Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lawdy Be! It's Rain! - Daybook Post

Outside my window ~

Monday afternoon

A rare occurrence for our parts of Texas.

I am thankful for ~

The RAIN!!  (Just a scratch in the surface, Lord, please send more.)

My first relaxing day in 3 weeks.  No lie.

Our new flooring upstairs.

I am thinking about ~

Sally.  She left yesterday for a week long Catholic HEART Workcamp in Kansas City.

How different the house is with one child absent.  Wow! Wow!  Wow!

From the school room ~

Our school books arrived last week.

We start next week.  I always start in July. ( See my reasoning here.  I'm really not insane!)

(Checking out the science that they'll be sharing this year.)

(Little britches can hardly wait to start school, someday.)

Change in school routine.  When David owned a store front up in Illinois, the store was closed on Sundays and Mondays.  We schooled Tuesday through Saturday, taking off with him on Sundays and Mondays.

One of the stress factors for me for the past four years was not having him around as much.  He got into a habit of working Monday - Saturday.  So after discussing it, he went back to taking Mondays off and our school week will run Tuesdays-Saturdays, until David's busy season starts back up in January.

What I am reading ~

Nothing.  I've been way too busy.

What I am praying for ~

In thanksgiving for my mom's knee replacement surgery today.  She had no cartilage left and had a complete knee replacement this morning on her left knee.

For Miss Sally and all the youth and adults from our parish.

The families of these two tragic stories.  My heart just aches.  I literally have woken up from nightmares because of these :

The 22 month old Georgia boy who died after being left in a hot car.  The father has been charged with murder and second-degree child cruelty.

The drowning death of a precious two year old.  The heart ache the family must be reeling from.

*I am so sorry for being the bearer of bad news, but these tragedies have just disturbed me to my core.*

What I am listening to ~

Slovenian language!  See my mom teach us.

Matt Maher's ... All The People Said Amen

Around my house ~

After we dropped my mom off at the airport last Tuesday, we came home and prepared for the flooring guys to arrive.  The flooring guys dismantled room by room as they worked on the floors.

We lived with a topsy turvy household for 5 long days.  We used the same company from two years ago, but the install went bad this time.  (Different crew.) After ripping out and starting over in some areas, the job was finally completed last Saturday (8:30pm).    I am so so so grateful it is over.

Thought it would be fun to give a tour of our finished house update.

New carpet on the staircase, upstairs living room, hallways, and closets.  (The builder grade carpet that came with the house was so gross!)

The girls all received wood laminate in their bedrooms.  (The girls really wanted to be done with carpet in their bedrooms.)

(The new flooring makes this bedroom look SO MUCH bigger, I think.)

We started planning for this project 2  years ago.  What was really nice was that all the rooms got a thorough cleaning during this project.  (A great way to start the school year.)

Have a fantastic week!

~  Patty  ~


  1. RAIN! Yay! I hope you get lots more.
    I am absolutely giddy over your carpet/laminate re-do pictures. Thanks for sharing them!! What a long process and LOTS of work, I'm sure. I bet you all are enjoying the change and having everything back in place. And now, because I'm a creeping weirdo, I'm going to go back and check out those school areas in the photos. lol. Still working on mine and adjusting to what will be the new 'ordinary' school spaces. I think we'll be fine once I get all settled in.
    Praying for Miss Sally and all the others on her trip!!

    1. I'm going to do a post on where the kids actually do their schooling. I think I did one years ago, but it's okay to update :)

  2. I love the new flooring, it looks great! I'm so excited we started our school year early. Once you put me onto the idea, it really took off and now I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner!!!

    The rain missed us again, this keeps happening and we sorely need it. I'm praying Wednesday will bring us some!

    1. I keep watching the weather, afraid it'll change once again.

  3. Those stories are still giving me nightmares too. I keep looking at Miss Cupcake and having to stop my mind from imagining the what ifs. Yay to a new school year. We are starting a little later than usual this year. It will be in August after we get back from a little trip.

    1. Yes, the what ifs keep me up at night. Sends shivers down my spine.

  4. Love it all!
    I love getting a peek into your home...creeper that I am. : )
    Please more of the schoolroom!
    And yay for the rain!

    1. Yes, I'm going to do more of the schooling "areas" in our case. It's been a few years since I did a school area tour. I update since things may have changed a bit in the past.

  5. Your home looks great!! We need new carpet so badly, but are waiting til right before we list the house next late spring! Love the wood laminate in the bedrooms, it looks beautiful, and I agree, it looks larger with it!

    So, quick question, is your school room the room at the top of the stairs? When looking at houses that is the room we always pick for our school room...

    Those sad sad stories are heavy on my mind and heart also. So sad. Just the possibility of the parents of that little boy purposely killing him, just makes me sick to my stomach. So so sad.

    And that little girl...oh, my...so close to our hearts having 2 year olds, isn't it?

    Yay for that rain!!! Fun times, so happy the kids got to play in it!
    Yay for new books...we have our CHC stuff but are waiting for our Seton stuff...I do both...enrolling in Seton for HS. Can't wait to open it all and peek at it!

    We are going on vacation next week, so are planning on starting August 4th...

    Praying for your daughter (at camp) and your mom.
    Love to you....

    1. That is actually Mabel's school area. I'm going to do a post on where my kids school. We do not have a school room in this house. And the older kids need more quiet. I'll put together a post soon!

      Have fun on your vacay!!

    2. Oh, gosh, we do the same thing, we do separate areas, not because of space, because we actually do have a school room, but because they can concentrate better when they are separated and working in different areas. We are going to try to put a few together this year, we'll see how it works! Cant' wait to see your post!

      (Tom's folks are taking us and his brother and his family for 5 days to a resort)

  6. Love the carpets and flooring!

    1. Thank you, Rachel! Little man said, "it's like a new house upstairs!"

  7. Your finished rooms look awesome! Even though it was a bit of a hellish week. How are the girls liking their floors? We are going to have wood floors in our master and hubby isn't too sure he will like it, but I think I will! Look forward to your school room posts. Have a great week!

    1. Thanks, Jen! Thanks for listening to me gripe when it all went down ;)
      Bob would love wood floors. Especially down in Florida!

  8. I love the wood flooring and wish we had more of it in our house. And yes, even though my daughter is only 2 1/2, I love seeing pictures of the hows and wheres people homeschool. So, yes, pretty please…a homeschooling post! ;)

    P.S. Glad you got some much needed rain.

    1. Thank you! We are "suppose" to get more on Wed or Thur. Praying we do. July 1 they really cranked up the water restriction use.

  9. Patty, right there with ya this summer on the house disruption! It's just no fun but waaaay worth it, isn't it? Love the kids checking out their new books! Happy last week of summer to you and your family!

    1. Ha! I was TOTALLY thinking of you, Tara!

  10. Beautiful floors! And YAY for back-to-school planning and books. We plan our calendar backwards, too, but with only 1 week off between quarters. And only 32 weeks of 4 days/week. So...we'll start later in August. (PS--It's been great to catch up with your fun happenings after being off blogs while on my vacation!) :o) Becky

    1. Enjoy the "new" happenings around your house!


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