Tuesday, July 8, 2014


We dropped Grammy off at  the airport this morning.

The drive home was made in heavy, sad silence.  Funny how your heart can be so full of happiness and joy and yet, so sad at the same time.


We will miss her.

Breakfast time is just so much better with Grammy!

It was our best visit ever, and y'all know I'll share, but this body needs to gulp down another cup of Joe as I soak in the grammy-filled moments just a tad longer.

In the meantime, if your own mom or grammy is close by, make sure you stop and give her a big hug.  One of those big, tight ones!

~ Patty  ~


  1. Thought about you all weekend, my friend...
    So glad it was happy!
    But I know your heart is aching now. : )

  2. I was thinking of you too and all the fun you were having with your mom. I'm sure it was a blessed and wonderful visit filled with treasured memories. It's always nice to have mom/Grammy around, isn't it?
    Keep soaking in those Grammy moments you had this weekend and I'll be eagerly waiting to see them here when you share.

  3. Can't you talk her into moving down here with y-all? Growing up, my mom's mom lived in CA and we lived in MN (and CA several times) but when she'd visit and leave, I SO remember those feelings, the emptiness when she'd leave. My heart is aching for you.


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