Sunday, March 30, 2014

Smorgasbord Sunday

A perfectly healthy fall & winter   +   family coming to visit     =    Murphy's Law

Saturday morning was spent with four kids at the pediatrician's office then being sent home with 5 Rx's and a nebulizer.

Just in time for our guests...

He was the sickest with acute bronchitis!

Thank goodness we had 72 hours to let the antibiotics kick in before our family arrives.

Around my house...

David started planting our square foot garden.

I had him hang our Texas Star outside.

(It use to hang in the hallway above a bench in the foyer area until we moved the piano there.)

Remember the ice storm pictures from the feast of St. Nicholas?  And my tree that had half of it shared off?

Here it is leafing out in spring.

(Poor, little Charlie Brown tree!)

Miss Clementine's swing stays empty these days.  She doesn't like to be in it that much anymore.  She's growing up :(

Enjoying some quiet time outside with a glass of beer.  I was too lazy to make a margarita. (For shame!)

Spring cleaning...downstairs.

Spring Break Week #2!!!

My favorite part about home schooling is being in control of our own school calendar.  

I was going to take off for Holy Week, but when family said they were coming to visit, we switched things around.  

David's sister & niece, Sara & Alison, fly in on Tuesday and will stay with us till Saturday.  We are SO excited to have family visiting.  (That's a RARE treat for us.)  It has been over two years since family has come to visit us.

I plan on signing off of blogosphere for the week....hope you all have a great week, beautiful weather, and happy thoughts of spring!!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Sorry about the illness. Hope you get to enjoy a nice visit with family!

  2. I hope you are all feeling better soon...your poor son, oh, give him extra hugs!!

    And I know that growing out of the baby swing feeling...and baby bed and high chair...and so much more. It really is heart breaking.

    I hope you have a wonderful time this week with your family, I'm so excited for you!
    God bless your week!

  3. I am so sorry that your kids are all sick! Yes, isn't it great that with homeschooling you can change your schedule as many times as you want.

  4. Enjoy your company. Rest. Relax. :-)

  5. Get well quickly!! And enjoy your company and rest of your spring break. I bet you'll have so much fun and it will be a wonderful, relaxing week. See you next week!

  6. Enjoy your special visit with family!

  7. Enjoy that sweet family. I'm so ready to see mine! I'm counting the days or day which comes first with the baby.

  8. Have a wonderful week! Hope everybody gets better so y'all can really enjoy the company!

  9. Have a fun visit and Oh, so sorry about your sickies:( I smiled when I popped over and saw your blue bonnet cover photo:) That garden looks like it's going to be fun! Happy "time off" to you!

  10. Hi Patty! I hope you have a wonderful visit! My daughter and her little girls just left today, it was so much fun. And I hope that your family gets over their illnesses soon. Poor kids. How well I remember the nebulizer. I had a foster child with bad asthma.
    Love the Texas star! Now you'll greet your family in style before the door even opens:)
    Blessings on your week,

  11. I hope you're enjoying a lot of family fun with your visitors!!! :o) Becky
    PS--beautiful SqFt garden!

  12. Did you tag me for Why I blog?
    If you have written a post like this, can you link it up in the comments here...
    Otherwise, consider yourself tagged.

  13. Just home from vacation and reading this- I hope everyone is healthy and enjoying (or about to enjoy:)) their family visit! I want to do a garden like that- I look forward to progress updates.


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