Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Retail Therapy

Flee Market style.

We live a few miles from a Flee Market that is open the third weekend of every month.  They have some fantastic vendors there, amongst all the "junk".    That's where we found Miss Clementine's antique dresser back in January.

Wanting some alone time, I headed out last Saturday morning.

My treasures...

One of my favorite smells e.v.e.r.  -  a farmer's produce stand.  (I had phoned David and told him to pick some fresh lettuce out of our garden because I was bringing home the goods!)

My new ($15) flower pot.  One can find these pretty  much all over Texas.  They are made in Mexico.

Scentsy wax $5.  (Because the $2 ones I picked up at Walmart made my house smell like the Spencer's gift store in the mall when I was a kid.  Who remembers Spensers?!)

That wax set is called Jet. Set. Go!  and it smells really clean and fresh; a winner!

$10 pressed aluminum tray.

Since I officially have a potty trained two year old -  woot!  woot! - I am taking down the diaper changing station.  Needed something to hold these bath items on our vanity...

And for the BIG splurge...Miss Clementine's antique-looking nightstand!  ($60)

(I'm thinking a pretty lace doily with the right lamp will bring out its' charm appeal.)

David doesn't think it is an antique, but it looks "old" and should compliment  her antique dresser.  They are not the same color, but antiques are not suppose to be matchy-matchy anyway.  (Right?)

It is built like a brick house!  Solid and heavy.  No particle board on this piece.

Flee Market shopping is so much fun, (in my opinion.)  Gosh!  And the lil' bit of freedom felt empowering for this mama.

Happy hump day!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Woo-hoo!!! Way to go!!! Love that flower pot! You did good!!!

  2. We have no flea markets any where near us. Antiques stores with antique store prices, but no flea markets. You got some good stuff! We don't have any fresh produce locally either, but I can't wait until we do. Supper gets so much simpler with fresh produce!

    Love that little nightstand. Very sweet. It needs a little guardian angel nightlight. ;-)

  3. Love Trade Days! Savannah was just admiring a painting I bought last summer and when I told her I got it for $5 at Trade Days, she was ready to jump in the car and drive right up there. I can't believe I've only ever gone Flea Marketing by myself. Looks like it's time to broaden my girls horizons. :)

  4. What treasures! I wish I could be flea marketing with you and getting our retail therapy on. Can you imagine what trouble we'd get into and all the fun we'd have? lol.

    ps...jealous on the potty trained girl and yet, so happy for you too (and her).Gianna was my easiest and I'm still hopeful that Margaret will follow along and want to graduate as well. I think moms should be awarded vacations after successful potty training. Just sayin'.

  5. Yay hooray! Such a great mix of fun things :) ! I love the nightstand, and no, antiques are not supposed to be match matchy - at least, not to my way of thinking. Good job!

  6. The nightstand.
    Good for you!!!!
    And good for her, big girl! : )

  7. Oooo...I just did some retail therapy vicariously through this post and I'm excited for you! Great finds and treasures! Love all your gems! Glad you were able to get out and about and splurge a little! I love me some good finds too!

  8. What fabulous finds!! That tray is beautiful, and what a great idea for using it.
    And yes, I remember Spencer's!!

  9. Wow! You got some GREAT deals. Love that aluminum platter you found! Laughed at the Spencer's comment...


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