Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Daybook Post - Hump Day

Outside My Window ~

Gorgeous weather as well as the bulk pick-up ready and waiting at the curb.

I Am Thankful For ~

Summer break.

Summer bucket lists.

A productive weekend.

(David "patty-tized" the garage....a red banner day!  Trust me, folks.  This is a clean garage that also takes deliveries for the business.)

*Insert fantasy here... I wish we had one of those spic and span garages that gleams from top to bottom.  You know, the kind with immaculate, glossy floors (the kind you could lick!)

A garden that is producing.

(Lettuce, peas, beans, and cucumbers.)

I Am Thinking About ~

A dinner menu for the next week.  I grocery shop on Thursday afternoons, but for some reason, I'm just sitting and staring at a blank piece of I decided to blog.  (I know.  Real productive.)

I have not blogged a daybook post in almost two months.  (Sally gently reminded me and informed me that she likes them.)

From The School Room ~

Yesterday, we cleaned out all the school stuff.

They did amazing on their finals!!

Each May, our homeschool group puts together an achievement test week.  (Three mornings).  Any homeschool family that wants their child(ren) to experience group setting tests, this is a great way to introduce them to filling in those dots.  I always sign my Jr High kids up since they'll need that experience when they take their ACT, PSAT, etc in High School.  Ester took her CAT5.

(*Texas doesn't require these achievement tests.)

What I Am Reading ~

Ester just finished Island of the Blue Dolphins on her kindle.  She just loved it and suggested I read it, too.  So I am.

From The Kitchen ~

Spaghetti tonight.  (But I really need to get crackin' on my grocery list....)

What I Am Praying For ~

~ For all those who have asked me to pray for them.

~ For our roles as parents (David and myself); as we continually discern on making correct decisions on  raising and parenting  our children.

What I Am Listening To ~

Miss Sally is making lunch.  Miss Clementine is playing and talking to her big sister.  Stan the man has a friend over and they are playing upstairs.

Around My House ~

We are making plans for a stay-cation this coming June.  Sarah blogged about her family's last summer here and here.

I loved the idea!  We have some fun ideas planned and can hardly wait to share.

(Another) Picture to Share ~

That is a spoonbill my hubs caught up on the Red River (border of Texas and Oklahoma.)  About 50 lbs.

He went on his own retreat last week camping and fishing.  He needed some manly-man R&R and enjoyed himself immensely :)

(I made sure he text me every time he went out at night to fish and when he safely returned to camp as well as a set of directions to where he was located....just in case.)

Happy hump-day!  Hope the rest of your week is a great one!

~  Patty ~


  1. I always love these ones, Patty...
    Just like we are visiting. : )
    Steve did our garage too! Amen!
    Good luck with the meal planning. You know how I feel about ALL of your recipes!
    We are thinking of hot dogs on the grill, chicken tacos in the crockpot, pasta others fresh tomatoes and garlic...

    1. Darn iPad...
      That should read Pasta with fresh tomatoes...
      No clue. ; )

    2. We had taco Tuesday yesterday! Yummy!

  2. Hooray for Hump Day aka Last day of school for us!! Sorry, I'm really just excited to switch gears and ;)
    Who has those kind of insane garages??!! Overrated. Pretty much every time I get ours 'better', tidied, swept, etc. hubs decides to begin another project. That means tools are moved, lumber, and random misc. comes off the beautiful shelves I carefully organized and is left in a chaotic mess. He knows I'll tidy it back up because I'm a nerd and like that sort of thing. ha!
    I love daybook posts, don't you? I feel like I am sitting in your home when I read them. Honestly, I find them super easy (and fun) to write too when I should be doing other things. Like perhaps meal planning for instance. :)

    1. Way to go on finishing up the school year! Tonight when I pour my glass of wine I will toast you! Salud!

  3. Wow! I have got to show my boys that fish. They are going to green with envy! I read Island of the Blue Dolphin years ago with my now adult daughters- we all agree that it is one of our favorites!

    1. I'm reading the book and it is so good!!

  4. Patty, Congrats on finishing homeschooling for the year! Wishing all of you a joyful summer! and I get the grocery list/meal planning thing. Some weeks I zip right to it and love it... others... I just can't get in the mood. Also, I love it too when Anna suggests a book for me to read. Isn't that sweet that your daughter does too! I have one waiting for me right now! If only I wasn't up so late with to dos and so tired by reading/bedtime!

    1. That's right about Anna, I remember you writing that. And it is so sweet. She'd LOVE this one!

  5. I always enjoy reading your blog and listening to the sweet stories about your children. What a precious family you have. I sure would like to go through the junk at the curb. I'm sure your trash would be my treasures. Keep telling us stories about your day. It's fun to remember what it was like for us when the children were home.

    1. Ha ha ha! Someone went through my junk and lightened the load up a bit ;)

  6. I can think of all kinds of things to do instead of making a bi-weekly menu, then grocery list, then shopping! I think those people who have those kinds of garages don't really use them. :)

    1. I think you are right about the garages. That of they most certainly do not have kids living with them ;)

  7. We'll be having a stay-cation this year, as well (thanks to the tax bill). I'm not sure, however, that we'll be doing anything very fun. ;-)

    Your garden looks great! I haven't been outside much because of my back and the thought of weeding makes me want to weep!

    1. BTW, I'm so excited to give our son his FC rosary (July 6)!


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