Friday, July 11, 2014

Stay-cation Pro Rodeo (with Grammy)

My mother usually comes down for a Texas visit in January or February to escape the dreary winter  of the Midwest.

This was her first summer time visit, and we planned it for the Fourth of July holiday.  She LOVED it!  (So did we!)

We spent the morning leisurely swimming in our subdivision pool.  The kids surprised Grammy with her own swim noodle, Horace the Sea horse :)

(Horace even had a seat to sit on!  Ha ha ha!)

For lunch, David grilled brats and hot dogs following it up with watermelon and creamy blueberry pie, and our layered July 4th drinks.  Yum!

Our EXTRA special evening was taking Grammy to the Pro Rodeo (a first for her)!

(Watching some pre-show action.)

She easily entertained herself as we waited for the action to commence!

Our tickets included a BBQ sandwich, chips, and a drink, as well as our seats.

The producers of the show made the night quite memorable for fans and veterans alike, especially when we witnessed a fresh crop of recruits take their oath to defend our nation, " help me God."

Amongst the bare- back bucking bronco riders, barrel races, calf roping, calf wresting, and bull riding, we saw a traditional Spanish Charro (with his horse Hollywood).

Got a picture of our crew on the jumbo-tron.

Stan and Mabel were a group of youngsters (12 & under) who tried to chase 2 calves in order to catch the flags on their tails hoping to win $$!

There were also mutton busting ... kids riding sheep bare back....the one who stays on the longest wins $$.  That was SO STINKING funny to watch!

There were clowns and BEAU-ti-ful horses and cowboys of course (*insert eyebrow wiggle*).

After the show, one cowboy was kind enough to take the time to visit with my mom and then pose for a picture.

The rodeo was SO MUCH fun and talk about an AMAZING opportunity for our visiting Grammy!  She just loved every single moment of it.

It was a great way to not only spend time with my mom, but a terrific way to end our stay-cation summer plans.

Pro Rodeo Cost ::

Veterans' special (David was in the Air Guard a long time ago)  $18 (seat, meal, and drink)

$18 @7 tickets (2 and under are FREE) = $126.00 for 2 hours of professional entertainment and food!

Stay-cation Total Cost ::

Rodeo $126.00
Hawaiian Falls  $49.00
Six Flags  $210.00
Museum $110.00 (year membership)


Not too shabby for our family's summer vacation plans!

~  Patty  ~


  1. What an amazing day!!!!
    Love it all...
    The rodeo?'!?
    I love it!!!!
    So happy you all had so much fun with Grammy. : )
    And...I spy blueberry cream pie!!!!

    1. Your crew would LOVE the pro rodeo. It definitely is not your local county fair level. That's for sure!

      One of the first things my mom said was, "I want some of that creamy blueberry pie." :)

  2. What a fun place to go. It's one of those places that is great for all ages.
    I'm liking your numbers for the stay-cation, too.

    1. You are spot on when you said, "great for all ages." It really is. The announcer had mentioned kids from 0-99 :)

  3. Grammy looks like so much fun to be with! I can tell just how special she is to you and your kids... hoping you get to see her again very soon!

    1. She sure is special. I really wish we lived closer, but it isn't so. Hoping to fly her down sooner than later, but she is going in for a knee replacement tomorrow (the 14th). So it may be awhile.

  4. A real Texas rodeo looks like fun! (but I have to say the large screen kind of ruined it)
    You gave Grammy a good time!

    1. PS is there a link for that pie recipe?...blueberry is my favorite

    2. Creamy blueberry pie recipe is at the top of my page under the recipes link. It's a favorite of ours and our blueberries are now in season down here.

      Grammy did love the rodeo. It was so fascinating...and this was professional, world champion level. So amazing. I have a new respect for cowboys AND cowgirls.

      The jumbo tron was actually needed. I.E. When the AMAZING ladies were doing the horse barrel races, they had to start out by an overhead livestock door that couldn't be seen by the fans in the stands. So it was televised on the screen. You could see them racing in before they reached the arena. AMAZING women and animals! And the bull! You could not see them close up in the pens, sitting on the bulls, mentally preparing for the ride. So they had a camera that televised it upclose and fans could see what emotional preparedness these gutsy men where going through before the gates were thrust open. I don't know how those men do it!!

  5. Hi Patty! Those tricolored drinks look amazing! I see you have another post on them, so I'll check it out. So festive! And yay for Grandma, she has a lot of stamina to do a pool, and then a rodeo. You have such a loving family. You are really workin' out summer my friend!

    1. Grammy does have the stamina. It was the first time this summer that she went for a dip in a pool. Her knees are really bad. She is actually have one replaced this morning. (prayers please.) We have had a BUSY summer for sure! Our home school start next week, but it isn't all work and no fun. ;)

  6. Lucky Grammy! Lucky all of you! My grandmother took me to a rodeo when I was very small. All I remember is that for ages thereafter, I told everyone how much fun I had going to the "radio."

  7. I am FINALLY getting around to commenting on this post. I read it days ago in my reader and I am finally here.
    First, I LOVE Grammy!! How cute is she??!!! Your whole post loaded with Grammy fun made me smile. And Horace, now that was just too precious.
    The rodeo, how Texas!!! Is that a stereotype? Sorry. One day when I come visit, will you take me to the rodeo too? :)
    Truly it looks like you had a blast and I so enjoyed seeing all of your fun.
    Staycation deals and steals, you scored big this summer! For a family of seven to do all of that fun for under $500??!! I am amazed. Way to go Patty!

    1. Grammy had a GREAT visit. We all did. We do miss her terribly. Thank YOU for the stay-cation idea! It was brilliant. It seemed like we did a whole lot more in our stay-cation than if we would have traveled somewhere for a week.

  8. Wait, somehow I missed this post! The photos and moments you captured...Priceless. Your Mom seems like such a gem:) I love the idea of stay-cations. You really demonstrated it so well. Thank you for sharing your ideas and costs! (It's so rare that tickets include food...Bonus for large families)! I'm heading off to look up your creamy blueberry pie recipe...My mouth is watering!


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