Monday, June 30, 2014

BIG Plans A-Comin'

We are super duper excited because Grammy (my mom) is flying in this Thursday!  Woot! Woot!

This will be the first time she is in Texas for the Fourth of July.  We are taking her to the Mesquite Pro Rodeo (Yee haw!).

On Sunday, Stan the man receives his First Holy Communion at our 8am Mass, and Grammy will be here for the special occasion.  Party plans are underway.   (*insert wiggling eye brows*)

Until then, Sally continues with swim team practice (we go year round down here), and Miss Ester volunteers at a therapeutic horse facility (for people with various disabilities.)

Mucking (cleaning up the poo)

And how appropriate is this dress for the holiday festivities??

Wishing you all a fantastic week and a fun (and safe) Fourth of July celebration!!  Talk to y'all afterward :)

~  Patty  ~

Baking Bonanza

Miss Sally is attending Catholic HEART Workcamp July 13-19 (in KC) with the youth group from our parish.

One of the fundraisers was a bake sale this past weekend.  Each teen attending was asked to donate 10 baked items.

Since the bake sale was a donation-only bake sale,  I thought we had better bake big and beautiful items to raise the $$ - in my opinion.  Presentation.  Presentation.  Presentation.

So we baked  all.  last. week. (and our house smelled A-MA-ZING!)

(4) Chocolate-dipped pretzel rod packages, (recipe here).

(2) Scotch-a-Roos (recipe here).

(2) Monkey Bread (recipe here).

(1) batch of frosted brownies.

(2) Creamy Blueberry Pies (recipe here).

(1) White cake with buttercream frosting and strawberry filling (recipe here and here)

This was a 2 glasses of wine  (back-to-back) night when it was all said and done.  Geesh!

Where it definitely was a TON of work, the kids had sold almost $1600.00!!  Woo Hoo!

I almost had a mutiny in my house when I did not allow anyone to eat any of this ;)

~  Patty  ~

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fishermen of Faith

Today is the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul, Fishermen of Faith.  To celebrate these two men of faith, we made sailboat cupcakes.  (I found the adorable idea over at Catholic Cuisine.)

Mabel baked the cupcakes (yellow cake mix), and once they cooled, we frosted them with  blue frosting I found at the store.

Walmart had the orange slices (boats).

 Ester put them into these CHARMING  Whales and Waves cupcake wrappers I found on etsy at Oooh La La Paperie.

*I've used Oooh La La Paperie before for Miss Ester's horse-themed birthday party.  The ladies do such lovely work!  (I highly recommend them.)

Why Fishermen of Faith?

Fish: the fish -- ever-watchful with its unblinking eyes -- was one of the most important symbols of Christ to the early Christians. In Greek, the phrase, "Jesus Christ, Son of God Savior," is "Iesous Christos Theou Yios Soter." The first letters of each of these Greek words, when put together, spell "ichthys," the Greek word for "fish" (ICQUS ). This symbol can be seen in the Sacraments Chapel of the Catacombs of St. Callistus. Because of the story of the miracle of the loaves and fishes, the fish symbolized, too, the Eucharist 

I found the link to the source of that paragraph on Catholic Cuisine.

*I know whales are not fish, but these were the closest to fish I could find.

The story behind the symbols on the sails:

Jessica's explanation is perfect ~

St. Peter's Shield ::  (Download  image at Scribd)  The Keys are the symbol of St. Peter, the authority of the papacy, and the Church's power to "bind and loose" (Matthew 16:19 and Isaiah 22).  One key represents Excommunication, a locked door to the unrepentant sinner.   The other key stands for Absolution, the open door to the Kingdom of Heaven for the repentant sinner. 

St. Paul's Shield :: (Download Image at Scribd)  Saint Paul has the sword assigned to him because he was a persecutor of the Church. The book is a symbol of his conversion into the greatest preacher of the Church. The great change in Saint Paul shows itself in this that he afterward speaks of the Word of God and the Sword of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:17).

Easy to make, especially with so many hands to help me out; a super fun way to celebrate this feast day!

I also added some new holy cards to the kids' collections :

Sts. Peter and Paul, pray for us!

