Saturday, March 1, 2014


How many of you remember the Bay City Rollers??  Do you remember that song, S.A.TUR.DAY. NIGHT ?  Ha ha!  That was one of my faves on the radio.

The weekend started out rough for Sally when a sprained ankle kept her out of the championship swim meet :(  

With no swim meet to balance, David and I had an ENTIRE Saturday free.  Rare for us during his winter/spring home show season.

We heard about a local brewery in town.  (REAL German beer without having to go to Germany for it.)

He and I made it a date.  The tour was only $5 including all you could drink beer.  (Super deal if you want to take advantage of it.  We each topped off at two.)

Taco lunch afterward at a nearby Mexican restaurant.

We spent sometime doing yard work and then headed to a nearby park.

New to her...bath tub crayons!

Barefoot after bath time, checking out the world around her.

And when the street light went on, it was time to head indoors.

A visitor on our back porch.

And another visitor from next door.  (She saw us outside from her upstairs bedroom window ;)

Happy Saturday Night!

~  Patty  ~


  1. I can't believe how warm it looks there! We are still huddled, trying to keep warm, with snow on the ground. It looks like spring where you are.

  2. I hope Sally's foot feels better soon! I'm glad you got out for a nice date :)

  3. What a great Saturday! I long for Saturdays that include time outside and short sleeved shirts. Your day made me smile. It looks like a good one.

    Ours was spent at church for our winter carnival (temps topped off at 2 degrees) and while the whole event exhausted me, it was a good day. A very good day. Today, we rest!

  4. What a perfect Saturday, Patty!
    Minus the sprained ankle part. : (
    But so glad you and your hubby had a fun date!
    And my favorite pic?
    Your little lady out for her after bath stroll...
    Love! We do that too!

  5. Yeah for you... getting out is sooo hard but always sooo worth it! Sorry about the ankle though... hope she up and walking soon!

  6. Hi Patty! Yes, I do remember the Bay City Rollers! I think this was their only hit song?

    I feel so bad for your daughter missing her championship meet. What a bummer! But it looks like you had a magical day instead of breathing in chlorine all day :) I love wine and beer tours, it's just such a labor of love. And the tasting is so good too! It looked like you had a great date.

    The photo of your little explorer was so cute too!

  7. What a lovely way to spend a gorgeous Saturday. I laughed looking at all those short sleeved pictures knowing that within hours you were like us, bundled back up in sweaters and blankets. So glad you were able to take full advantage of the day. Thanks for sharing your sweet pictures. :)

  8. What a perfect day!

    Love seeing those rosy cheeks on your kids at the park!
    And you look beautiful!

  9. I do remember that song! Looks like a perfect day, date and all. You take wonderful photos, but the one of your barefoot daughter is my favorite. Makes me remember warmer weather days are ahead...

  10. Oh yes, I remember that song! So sorry to hear about Sally's ankle...Hope it heals quickly! You sure made a fun day out of unexpected free time! That brewery is going on the list for my next TX visit...sounds awesome!


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