Monday, June 16, 2014

Ester's Blog

My "Ester" loves to write.

She has submitted countless articles and stories in many American Girl contests, hoping to see one published some day.  There are oodles of journals upstairs; none of which have an empty page.  I have seen numerous 'homemade' books that have  construction paper covers piled high on shelves, book cases, or scattered on the floor.  Her imagination is a place I'd love to live in.

We have allowed her a place to document one of her favorite things : bugs, (and other creatures) that she finds in Texas.  She's written a few so far...

A Little About Me


Mocking Birds

I'm thrilled that she loves to write.  Writing allows her to put her Language Arts skills to use, and as a former Language Arts teacher, I am all for that!

Her blog is called Slugs and Bugs.  So here's the shameless plug...if you have a chance, drop in and say "Hi!"   I'm sure an encouraging word or two would make her day!

Thanks all!

~  Patty  ~


  1. My daughter Faiith has been dying to blog, but thus far I have said "no." She'll be in 7th next year. Is Esther going into 8th?

    1. Yes. We tried to set it up as invite only for privacy, but Google makes that hard to do. She needed a google email, which she's never had an email. I was able to keep her profile to a minimum. We have her password for it. It was definitely a big step! Up until now, she's only shared the "home" phone with siblings. They can only call or text. No sending or receiving photos. They aren't on any social media. So this was a big step!

  2. Patty, I think it is wonderful that you encourage E. to be all that she wants to be. You encourage her writing and her love of God's creation. You are a fabulous mother. I am Slugs and Bugs newest follower.

  3. I just popped over for a visit! Love it....So excited to share with Grace:)

  4. Hi Patty! You are a very supportive Mom. Bless you! I'll head right over and say 'hi' to her!

  5. We can't wait to keep on reading from Ester :) I haven't tried to look for her on Bloglovin' yet. Maybe that would make it easier for me to remember to have Lily read over at Ester's?

  6. We will definitely check it out!! My Bunny has had a blog for a year or two now, and it's part of her school to update it 2x a week (most weeks!). You are right--it is such a great writing outlet. I will show Bunny Esther's blog. She will be thrilled to have online friends like her mom! :o) Becky PS Bunny is 11-almost-12 and she does nothing else on social media, just like her mama. :o) No texts and she doesn't even have email. No desire to. We aren't anti-social or living in with the dinosaurs, but we all prefer books and playdates to internet and Facebook.

    1. PPS--love the blog design! (looks very familiar....) :o)

      Bunny's Blog:


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