Friday, July 25, 2014


I started this post last weekend after David took me on a smokin' hot date - to the flea market.  Ha ha!

This month's finds ::

An early birthday present for my MIL...a bag/ purse for her walker.

The handles velcro around the front handles of her walker.

My MIL loves birds so I thought this was a perfect pattern.  ($15)

Another package of the Jet. Set. Go!  because it smells that good!  ($5)

Hard to tell, but that cantaloupe was HUGE.  ($5 from the farmer.)

Snuck this one in.  (Priceless)

And a LARGE bag of fresh kettle corn - we controlled ourselves and saved half for the kids. ($8)

Miss Sally had an AMAZING mission trip.  She was excited with her job placement, working with underprivileged children at a summer school in KC.

(Part of the group from our parish.)

On the last day, they were given a "fun day" in which their group spent it at World's of Fun in KC.

Miss Sally said there were a couple of hundred teenagers at this particular camp.  Their group had traveled the farthest.

Feast day celebration today!

To celebrate the feast of St. Christopher July 25  (patron saint of travelers), I added a new (to us) book for our collection.

This particular title, by Tomie dePaola, is out currently out of print, so I went and found a used one on Amazon.  Purchasing used books without seeing them first can be a gamble, this one came without a cover and some markings inside. 

I was a little disappointed with the outcome this time (the seller's rating of the condition should have been lower than what it was), but it still makes a nice addition to the other St. Christopher book we own...

I happen to like the illustrations in the second one much better.  (Illustrator Richard Jesse Watson)

The kids LOVE the legend of St. Christopher (you can find a short story about him here).

"Wonder not, Christopher, for not only hast thou borne the whole world on thy shoulders, but Him who created the world"—for the Christ Child, bearing in His own arms the great world, had been Christopher's burden. 

St. Christopher, pray for us!

I went ahead and chose the August feast days that we will celebrate in our home :: 

St. Philomena - August 11
St. Maximilian Kolbe - August 14
Feast of The Assumption - August 15
St. Rose of Lima  - August 23

Have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Sunday!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Hot date to a flea market sounds right up my alley! Love reading about your days... your family, your faith, and your mothering! Happy weekend Patty! ~tara How was the first week of school? I've been praying for you during my prayer time in the mornings. :)

  2. What a fun day! I had someone sew my mama a bag for her walker. She treated it just like her purse. Don't you just love Scentcy. Those are the best!

  3. I can't wait to go to the Farmer's Markets in TX when we get down there this winter! (We vacationed in south Texas a couple times in November and it was so fun!) MN has nothing like it. (they try though....)

    1. One thing you will notice is how you can get all fresh fruits and vegetables year round. Of course, you will NEVER find fresh sweet corn like the Midwest. I do miss sweet corn!!

  4. Oh, and that camp? How amazing is that? (a ton)

  5. What a great hot date for you and hubby :)
    I enjoyed seeing the photos of Sally at camp. It sounds and looks amazing. What a great experience for teens.
    Have I ever mentioned when I see your Smorgasbord post titles I instantly get hungry?? ha!


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