Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Well That Was Random!

1.  I went to a Catholic High School which was  run by Benedictine monks (the school was on the Benedictine Monastery grounds)  and my graduating class had a whopping  81 students in it.

(Ariel photo found on google.)

It was quite fascinating to attend school there.  The monks had their own printing press, apple orchard, a bee keeper, a steam engine power plant, corn fields, bean fields, it was an all boys'  school until 1975, it was a Jr. College as well when my father attended, and it hosted (still hosts) borders.

2.  Sledding on snowy days was part of our P.E. class.  The High School was located high up on a bluff over looking the Illinois River.

     The teacher (head varsity football coach) would take us to the edge of the bluffs  and gave us this vehicle to transport us by the speed of sound...

(Photo credit :: Google)

A boy would have to lie on his stomach and steer with his hands while a girl would have to lie on top ...because it made the ride down faster (and more dangerous).

The team that went the furthest would win.   No one ever hit the railroad tracks and went over the edge into the river, (lucky for us and Coach!!)

3.  I was a speed typing champion on those original, electric typewriters...

(Photo credit:: google search)

4.  No one ever dared to go up to the monks' cemetery, by themselves, at night...

(Photo credit:: school website)

The story of Brother Otto's spirit roaming the grounds at night was enough to keep any teenager away!  It sure kept me out of trouble.

5.  I played softball for four years and I broke the leg of an opposing catcher because I NEVER learned how to slide!!  I was rounding third base and looked into the eyes of the most feared catcher in the division,  I simply closed my eyes and plowed into her at home base.  I was afraid of "ugly-ing" up my knees!

6.  My softball coach was Fr. Henry.  (He later married my husband and I :)  He was also known as The Chief because he always had a scowl on his face, smoked a pipe, and kept his arms folded over his chest...just like an Indian chief.

But I loved the man and always tried my hardest to get him to crack a smile...I would succeed, too :)

7.  I was a cheerleader for three years and in choir for four years.  I loved choir!!!  I was in each spring musical while going to school there.  (My faves were Mame!  and South Pacific.)  Father Dominic was an AWESOME drama director.  It's no wonder he now has his own t.v. show!

(Photo credit :: google search)

8.  I can say my prayers forward, backward or inside out, but put me in front of anyone other than my family.....forgettaboutit!  My brain freezes over.  The same goes for test taking.  I took my ACT twice....received the same  score.  (I never liked my score.)

9.  My first taste of homeschooling was when I was hired as the new 8th grade Language Arts teacher at my old Catholic grade school,  and my youngest brother was my student!  We both lived at home at the time.   (That was interesting!)

10.  JUST realized a month or so ago....there's a whole posse of bloggers up there in Minnesota!  (Dang!)


Why all the randomness??

Not only is it a super fun way to get to know each other better, but I was given the Sunshine Award twice in the past month ...

First from Nancy @ The Breadbox Letters (I almost pee'd my pants laughing at #5 on her list!  Seriously.)

Second from Billie Jo @ Afternoon Coffee & Evening Tea (who had me laughing rather hard over her list of randomness, especially at the fact that she's never pumped gas into her tank.  Dang!)

Thank you so much, ladies!!

I would LOVE to meet both women someday...but until then,  I will continue to get to know them through their random lists!

The Rules::
1.  Use the award logo in your post.
2. Link to whoever nominated you.
3. Tell us 10 pieces of information about yourself.
4. Nominate fellow bloggers who "positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere".
5. Leave a comment on the nominees' blogs to tell them of the award.

So I am passing the torch onto...

1.  Tracy @ A Slice of Smith Life  (She is an amazing woman who shares her faith in so many ways!)

2.  Jen @ Forever and Always, No Matter What (Rock star mom and friend, the BIGGEST adoption advocate I know of...someone whom I plan on meeting this summer!)

3.  Ceil @ Surrounded by the Spirit (Who's words always speak right to my heart!)

4.  Sarah @ With a Hopeful Heart (Has to be the sweetest, kindest, gentlest mama out there...unfortunately not next door to me!)

5.  Valerie @ A Meadowlark's Nest (Someone who never has a bad word to write about anyone.  Ever!  Honesty is her policy.)

6.  Kathryn @ 9peas (I love reading about her life with 8 boys!)

7.  Tiffany @ Family At The Foot of the Cross  (Who just got back from a pilgrimage to Rome!  Her posts reflect such thoughtful, simple beauty.  I've been telling her to write a book for years!)

8.  Phyllis @ All Things Beautiful  (I want her to home school me!  She is that good!)

I hope you enjoy reading these bloggers as much as I do!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Thanks for passing along the torch!! A typewriter? What is that?!! I laughed at the softball fact. I played for a long time too and never learned to slide either!!

  2. Loved reading your list! Everyone is SO interesting!!

    So, how fast were you at typing? And how many mistakes? Huh?
    Just kidding. I loved typing. I used to do 60wpm...I'm sure if you were a champion, you were way way faster!

    I have been dragging my feet on this award...I am just not that interesting. By the time I post it, everyone will have already have gotten the award and I'll have no one left to nominate.

    I think we should take Billie Jo out and teach her how to get gas. (I am woman hear me roar!)

  3. I loved this list, LOVED IT! Okay, I was also a typing champ on those old typewriters, so what was your gotta tell now! Also, I do the exact thing with prayers. I KNOW them backwards, forwards, all the way around can recite them half asleep but put me in a group and I stumble, fail, and would have you believe I've never ever prayed them before!
    Thank you for this, you really made my evening! I can't wait to join in!

  4. Yay! So glad you played!
    This is amazing..I love the stories of your high school days. : )
    Oh...and guess what? I can't type. At all.

  5. What a list! It's so much fun finding out more about bloggers besides all the usual stuff. What a hoot! I can TOTALLY see you as a cheerleader and in choir. I bet that was how you got all the boys. lol.

    And softball...and sledding...and your school days...again, what an awesome list!

    Yup, we be a posse up in here. Don't mess with the bunch of us. ha! Seriously, I laughed because I've never thought of us as a posse. Dang, I've got to remember that one!

    Thanks for nominating me. I better get thinking. eek! It will make for a good post to work on for next week.

    ps...I will have to tell my kids you think I am the sweetest, kindest and gentlest. They will die laughing and gladly offer to call you and tell you what it's really like up in here. ha!

  6. Hi Patty! Thank you for nominating me for this fun award! And I hope to get around and visit your friends. What fun :)
    I love lists of random facts like this, it does help me to get to know you. Love the stories of your school...sledding as PE? That's inspired! And the speed-typing sure comes in handy blogging, doesn't it? I wish I was faster.
    Gotta start thinking about some little things to tell people about me...a challenge!
    Thank you for your kind words about me too. You are such a wonderful blog-friend,

  7. What a beautiful place to go to school! And such great high school memories. Loved your list. So fun getting to know you and Billie Jo better. <3

  8. I loved your random list Patty! How fun and interesting! Love learning more about you and why you are amazing as well! I played softball in high school too and I got skinned up knees because I liked to slide :) In fact, I went to my senior prom with a big scab on my knee which was kind of hidden with my white hose :) Thank you for passing on the Sunshine torch to me and your kind compliment :) Hope to pass on the torch to others soon! :)

  9. Wow, Patty! Very interesting facts!!!


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