Friday, April 11, 2014

My Selfie

(Photo credit ::  google stressed out cat!)

Ha ha ha ha ha!

It's been a stressful month, and that's about how I look.

What set me off?

A handful of things, but the big one?

A recent and HUGE tactical error in our school calendar planning that royally screwed up our finals week, our group CAT5 achievement testing, and my Mom Get-Away (with Jen) to FL.  ( I had scheduled all of them within five days of each other!)

When I realized my mistake I was like...

You fellow home school moms are probably thinking, "How in the hell did she do that?!"

Since I'm not a Senior (yet), I will refer to it as a brain -fart moment.

Our solution was to have the kids start compressing 9 weeks of school into 7, voiding all unnecessary book work for them.  A huge task for the upper grades.  (My students are the best for putting up with me!  Seriously!)

You may ask, "Why don't you finish later in the summer?"  Because.... we all want the school year over...the sooner, the better.

(We will finish by Mother's Day.  I leave for my trip a week later.  CAT5 testing will take place when I get back.)

Holy Week is a good time to recharge, don't you think?

I plan to use this important time to gather and grow in my faith, as a wife, a person, and friend.

And to keep extra curricular activities to plain, simple routines such as these...

I have to remember that limping into the last stretch of lent really is, and that some of my greatest growth spurts have been during Holy Week and Easter (Paschal)  Triduum.

By Easter Sunday, I should be all set to bask in His shining glory! (Even if it is in a simpler form than years past.)  

I pray that you all have a fruitful Holy Week, and I will see you after Easter!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Have a blessed and restful Holy Week with your beautiful family my friend!

  2. Great selfie, but I bet ya never look like that. As for me, I think selfies are overrated and the scare the heck out of me. I've never done one. I know, I'm so lame (Lily's new favorite preteen word).
    You're right, a recharged Holy Week is a great way to get back together and with simple things, it's perfect. Have a blessed Holy Week.
    I have to add that a mom trip away sounds so delightful. I need some type of recharge/time away, but just haven't figured out what yet. A retreat or a getaway kind of getaway? By myself or with someone? Whom? And then that's where I stop thinking about it because it's too much work. lol.

  3. Oh, NO! Glad you were able to remedy it! That first picture? That's exactly how I'm feeling. I'm so ready for this school year to be over!

  4. Praying that all works out for you, my friend! I'm so excited for your trip to meet Jen...You have a sweet light at the end of the tunnel for sure:) Hang tough, Mama...No cross, no crown!

  5. Oh, I totally understand and can completely relate to that selfie. I've felt that way all my life just hasn't been my own and I'm running to keep up. I hope the coming week will be so much better for you and that you'll enjoy a lovely Easter weekend. Much love...and sympathy. <3

  6. I wrote something today a little similar to your last part (not the scary cat on top) and nothing terrible happened...It sounds like you worked it out and things will be OK? I'll pray for that peace for you.

    I am not thinking "How the hell did you do that" because I only survive one week at a time. Don't ask me anything about next week because I have no idea...I can only handle this week.

    SO, yeah, you amaze me.

    A weekend mama getaway? I'm with Sarah....I want to escape, ummm, I mean get away for a little mama time too.

    Blessed Holy week to you!
    PS I'm making your Brisket today and yes, you are right, our house smells amazing!!

  7. I have had a few of those moments recently! Glad you worked out. And "bravo" to your students for working with you. They will reap the rewards of being done too!

  8. Wow Patty, you look a lot like a cat. Has anyone ever told you that? LOL!
    I'm sorry for your brain fart, and the compressed time because of it. Who needs more stress? But it will be worth it in the end. A weekend getaway? That's a good motivation :)
    The priest today said that he bets a lot of people didn't have the Lent they wanted, but it's not too late. Holy Week is here, and it's a great time to rededicate. So you are so right. Wonderful blessings await us when we observe this wonderful week.
    I hope it brings you peace and joy!


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