Monday, March 17, 2014

Scoliosis - First Brace Check With X-ray

Where we go ::

We go to Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas.

U.S. News & World Report awarded it the the #1 ranking for pediatric orthopedic program for 2013-2014.

Yes! We now fully understand how blessed we are to be living near such amazing health care.

We are so grateful to our pediatrician who pointed us in that direction saying that she, "would not trust anyone else."

Being Part of Research ::

When our daughter received her Providence back brace in February, she was told that hers was taking  part in new & important research.

Quick recap -

* Providence back brace has to be worn at least 8 hours each night.

* In the past, based on what the doctors and prothestists were told by the kids that, "they indeed wore the brace 8 hours each night", the Providence back brace had an 82% success rate of stopping the curvatures in the back.

That was based on what kids where telling them, an "honesty system".  The doctors felt the success rate had to be higher if not 100%.

Enter the really cool part - our daughter's brace.

There was a heat sensor chip placed in her brace.  It was simply taped in like this ::

 We were told it would collect data (down to the minute) on how many hours our daughter really wore it.

Based with this new data, (and data that will be collected from other patients), the success rate should be near 100%

Her brace was the first to have one.  Isn't that cool?!

First Brace Check ::

This afternoon, our daughter had her first brace check with X-ray, clinic, and brace adjustment.

The good news?  The brace is working!!

Praise God!

We were so concerned because of the degree of her curvatures.

Results ::

With her brace on, her spine straightened right up.  I never saw a prettier X-ray!

But, (don't you hate "but's")....we were gently reminded  ::

* The brace is only a brace.  The straight spine is only temporary.

* The brace is used until the spine stops growing (18-24 months after the start of a first menstrual cycle for girls.)

* The brace is doing an impressive job.

* After she is finished with the brace, her spine will go back to its curves, but the curves should not worsen.

The Data Gathered ::

So detailed! Truly amazing!

* It showed the night she didn't feel good and took it off.

* It showed the night she woke up completely drenched in sweat (it's made of plastic) and took it off.

* It showed the night she went to bed really late.

They wanted 8 hours every night.  She gave them  9.

We are SO proud of her!  It's been tough to adapt too.  Really tough.

 Try sleeping in a hard, plastic cylinder that squeezes you so tight, it makes it hard to even b.r.e.a.t.h.e.

Finally ::

We are so GRATEFUL for all the prayers you have said for her.  If you don't mind, would you be so kind as to continue them?

Her brace did need a "tune up" to take care of some gaps and movement issues.  So, she basically needs to start the adjustment period over, and we know she can do it because she is one tough young lady!

P.S. - Her next growth / brace check X-ray is in five months.

~  Patty  ~


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  2. Amen!!!! So proud of her, Patty! And happy for you all.
    And how exciting that she is a pioneer patient in research that will help others in the future!
    Relief that it is indeed doing the job!
    Have a cozy day, my friend. : )

  3. Praise God for a good report! Thank you for sharing and keeping us up to date. I was amazed at the research and data that it could collect from that small chip. So cool! She's one tough girl, for sure. Tell her how proud we all are of her and to keep up the good work. On our end we'll keep up the prayers. Much love to your sweetie.

    1. Btw, I love your new look here! So springy!

  4. Please tell her to keep up the good work!! Continued prayers!

  5. I know you are proud of that sweet, strong girl. So hard to see our babies go through such pain and trauma. Prayers that she will remain stronger through this ordeal and that mommy will be even stronger even though you may have to go and cry by yourself sometimes.

  6. (hugs to you both) I will still be praying for comfort for her.

  7. Oh Patty, I can't help but to tell you that I cringe that your daughter has to wear that all night. It must be so hard on her and on you. I will be praying that she will continue to adapt to how it feels at night and that God would continue to use it to straighten the curves. ~ Oh the worry my friend you must go through. The 'what's the next step' 'what happens after this stage' thoughts. Sorry they have to be there. Sorry she has to go through it all. Man, she is one tough girls. Sometimes jammies can bother me at night... soft jammies. A brace, ugh :( Praying for all of you. xoxoxo

  8. What an amazing blessing to be part of such a wonderful pilot program. You have one tough cookie there! Bless her heart:). Our prayers definitely continue!

  9. This is awesome news, yet why did I cry through the whole dang thing? Because I've grown to love your daughter too.

    What a blessing to part of such a wonderful study, to be able to help others and to be such a good model and inspiration for others. Way to go!!

    Thanks for the update and praise God for living in the perfect area, right by the perfect doctor for her! (That's God)

    Continued prayers....

  10. Yay!! Good news. So happy to hear this. You must be so proud of her. Continued prayers.


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