Friday, June 6, 2014

Stay-cation Museum Bust (with a blessing)


We had a hiccup in our first stay-cation day plans.

David took off the day so we could take the kids to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.  We've heard nothing but FANTASTIC things about this fairly new museum in Dallas, so we were excited to add it to our stay-cation plans.

At the entrance, we found some friendly frogs to play with...

...a (normally) very active boy sitting down and being quiet.

Stan had announced he wasn't feeling good.  He has a tendency to get car sickness, and we thought that this was the case.

We VERY slowly made our way into the museum and paid the surcharge to see the dinosaur exhibit.

And VERY slowly made our way to the dino-dig for kids.

And about 3 minutes into it, he got sick.

Poor guy.

Thank the Lord Almighty, I was standing next to a trash can...and with mommy instincts kicking in...he made the trash can.

Poor guy.

(David was able to get a few more shots in just before Stan was sick.)

David was showing these pics to me after we got home.

He told me that while taking the photos of the girls, Miss Clementine announced, "I want to CHEESE Daddy.  Cheese!"   (See.  Bottom right photo)

Poor Stan.  By the time we got home, he had a fever on top of it.  (Not car sickness.)

The hidden blessing?

Last night, while pricing the day in advance, I noticed that with a family of 7, it would actually be CHEAPER to get a one year membership!  So we bought the membership, and we can go back all year long!  (We didn't lose out on anything, except for poor Stan being sick.)

(Our membership cost $110.  A day pass for each of us would have come to $160.00)

On top of that, they gave us a refund on the Dinosaur exhibit surcharge since we were in there for such a brief amount of time due to illness.

So we look forward to going back.  Many more times!

Have a great weekend and a blessed Sunday!

P.S.  Say a prayer that whatever bug is in our house, it passes me.  I am a confirmation sponsor for a young lady this Sunday.  

~  Patty  ~


  1. Oh, poor baby. Glad you found a great savings and I'm sure he'll enjoy the trip much more the second time around. Stay well, my friend, and all the babies. They are absolutely adorable.

  2. I feel so bad for him! I'm amazed that you actually saved $ by getting a family pass!
    Hope he gets better & noone else gets it!

    1. Mary, I was SHOCKED to see such a reasonable family membership price! As David said, for the first time, we weren't penalized for having a medium sized family.

  3. Prayers and hugs for your whole house, Patty...
    And so glad you were able to get the season passes to return.
    Your little sweetie is adorable. She and Flynn would be besties. : )
    Take care and stay healthy, my friend.: )

  4. Oh my goodness, poor Stan…I hope this is one of those 24 hour bugs that only hits him and then flees the house! But yeah on the family pass and saving money!

  5. Poor Stan. Bummer. Glad that you got a great deal and can go back to enjoy another day. I bet your family will have a blast.
    Feel better soon and may you all escape the ickiness. Good luck!

  6. That is great that they gave you your money back. I am sure you are going to be spending many fun days there.

  7. Poor guy. That's too bad. I have noticed that a year long membership is cheaper for our family as well. We've done that a couple of times with some Philadelphia museums. It will feel good to go back "free" of charge.
    Best wishes and prayers for you and your Confirmand this weekend..

  8. Hi Patty! Wasn't it such a grace to have bought the passes? Wonderful! I hope that Stan is feeling better today, and that you stay 'germ free' for your sponsor-time. And I hope the bug doesn't make much of the rounds at your house to anyone else either,
    Love that your little one is so focused and with eye protection...and thinking of cheese! My kind of girl! Here's to an end-on-the-day glass of wine for you my friend :)


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