Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Stan the man added 'Sprinkler' to the summer bucket list.  (Check.)

We finally  paused this weekend to rest.

It's good to rest.

It's good to smell the flowers, too.

(Ya like my new,  hibiscus  "margarita" cup that my mom gave me?)

(Our little garden grows!  Woo Hoo!)

There's just something about toddlers in bikinis.

That water table has received a lot of attention since we bought it last spring.

Monkey See...Monkey Do.

I had paused long enough last Sunday to make this.  (I had originally wanted it on our Easter menu.)

Vanilla cake with strawberry filling topped with home made vanilla, butter cream frosting and coconut.

(I'll get the recipe up soon ;)

Pausing to wish you all a very happy week!

~  Patty  ~


  1. And...I will be waiting for that recipe...
    Soooo glad you all had the chance to pause.
    Lord knows you deserve it. : )
    Love your yard, and garden, and flowers...
    And I love the water table! I totally copied you and got one last year.
    Enjoy your days, my friend. Enjoy.

  2. I wish I was Pausing with you in the sun, smelling the flowers and drinking margaritas. Oh man, I am SO jealous right now. Truthfully though, I almost think I felt the warmth through my computer. Or maybe I just want some sun, warmth and pretty flowers so much that I now think I can get it through the computer.
    Water table = best summer thing ever. My girls loved theirs last year.

    Keep on enjoying and pausing. You deserve it!!

  3. SUMMER!!! Visiting your blog these days is like popping right in to July fun.... (is that fireworks I hear?). LOVE the hibiscus cup. And your photo are gorgeous.

  4. Oh, you do look like you all are having a wonderful summery time. We are still a bit chilly here to be thinking that way...we are still putting our garden in. I love the Monkey See, Monkey Do picture and your cake is absolutely gorgeous.

  5. Running through the sprinkler never gets old does it? I miss our Mary statue, we left it at our other house to "keep watch". I'm anxious to get a new one. That cake! Looks heavenly.

  6. Looks like so much fun! Connecticut doesn't see temps warm enough for sprinkler play until late June. We're still long pants and spring jackets here. But the sun and 60's sure feels good! Enjoy your week, tara

  7. Beautiful pictures! Beautiful flowers! Beautiful babies! Don't you just love where we live? <3

  8. Isn't it good to pause? You made fabulous use of yours! Love your new cup and garden...such lovely color in all of the blooms. The kids are all getting so big but cute as ever:)

  9. Such great pics! Your house is such a great balance of work and play. :o) And I love the "margarita" cup, looks like it has a lid and straw? How perfect for outdoor enjoyment.... :o) Becky


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