Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Saddle Up

Ester and Mabel chose to do their yearly horse camp this past March during spring break.  (To beat the Texas summer heat!)  They thoroughly enjoyed their camp instructor, so I told them maybe we could get a one or two riding lessons in with her over the summer break.

Today they did.

Summer bucket list.  Check.

(The tack room.)

(I REALLY liked their new instructor, Miss Stephanie!)

(Comet, the one year old foal...so sweet!)

Mabel.  She chose to ride Romeo, one of the biggest horses at the stables.  She was a bit apprehensive when she had to lope (canter) the big guy, but her comfort level soon rose and she looked so "in control."

Romeo must have eaten a ton of fiber that morning, because he farted every time he loped!  Mabel couldn't stop laughing, nor could we.

Ester.  She is natural rider, I tell you.  She is just so dang comfortable on a horse.  Her dream is to own a horse some day.  (I know she will.)  Today, she rode Charlie Brown.  She rode him during the entire spring camp....they work well together.

Horse lessons make GREAT gifts...for birthdays, Christmas, etc.  You can usually get a better deal if you buy a package of multiples.

~  Patty  ~


  1. Hi Patti! I remember taking riding lessons when I was a tween. (We even had jodphurs!) We rode on vacations, so it was a good experience to at least be introduced to riding. I don't think I ever got comfortable though. That horse was so big... LOL!
    Loved seeing the beautiful faces in the photos. It looks so nice and warm there too.

  2. What fun! I better not show Lily or she'd be so jealous :) Again, this is where living in our geographical oddity limits the kids with so many great opportunities :( Your girls look like they are having so much fun and know what they are doing. Way to go on that summer bucket list!! I intended to work on one, but for now it's on the back burner. I am hoping next week brings more smiles, less stress and happier days.

    1. Yes. Once the services are over, the stress will leave (but not the pain of loss.).

      So I actually travel 30 minutes to take them to this particular stable due to the reasonable cost. We have others closer to our vicinity, but they are very $$


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