Thursday, June 19, 2014

Stay-cation Six Flags Trip


I prefer an us-ie over a self-ie.

Pretty excited as we headed out over to Six Flags Over Texas this past Monday!

I never pay full price for anything.  Especially trips.  I'm not a tight-wad, but I am not a big spender either.

Six Flags Read to Succeed Program (for students in grades 2-6) = 1 free ticket per student + 1 free teacher ticket.

Y'all, this saved us $132.00!!!

We ended up buying only 3 tickets online  (David, Miss Sally, & Miss Ester) @ $44 a piece = $132.00

Miss Clementine was FREE (2 and under).

Parking -  (Went with Preferred, the extra $5 to park closer was SO worth it at the end of the day when our dogs were barkin'!!)  $23.00

Brought in our water bottles.  Refilled at the drinking fountain.  FREE water, folks.

Ate one meal in the park (ate at 11:30am to beat the HUGE GINORMOUS lunch crowd) $80.00

Packed sandwiches and chips for dinner on the way home. - FREE.

Total ::  $210.00 *Not bad for a family of 7 at an amusement park for the day!

This year we brought two phones and split up right away.

I took the younger two since Stan the man doesn't do big rides.

David took (his Dramamine and) the girls, and hit the big rides.  We'd meet up every so often.

We always try to have a "plan" when we go to these types of parks.  Always go in pairs (at least), everyone picks the top 3 rides they want to go on, eat lunch early (and make it count so you don't need a snack before dinner), drink LOTS of water, and be patient.

I also just love how the big kids  go with the little kids on rides!  And David and I can sit in the shade under a mister (thinking of an icy cold beer or a margarita when it's a scorcher outside.)

Oh my gosh!  It was warm, about 93 degrees F.  We were quite thankful for the wind that day.  (Windy enough to shut down a couple of rides.)

(Waiting on the choo-choo to arrive :)

The train was a nice break for the little ones as well as David and myself.  We let the three older girls head off (they know that park and our rules well) while we rode the train for 1.5 laps.

(We poke fun at David's old-granny wrap-around sunglasses ;)

I didn't take a whole bunch of pictures since the big kids went on the big rides...the ones I do not dare go on.  And Little Miss did not want to ride in her stroller.  Between chasing her, taking her to the bathroom, and wiping the sweat running down my face, it was kind of pointless.

(These two had just gotten off of the Texas Giant roller coaster.  Sadly, a lady fell off this ride and died last summer.  Yes!  I was nervous for them!)

We had a good time!

I have to admit though, David and I don't always look forward to amusement parks.  We don't like the heat nor walking great distances in the heat.

Just like other parents, we do it for the kids.

*With the Six Flags Read to Succeed Program, the free tickets are only valid from June 16-August 15.  The HOTTEST part of the year.

From June 2012

(David had stayed home with Miss Clementine who was only five months old.)

From July 2010

(We took the kids to Six Flags on our anniversary that year!  LOL!)

P.S.  Miss Mabel wants me to inform y'all that she went on the Titan (a hyper coaster).

*Hypercoasters are the modern breed of oversized roller coaster that are pumped up to more than 200 feet tall. Well, the Titan easily clears that distinction, with a mind-blowing 255-foot drop, and that’s just for starters....Once you take that hyper-drop, you’ll blast through a tunnel and pulse out over a camel hump that will have your tail lifting straight out of the saddle. Better settle in, because you’re about to twist through a mind-warping 540 degree spiral. Let’s make that two mind-warping 540 degrees spirals, back to back. Some crazy high banked turns might give you the space to relax a bit after that, but don’t count on it, not at a whopping 85 miles per hour. With a mile of bright orange track, Titan takes super-sizing to a whole new level.

* Because of the complaints about the G-forces given during the second helix, the train is severely braked at the mid course block brake, almost to the point of stopping.[5] Park Policy prohibits re-rides due to the extreme G-forces.

Yes!  I pray for my dare devils when they go on these rides.

~ Patty  ~


  1. Wow. I can't Mabel rode that ride! I'm amazed at your ability to do such fun things with your kids at such a reduced price!

  2. Looks like fun, Patty!
    Glad you all had a fun family day. : )
    Hugs from rainy PA!

  3. Looks like it was a fun day!

  4. Looks like so much fun! Loved the "us-ie!" Beautiful family. :)

  5. Ok, first, you had me at Us-ie and Tight Wad. ha!

    Moving on. The fun, the fun!! That is an amazingly fun stay-cation day. It sounds super hot, but hey, you saved a lot of $$. Way to go!

    And Mabel, I think I got sick just reading about that ride. Super Scaredy Cat right here.

  6. Hi Patty! You are very brave. And if I took my kids, it definitely would be a sacrifice! Nice work on getting some savings for the trip, and I liked the past photos of the family too. You guys are real supporters of this place! They should have a special day for families like yours.
    Great memories!

  7. Looks like you are making lots of fun family memories on these stay-cation trips! So happy for you...These days are precious, as you know! Boy, did I treasure having my family all together for 3 short weeks this summer. Hank is back to Dallas to work! I just love how you budget and make things work! Happy Summer:)


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