Thursday, May 1, 2014

The CUTEST Crayons

The Easter bunny delivered these adorable Easter egg-shaped crayons to Miss Clementine.

They are the perfect size for little fingers.

Little miss loves to color with them...

...and stack them, proudly naming each color as she goes.

I found these non-toxic home made crayons  at KagesKrayons (on Etsy).  They come in all kinds of cool shapes!  (Honestly, you have to check them out, and I am NOT getting paid to say so :)


Oh my gosh.  I almost forgot to share with you our new editions.  (You may have these yourself.)

Around late February, a friend of mine posted on FB about Easter Bunny's Amazing Day.  She said, "Just do yourself a favor.  Get in the car and go to (insert a Catholic bookstore) to buy this book.  Right now."

She had me sold.  I went to Amazon and ordered it right away ;)  It is one of our favorite Easter books now!

I purchased A Tale for Easter on Amazon, here, when it was out for pre-order in January.

The kids love reading about Humphrey.  They said this is such a "funny" story.  Humphrey's First Palm Sunday is a sequel to The Last Straw.  I found it on Amazon, here.

A sweet one!!  Seriously.  Easter Eggs for Anya was found on Amazon, here.

And lastly, (one that I want to read when Miss Sally is done)...

(401 pages that Miss Sally cannot put down :)  The Spear was found on Amazon, here.  It is about the the Roman soldier who threw the spear into the side of Jesus, his life afterward.  Powerful!

A picture to share...

We came home from the funeral in Illinois to find our  rose bushes blooming profusely.

Happy May, my friends!  Have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Sunday!

~  Patty  ~

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