Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mid Terms - Daybook Post

Outside My Window ~

Miss Mabel planted pumpkin seeds but grew gourds!  In my bushes!  (Things that make you go, hmm....)

The public schools in the state of Texas had their first day of class this week.  Miss Ester and Miss Mabel decided to wish the neighbor kids a happy school year (an idea I got from another home school mom.)

I am thankful for ~

ART 1 class through a co op near Dallas.

*Originally, just Miss Ester was going to take the course, with a girlfriend.  Then I realized that Miss Sally would need one Fine Arts Credit on her High School transcript if she ever wanted to go to a public college or university in Texas.  So Miss Ester and Sally are both taking this Art 1 class.

BTW, this co-op has nearly 600 home school students (grade 6-12) taking all kinds of courses!!

From the school room ~

*Last week was mid-terms.  Already!

Schooling in summer months really makes school fly by.

The kids do all the normal activities other kids are doing in the summer, but the golden rule is, you must get your work done first, even if it means working ahead.

*A field trip to Frisco Safety Town.  Are you familiar with the children's t.v. show Barney & Friends?  Do you remember the fire safety episode?  It was filmed at Safety Town.

I organized a field trip last week for 1st-5th graders.  They had a fire safety class and then went out to ride bikes and walk around the famous Safety Town.

So! Much! Fun!

I put an iMovie of the field trip together for the group. If you have little ones between K-5th, they'll love watching it!!

* Moms' Back-to-School rosary and planning meeting.  I am forever grateful for being part of a tremendous home school group!!

From the kitchen ~

Apple Oatmeal Crisp.

Oh my word!  To die for.

(I need to get this easy peasy recipe up on my blog.)

What I am praying for ~

* An adoption case that I am following.  Please keep the prospective parents and baby Marcel in your prayers.

* World peace

* Plight of the Christians, especially those in the Middle East.

* For a family in our home school group; dad left 10 days ago for a year long deployment with the Navy.

What I am reading ~

To be honest, I have had a pause in my reading since we started remodeling our master bath.

What I am listening to ~

The hum of my a.c.  It is still hitting the triple digits, which is normal for our neck of the woods.  Fall is a LONG way off.

Around my house ~

* A whole bunch of (outstanding) dental check ups!

* Social activities for the kids.

Last week, a very generous  (and courageous) mom  hosted a boys hot dog roast and movie night for 15-18 fellas between the grades 3rd-6th.

* Another generous mom put together a bunco game night for  29 teens & tweens in our home school group.

We continue to chug along very quickly in our first quarter.  And that's good!  It's hard to believe that we are on week 6, but there are no complaints from my students ;)

Wishing you all a fantastic week and a great weekend!!

~  Patty ~


  1. Waiting on that Crisp recipe over here. : )
    Always enjoy visiting here, Patty...
    Have a wonderful weekend. Hope you get some fall weather soon!

  2. So many wonderful things to comment on this morning. You are breezing along through school, yay! I will be catching up at some point.
    What an awesome idea for your neighbors and wishing them well in school. Very cool.
    I always enjoy seeing and reading about your amazing homeschool adventures, field trips, classes and co-ops. Admittedly, jealous though. I only wish I could find a group that worked just as well, was just as kind, and provided us with that many opportunities. Sometimes I hate living in ruralville MN :(
    Btw, I have heard of Bunco but have no idea what it is and who knew that tweens/teens enjoy it??!! I must check that out.
    Thanks for the reminder that I need to get myself in to the dentist and I suppose I have two toddlers that should go in for their first appointment as well.

    Happy holiday weekend, Patty!

    1. You can join our's only an hour away!!

    2. Yes! Make the drive occasionally to join Jamie Jo's!!

      Bunco. I never played it myself until that night. It was a lot of fun. I almost one the prize for the most losses! LOL

  3. We sure loved our driveway note after pulling in from a long first day of school! That was so sweet of "y'all" :)

    1. They were pretty excited to do it! Glad your littles enjoyed it :)

  4. You have an awesome homeschool group!!

    Question, does piano count as "fine arts"?
    Glad you were able to get into an Art class, I'm sure they will love it!
    (I love those kind of classes, I love seeing what they come home with!)

    LOVE that "Mom's Back to School Rosary"!! It has my mind ticking!! I have to figure out something to do that! Give me more details, like the when, where kind of stuff. Trying to figure out what would work out, people are so busy, evenings, Sat morning...Friday after a noon Mass...not sure....I'll have to pray about it. You are a seed planter!!

    And, talking of seeds, how the heck did that happen with the pumpkin seeds!! Kind of cool though...too bad it wasn't zucchini or something you could actually eat!!

    Great post! Love you Patty!

    1. We are SO BLESSED to have out group. It's strictly social. I'm the moderator and plan the back to school meeting each August. We start with a rosary, discuss the social events for the year, (feast day parties, field trips, family activities, etc). Everyone brings a dessert to share. We have wine, water, lemonade. Even a door prize :)

      Formal lessons definitely count as a fine arts credit!! Miss Sally's swim team activities is her pe credit for her transcript. I use Seton and applied for an Independent Study credit for both. Seton always accepts and will put those classes on her High School transcript for me. Hollar if you have questions! Have a great weekend!! Love you, too!

  5. Hi Patty! I agree with Jamie Jo. You have an AMAZING home school group. Of course, you are a part of all that awesomeness! The bunco game looks like so much fun. And what a generous thing to wish the neighborhood a good year at school. Loved that.

    It's still very warm here too. I'm listening to my ac too. Fall will not come for a few weeks.
    Have a great holiday weekend :)

  6. I just LOVE the sidewalk chalk act of kindness! What a great idea you passed forward. Thank you:) Ditto what everyone said about your homeschool group...That would truly be a dream come true for me! It's so nice to see, even from a distance! It's been awhile since I played Bunco but it's a lot of fun! Hugs to you and those precious kiddos!


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