Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Retreat

Jen and I first met about four or five years ago through the blogosphere, and for the past two years, we have talked about meeting in real life.  So when our chapters in life happened to be in sync, I didn't hesitate to buy a plane ticket to Florida.

Gosh!  It was a great weekend spending time with Jen.  I even had a fun 15 hours visiting with her children and husband.  (They are almost a mirror image of my family!)  They made me feel so welcome...fresh flowers and some beautiful smelling body lotion welcomed me in the guest room at their house!

On Saturday morning, she and I headed out to our destination near Sarasota where we would spend two days and nights.

We talked and talked and laughed a lot.  We rested, relaxed, and came away feeling rejuvenated.

The clam shells, (as I referred to them), were so comfy!

And I even went paddle boarding!!  (Summer bucket list.  Check.)

Okay, so being a beginner on waves that were sometimes 4 feet high?  Not so good, but by golly!  I did it.  (Felt it the next day, too :)

(Top picture : heading out.  You can't even see the board I'm on because of the deceptive- looking waves.)
(Bottom picture up there : Coming back in.  I fell twice, but stood up 5 or 6 times.  The longest was about 30 seconds!  Ha ha ha!  The waves made balancing hard!)

No sharks either!  (Even though Jen promised she'd send my body back to my family if I were to have been attacked.)

But we did see dolphins :)

(Bottom two pictures : our room and the view from our balcony.)

I sent Jen a text letting her know I arrived in Dallas safe and sound Sunday evening, to which she replied, "....enjoy re-entry!"

I got a good chuckle out of that one.

It truly was a wonderful weekend.  We came away with so much, but feeling grateful for our husbands and knowing how blessed we are (for our families and friendship) were at the top of our emoticons!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Yay for sharing the joy of blogosphere friendship coming to life! That photo of you two looks like you are kindred spirits:) Those beaches look so gorgeous and inviting! I'm going to have to give paddle boarding a whirl sometime...It looks so fun! Hope re-entry is going well for both of you;-)

  2. Oh the pictures are absolutely beautiful and fun! And I'm sure the memories you made are priceless! Everything looks like paradise where you were! How awesome! Congrats on your paddle boarding feat! I tried that once at a local lake. I had no waves to contend with just the fear of falling and the alligator in the lake getting me :) Hope you are settling in well and your kids and hubby didn't miss you too much :)

  3. I can't thank you enough for coming to visit! I had such a wonderful weekend, it was fun to laugh and talk and share stories about our families and our journeys. I can't wait until we can figure out a way to get our families together!! You are who you are on your blog and more - such a blessing to call you my friend!!

  4. Oh.my.heavenly.bliss. That getaway retreat looks absolutely PERFECT. I almost felt like I got some rejuvenation from looking at the photos! How wonderful that the two of you could meet up, rest, relax and enjoy your friendship. Way to go on paddle boarding too!!! yay!

    Blessings on your re-entry!

  5. Patty!
    How wonderful!
    I am so very happy...and let's be honest...a weeee bit envious.... Of this amazing time you had with your friend.
    Good for you both...and thanks for giving us all hope that one day, we just may be able to truly meet our very best of friends. : )

  6. Hi Patty! These photos are just gorgeous! The sky is so blue...and I could use a clam shell right about now. How wonderful that you got along so well, and had time to just decompress. Isn't God amazing? He knew you were going to do this before you were born. Discovering his surprises is so FUN!!

    I'm sure you'll be fast friends for a long time. What a blessing. Oh, and I am really proud of you, getting a bucket list item checked off. Paddle boarding? My hat's off to you. I could never do that!
    Happy Wednesday,

  7. I know how you feel. I just had a retreat week with my sister-in-law....it was a beautiful setting, but perhaps not quite so beautiful as yours...:)

  8. Aaahhh, sounds and looks divine. I'm glad it was so fun.

  9. Wow. You know every single blogger is going to want to do that now! You've started something!!

    SO glad you had a wonderful time! The pictures are amazing!

  10. Sounds perfect... good for you!

  11. So fun!! I am so happy for you and Jen to have a time of retreat!

  12. LOVED hearing about your amazing weekend!! Sounds just heavenly. :o) Becky


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