooted in Love: Our Calling as Catholic Women  

Roses Among Thorns: Simple Advice for Renewing Your Spiritual Journey

What I am listening to ~

(While David was toweling off Clementine after her bath)

Clementine :  I'm not gonna use bad words anymore.

David :  Really?  What words?

Clementine : stupid and you stink like poo.

A picture to share ~

Body wash, shampoo and sponge...common site on our patio these days.  I have to kind of makes me wish we were really set up for an outdoor shower.  (Like one of those teak ones?)

Have a great week!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Is there really nothing more adorable than a baby taking a bath in the kitchen sink? Good thing it's warm enough for showers outside! New master bath? Sounds glorious!

    1. We are definitely getting excited :)

  2. So glad Clementine is "cleaning up her language!" Laughing out loud at this one :) !

  3. First, you do have an amazing husband to do a bathroom redo. Perhaps you could send him our way this winter? Between he and Reed maybe they could accomplish a new bathroom install in our basement? Well, and I suppose if David is coming you might as all come and visit. Sounds good. Ok? ;)

    I'm glad to hear that school is a success and going well. We start in two weeks. EEK!

    I'm also happy to hear that Clementine is finally admitting she has a problem and will be cleaning up that language. lol. I smiled heartily at that one. So funny!

    Good luck on the speech therapy for Sam and what a blessing that they will come to your home. We decided on sending Jonah last year at the public school as it was a 'service' to us that was free from the district. I really had hoped we'd progress enough not to have to go again this year. I think we'll have to keep on taking him at least for a while this year. He's at that age where he is really self conscious on it and taking him to speech therapy makes him feel 'stupid'. *sigh* I keep trying to put a positive spin on it and remind him that doing it now will make him more confident and it's easier to try to correct now rather than letting it slide.

    Keep on enjoying your TX days and backyard showers!!

    1. After seeing the new 'coop' that Reed built? Wow! Those two could go to town in your basement. And yes, we'd have to tag along :) We will keep Jonah in our prayers. I know his self confidence will grow!

  4. We have always only had one bathroom and we have seven in our family. We solved the problem by not having one bathtime. We schedule showers throughout the day, which works out great for our boys because some prefer to take showers in the morning, some at night and some in the afternoon. Steven and I fit ours in whenever the shower is free. A bit unconventional perhaps, but it works.

    1. Phyllis, in more ways than one, you are a much stronger woman then I am!! If my mom reads this post, she will remind me of how they had a family of seven in a two room/ one bedroom apartment :) (I was the baby at that time, so I don't recall.) They eventually bought the upstairs apartment and remodeled the house into a two story...adding four more kids on as part of the addition ;)

  5. Although the backyard showers look like fun, you are welcome to come next door for showers--we have 4. One is in the guest room, so it hardly ever gets used. Anytime, sweet neighbor!
    Clementine is such a hoot! Love her!

    1. Thanks, Monica!! I keep it in mind :)

    2. I'm sure the novelty will wear off eventually, right? :)

  6. I Love babies in the sink!! I put Simeon in once in a while and although, he doesn't like it anymore, I sure do!!

    Can't wait to see the remodel--you are going to show us aren't you?
    SO is "Stinky poo" a bad word too?

    Might have to clean up my language too.


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