~ Patty  ~

Friday, June 27, 2014

Ding Ding Ding (goes the ice cream truck)

She's been waiting so patiently for Mommy and Daddy to buy her some (totally over priced) ice cream from the ice cream truck.

Daddy - daughter date after work  (mid-June).

On second much can she trust this guy?!

Summer bucket list.

Have a delicious weekend!

~  Patty  ~

Monday, June 23, 2014

Stay-cation Hawaiian Falls

Had a bit of a worry there when we woke up early this morning to the sounds of thunder and rain.

Of course we are in a severe drought, and the day the skies decide to open up is the day we planned to go to the water park.  (Murphy's Law, right?)

Watching the weather reports, we were suppose to go from 71 degrees and raining to 91 degrees and sunny by noon.  So we packed our cooler, put on our swim suits, and headed out.

Hawaiian Falls.  

It! Was! Awesome!

It was also chilly (by Texas standards.) But, the weather channel proved correct, and by noon it was turning into a gorgeous day.  (Because of the early  morning rain, and it being a Monday, there weren't a lot of people at the park.  Lucky for us!)

Look at that!  There's like no one in that water playground but my tribe.  David told the dare devils to get going, take advantage of the no-lines at the big slides.

90 minutes into the day, the Texas sun broke out and things heated up pretty darn quick.  The water ended up feeling so refreshing!

I didn't take a bunch of photos.  Instead, I took a ton of video footage with my camera, hoping to make a fun movie out of it all!  (That's my plan at least.  Things always look better on paper.)

So I have to tell you about this Hawaiian Falls, folks.

Family Friendly ::  GREAT crowd, bathing suit code, no alcohol, no foul language, family friendly music, clean, happy employees, (just to name a few.)

I cannot believe we haven't gone there until today.  Our day totally blows Six Flags out of the water (even with our free Six Flags reading program tickets!)

I may get  some reader hot under the collar when I write this next statement, but since I was so shocked over it, I have to share.

I saw only a few female bodies covered in tattoos today.  And that floored me!!!  Seriously, folks.  Anymore, every Kit, Kat, and Katy has some body art displayed for all to see, except for me.  ( I know I'm not the only one, but I am in the minority for having ink-free skin. Or so it seems.)

I degress...

This place had a  "D.J" who organized umpteen games for kids to compete in.  Miss Mabel and Miss Ester gave the hula hoop contest a whirl.

So how did we float this stay-cation day?  Because these parks can cost $$, and I love a good bargain.

Cabana.  We rented a private one.  The rental gave us discounted tickets for the day, free locker, unlimited drinks, and our own private cabana waiter (very cool BTW!)

Cabana $100.00

Discount tickets for 6 @ $18.99 (two year old and under is FREE) = $113.94

Cooler Pass $10*

*We packed our own lunch items.

Bottled water.  Bring your own at no charge.

Free drinks (Iced Tea, lemonade, powerade, soda).

Fees and taxes $15.68

Total :  $239.62

Here's where it gets good!  You may recall that I wrote a post back a month or so ago stating how I got David to "Patty-tize" the garage??

Well....he decided to sell two big ticket items (a lawn mower and a van/tent), receiving payment of $190 total.

Total : $239.00


$49.00 is what we paid out of pocket for today's festivities!  (Insert snapping Z!)

And you ask...was the cabana necessary??

( I rest my case ;)

It really was an awesome day.

As I type this post?  My kids were all in bed by 9pm.  I'm on my way there, too.

Have a fantastic week!

BTW, how many stay-cation days do we have planned?  Just one more.  (We have something planned for when my  mom flies down for the Fourth!  Think cowboys, bulls, BBQ, and chuck wagon races!  YeeHaw!)

~  Patty  ~

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cute Music Video - Spring Break Horse Camp (March 2014)


So I just recently viewed this music video of my girls' spring break horse camp for the first time, and it is so dang cute!  Their instructor, Miss Stephanie, put it all together.  (She did an awesome job.)  Had to share it with y'all!

I asked Miss Ester why they chose the group name Baconadors?  She chuckled, "We all liked bacon.  It's the only name we could think of."

