Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cute Music Video - Spring Break Horse Camp (March 2014)


So I just recently viewed this music video of my girls' spring break horse camp for the first time, and it is so dang cute!  Their instructor, Miss Stephanie, put it all together.  (She did an awesome job.)  Had to share it with y'all!

I asked Miss Ester why they chose the group name Baconadors?  She chuckled, "We all liked bacon.  It's the only name we could think of."

(Miss Mabel was moved up to Group 4 on that Wednesday of camp, so she isn't in a lot of the pics.)

PS - x out of the advertisements on the video to skip them.

Have a blessed Sunday!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Hi Patty! Where do I sign up for this camp?? What a bunch of fun, and what a great keepsake to always have for you and for your daughter.
    When I went horseback riding, I always had the horse who wanted to stop for lunch too.
    The barrel running was so cool! And playing on the hay bales looks like a gas. Really, such a great video! Thanks for sharing it :)

    1. I was floored when I finally viewed this video just the other day! (Felt a bit guilty.). At any rate, they had a fabulous instructor this last time around, obviously, and it was exciting for me to take a peak into their week ;)


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