Monday, July 14, 2014

Speaking Slovenian with Grammy

My mom's family comes from the BEAU-tiful country of Slovenia.  Growing up, I ate many traditional Slovenian dishes, and heard only a little bit of the Slovenian language.  The Slovenian language was not really passed down by her parents since they insisted on speaking English as the proud, new Americans that they were.    So Grammy grew up speaking English and hearing Slovenian being spoken between her parents every once in awhile.

Where it is wonderful to speak English as a new citizen of the United States, I have often find it sad that so many immigrants "back then" chose to "lose" their native languages altogether, for various reasons.  I would have LOVED to know this part of my heritage growing up.

The last night that my mother was here, we decided at a late hour to video tape her as she gave the older girls and I a crash course in Slovenian.  Some of these sayings I hadn't heard in at least 30 years, so it was a WONDERFUL moment to hear certain phrases once again!

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  1. How fantastic! Not only the language but the culture of your forebears too! I must say, many of the words reminded me of Yiddish and brought to mind my father in law's family-he is a survivor of Belsen (still alive) and his extended family are still practising Jews. We attended a wedding last year of one cousin marrying an Ashkenazi Jew, it was very orthodox and they pop the Yiddish words in everywhere, sounded so much like the Slovenian ones, it must be partly rooted in this.
    Don't lose the family cultural background-it is so precious!
    Thank you for sharing the video, I was sorry it is so short.

  2. This video just made me fall in love with Grammy even more. So sweet. I love that she knew beer and wine. What? No Margarita??!! lol.
    It did make me sad too remembering how my papa and grandma spoke Polish to one another. Of course, now I have regrets that we don't have more video of them doing it. :( So glad that you took the time to get Grammy on video speaking. That will be a treasured video many years from now.

  3. SO fun to hear your mom talk and share Slavic language with us! (that's how I say that right?)

    There is a town close by here that is celebrating their 100 years as a city, and the Slovenian Ambassador is coming to celebrate with them...kind of neat, the Slavic history of this particular town. (it's this weekend)

    What a treasure of a video of your mom for all to see!! Thanks for sharing her with us!


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