Friday, August 15, 2014

Oh What a Feast!

We celebrated the feast of The Assumption of Mary today by listening to children sing at noon Mass.  It was the culmination of a week long music camp at our parish.

Miss Mabel was an attendee who absolutely LOVED the music camp :)

Miss Ester had signed up to be an helper at camp.  She enjoyed her role :)

Then it was back home for lunch.  Afterward, we made a quick and easy snack.

Assumption Parfaits!

My friend, Trisha, made these back in May and told me she found the idea at Catholic Cuisine.  They were perfect for this feast day (and especially refreshing in our Texas heat!)

After finishing a late school day, I made blueberry pancakes for dinner.

Cleaning out a cabinet earlier, I found these old Marian candles the kids made back in 2012.

So Miss Mabel lit them up and put them on the dinner table tonight.

It was a beautiful celebration of Our Lady's feast day!

Now for a couple of prayer requests ::

* Please pray for baby Marcel and the family that is trying to adopt him.  The birth mother has already relinquished her rights, but is throwing up every. single. roadblock. she can possibly think of to disrupt the adoption.  (Please trust me when I say, the absolute worst thing that could happen to baby Marcel is if he was placed with his biological family.)

* Please also pray for baby Katharine.   At only a couple days old, she has grown very, very sick.  It all happened while still in the hospital with her mama.

Thank you!  Thank you!

Have a great weekend and a blessed Sunday!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Beautiful Feast Day, Patty!!!
    Everything looks great.
    Joining you in prayer. : )

  2. Happy feast day to you and yours!! I love it all- the mass and the food... Praying for those precious babies too.

  3. Oh my goodness, Patty. I just realized that you have one of our homeschool group's families that moved to Texas at your church. You are tagged in the same post as Grace! What a small world. They are a wonderful sweet family. Say "hi" from the Duquettes please. :)

    1. You know Grace????!!!!! Holy moly!!!!! What a small world. I'm so excited to tell her. I love her family and have gotten to know them so well since they moved here. What a small world indeed!!!

  4. Hi Patty! Those Assumption parfaits look so fun and refreshing! Great idea :) And I bet your daughter was the best helper too.

    I will pray for all your concerns, especially the adoption, which is close to my heart. Blessings on your tender heart, (don't forget to keep us updated too),

  5. The music camp sound lovely and those desserts perfection! Yum!


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