Monday, August 11, 2014

Celebrating With St. Philomena

Last month, my sister sent me this beautiful statue of St. Philomena. What a lovely and generous surprise!  She has a strong devotion to St. Philomena and wanted to share it.  I thought it was a perfectly timed addition to our monthly saints study.

I had little knowledge about St. Philomena until now.  Wanting to celebrate her feast day in a special way, I purchased this beautiful book...

Her story is beautifully presented in the form of a rhyme and the illustrations by The Religious Sisters of the Congregation of the Mother of God were exceptional.  (I found the book on Amazon, here.)

The way the story is written may come across as something for very young readers, but her story of faith and love for God in this book is for all ages!

St. Philomena's remains were uncovered in a well marked tomb down inside the catacombs in 1802. This 13 year old girl had died a martyrs death according to the evidence found.

She loved God so deeply that she consecrated her life Him, vowing to never to marry anyone else.  When the Roman Emperor Diocletian, (the last and worst emperor to persecute the Christians) wanted to marry her, she refused.  Numerous times, Emperor Diocletian had ordered her to die in the most brutal of ways, and each time, after suffering from such terrible atrocities, the heavenly angels would come down and cure her through the power of God.  These scenes caused a great conversion of others who witnessed such things.  He finally succeeded in killing her with a lance to the throat.

The story isn't gory in detail, but her history and sufferings are not left out either.  They are gently explained in this book, presenting her as a virtuous role model for all ages, but mostly our youth.

St. Philomena is a patron saint of babies, infants, and youth.

St. Philomena, pray for us!

~ Patty  ~


  1. Hi Patty! My husband went to St. Philomena Grade School, and he always told me that she was de-sainted along with Barbara and Christopher. Not so! I'll have to tell him that her legacy is alive and well. How perfect that she is the patron of youth, as she is the patron of a school.

    Great to see you again :)

  2. How nice! What lovely additions to your growing saints library and displays.... :o) Becky

  3. What a beautiful statue and a thoughtful gift from your sister!


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