Friday, May 30, 2014

Hodge Podge - TGIF

Living Liturgy ~

Beside Easter, (which was spent traveling to Illinois for my father-in-law's funeral), we have not had a chance to bring the liturgy into our house by means of celebrating special feast days.

The kids miss this, as do I.   Sitting down with the calendar last night, we marked the following dates that we will celebrate ::

June 4 (Stan's baptism birthday)

June 8 (Pentecost Sunday)
*Novena to the Holy Spirit starts today!!  Want to join in?  Go to and follow along each day.  (If you join - for free - the novenas will be emailed to you each day - what an easy reminder!)

June 29 (Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul)


Big Girl Bed ~

So her big girl bed had been set up for months, yet little Miss would not have anything to do with it.  Right when I came to the conclusion I would not force her into it, (what's the rush anyway?), she decided to sleep in it.

(Her first night - and every nap and bedtime since.)

With little Miss Clementine, I have tried so hard NOT to rush her stages along, instead, appreciating each step of the way.  I have to say, my heart is a little bit sad that the crib will now come down.



Did you know the rubbing alcohol gets out dry erase markers on clothes?
(Sorry for the poor phone camera pics!)

I had forgotten to get a before picture, but trust me!  It really works.


We are off now...

I have to take a couple of young ladies to their annual Little Women's Tea Party.  We are bringing the egg salad sandwiches.  (I am using my delicious recipe found here.)

Have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Sunday!!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Clementine is just a little angel! I was the same way with YS; I get accused by the other 2 of babying him too much! Hope you had a good time at the tea party! I'm going to sign up for the novena...I had no idea they'd send you the prayers every day!

  2. She is so cute in her big girl bed. I know what you mean about the sadness as your youngest passes through all of the stages. I have that with curriculum...I want to hold on to it even though I don't have anyone that young any more.

  3. She is precious sleeping in her big girl bed.
    One thing about it...they always look so much smaller in the bed than they did in the crib!
    I'm grasping at straws, I know...but whatever it takes, right?! : )

  4. Aww....Miss C looks so precious asleep and cozy. While my girls are just in toddler beds and not big beds, I still find my favorite time is to peek at them when they are asleep. Melt my heart.
    I hope you had a wonderful time at your tea. Pictures, maybe??
    Have a great weekend!


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