(Miss Mabel was moved up to Group 4 on that Wednesday of camp, so she isn't in a lot of the pics.)

PS - x out of the advertisements on the video to skip them.

Have a blessed Sunday!

~  Patty  ~

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Stay-cation Six Flags Trip


I prefer an us-ie over a self-ie.

Pretty excited as we headed out over to Six Flags Over Texas this past Monday!

I never pay full price for anything.  Especially trips.  I'm not a tight-wad, but I am not a big spender either.

Six Flags Read to Succeed Program (for students in grades 2-6) = 1 free ticket per student + 1 free teacher ticket.

Y'all, this saved us $132.00!!!

We ended up buying only 3 tickets online  (David, Miss Sally, & Miss Ester) @ $44 a piece = $132.00

Miss Clementine was FREE (2 and under).

Parking -  (Went with Preferred, the extra $5 to park closer was SO worth it at the end of the day when our dogs were barkin'!!)  $23.00

Brought in our water bottles.  Refilled at the drinking fountain.  FREE water, folks.

Ate one meal in the park (ate at 11:30am to beat the HUGE GINORMOUS lunch crowd) $80.00

Packed sandwiches and chips for dinner on the way home. - FREE.

Total ::  $210.00 *Not bad for a family of 7 at an amusement park for the day!

This year we brought two phones and split up right away.

I took the younger two since Stan the man doesn't do big rides.

David took (his Dramamine and) the girls, and hit the big rides.  We'd meet up every so often.

We always try to have a "plan" when we go to these types of parks.  Always go in pairs (at least), everyone picks the top 3 rides they want to go on, eat lunch early (and make it count so you don't need a snack before dinner), drink LOTS of water, and be patient.

I also just love how the big kids  go with the little kids on rides!  And David and I can sit in the shade under a mister (thinking of an icy cold beer or a margarita when it's a scorcher outside.)

Oh my gosh!  It was warm, about 93 degrees F.  We were quite thankful for the wind that day.  (Windy enough to shut down a couple of rides.)

(Waiting on the choo-choo to arrive :)

The train was a nice break for the little ones as well as David and myself.  We let the three older girls head off (they know that park and our rules well) while we rode the train for 1.5 laps.

(We poke fun at David's old-granny wrap-around sunglasses ;)

I didn't take a whole bunch of pictures since the big kids went on the big rides...the ones I do not dare go on.  And Little Miss did not want to ride in her stroller.  Between chasing her, taking her to the bathroom, and wiping the sweat running down my face, it was kind of pointless.

(These two had just gotten off of the Texas Giant roller coaster.  Sadly, a lady fell off this ride and died last summer.  Yes!  I was nervous for them!)

We had a good time!

I have to admit though, David and I don't always look forward to amusement parks.  We don't like the heat nor walking great distances in the heat.

Just like other parents, we do it for the kids.

*With the Six Flags Read to Succeed Program, the free tickets are only valid from June 16-August 15.  The HOTTEST part of the year.

From June 2012

(David had stayed home with Miss Clementine who was only five months old.)

From July 2010

(We took the kids to Six Flags on our anniversary that year!  LOL!)

P.S.  Miss Mabel wants me to inform y'all that she went on the Titan (a hyper coaster).

*Hypercoasters are the modern breed of oversized roller coaster that are pumped up to more than 200 feet tall. Well, the Titan easily clears that distinction, with a mind-blowing 255-foot drop, and that’s just for starters....Once you take that hyper-drop, you’ll blast through a tunnel and pulse out over a camel hump that will have your tail lifting straight out of the saddle. Better settle in, because you’re about to twist through a mind-warping 540 degree spiral. Let’s make that two mind-warping 540 degrees spirals, back to back. Some crazy high banked turns might give you the space to relax a bit after that, but don’t count on it, not at a whopping 85 miles per hour. With a mile of bright orange track, Titan takes super-sizing to a whole new level.

* Because of the complaints about the G-forces given during the second helix, the train is severely braked at the mid course block brake, almost to the point of stopping.[5] Park Policy prohibits re-rides due to the extreme G-forces.

Yes!  I pray for my dare devils when they go on these rides.

~ Patty  ~


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