Saturday, March 8, 2014

She's 13!

We have another teenager in the house!

Our sweet Miss Ester has a gentle "old"  soul.   She's a natural-born mother who is very sensitive toward the feelings of others.

She can be quiet, but her thoughts speak volumes.  She loves to write and has a passion for horse riding.

(She received her first "real" cowgirl belt.  Woo Hoo!)

I was recalling her bumpy birth story this morning:

Ester was born with a heart defect that required open heart surgery, and I hemorrhaged after birth (requiring 2 pints of blood to feel a bit fresher :)  Once we all found our groove, David and I realized what a strong and courageous soul Miss Ester was graced with.


You know what is REALLY awesome???

Ester's birthday lands on the feast day of St. John of God!

Who is St. John of God?

The patron saint of heart patients!!

A God-incident, we like to think :)


Happy birthday to you Miss Ester!  We love you and thank God for putting you into our care.  May God bless you abundantly through the year!


Dad & Mom


  1. Happy 13th to your beautiful young lady, Patty!
    What a sweet girl. : )

  2. Hope Ester enjoyed her special day! Many happy returns! Our "baby" Samuel has DS and had a big open heart op at 5 months. It is so amazing what modern medicine can do. And what a lovely feast day for your birth. A good day to pray for heart surgeons!

  3. What a beautiful young lady. Her sweetness just radiates from her soul. Happy Birthday, Ester.

  4. I got chills... chills with that! Happy birthday to your sweet daughter.

  5. What a wonderful and amazing birth story! Happy beautiful to your miracle baby who is growing into a beautiful young lady!

  6. OOPs! I meant to say Happy Birthday to your miracle baby! :)


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