Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Four out of five kids have been hit with this yucky bug.  (Fever.  Congestion.  Cough.)

Kind of put a damper on our Stay-cation plans.  

In the meantime...

I let the older girls watch Rocky I, II, & III last Friday afternoon when we had to cut our museum trip short.  Since I had Confirmation rehearsal Friday night, I had set these out for the makin'...

On Saturday, David and I tagged teamed taking sick ones to the doctor's office and taking some of the healthy ones to hang out at our subdivision pool.

Saturday night, he and I enjoyed ourselves at a friend's 40th.  (David and I were some of the oldest there!  Ha ha ha! )

Sunday.  Sally sold breakfast burritos at all four Sunday masses to earn money for this year's mission trip (July 13-19).

And then there was this...

Summer bucket list.

I was feeling too old and tired to start potty training another child, but we did.  She has been peeing and pooing like a pro, by golly!

Sunday night/ Pentecost Sunday...

That is the young lady I had the privilege of sponsoring into the Church after watching her grow up for the past 7 years, and had her in my Confirmation class as well.

120 Confirmed at that mass!

Monday...more sick kids at the doctor's office.

And more potty training.

Today, someone's new dress arrived in the mail...

This child LOVES to wear dresses :)

Last but not least... my mom's new wheels!!

Isn't that great?!  She has come so far since her major back surgery last September.  We are so proud of how hard she worked to recover.  Some of my siblings and I went in and purchased it for her for Mother's Day.

She just needs a flag (and a horn)!  Ha ha ha!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Love your mom's new wheels!!!
    120 confirmed??? That's incredible!
    Hope everybody gets well soon!!!!

  2. Sorry to hear that you've had sick kiddos. That will put a damper on the great staycation :( Hopefully you can still work in your staycay soon?? I hope so.
    Ahhh....potty training. It's on my summer list and I really should get on it. Dare I hope this last one will be as wonderfully easy as the last??!! I hope. And then, then, NO DIAPERS to buy. Hooray!! Unless God has other plans, but right now He doesn't seem to. I'll take the no diapers.

    I love the new set of wheels. Sweet ride!

  3. I love the pink bike. WOOT I am sorry to hear about illness. I hope that you have gotten all the sickness out and will have a great rest of the summer.

  4. I'm so glad you weren't sick for the Confirmation. You look so pretty in that picture. The pink bike is adorable! I can't believe your mom's surgery was that long ago. Seems like you were just asking for prayers for her. I'm glad she's healed so well. I love taking the kids to the pool now. We're just waiting for the sun to come out this week.

  5. Hi Patty! What a great photo with the bishop! All that red...just love it. You look so cute in your dress; your little one isn't the only one to look good! Great job on the potty-training. How old is your youngest? My daughter still hasn't started in on serious potty training her oldest.

    Love that pink bike. Now your mom can get around a bit! Freedom!
    That pool looks awesome, too bad not everyone could go. I hope the kids are feeling better?

  6. The bike is awesome... I would love one of those to ride around with the girls! The dress, so cute! The sickness... hopefully that's all gone now! And the potty training... that's hard although it feels like it was a million years ago in this house. Hope you can regain some of your staycation and joys of summer! (and not being the teacher) Happy Thursday, xo tara

  7. 6 out of 8 of us have that same thing...hope you are all better soon...us too!
    Love your mama's bike! Your pool looks so refreshing!! And fun!!

    Adorable dress--way to go sweet girl on the big girl potty!!

  8. I have been trying to squeeze in some blog reading- even though I am just commenting now, I was reading about this bug your family is fighting. Praying that you are all better!!

    So fun to watch your baby girl getting all grown up!! :) And your mom rocks!

  9. You've had a busy life. It never seems to settle, does it?

    I love that bike! How old do you have to be to go back to three wheels, because I'd love to!


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