Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Their Humor

Trying to remember the funny ones from the past two months....

Me::  Wow!  Clementine is really talking well.

David::  Great!  Just what we need; another talker in the house!


Me ::  I think Clementine has been our most challenging child at this age.

David ::  Yeah!  And we have one foot in the grave!  We are being punished for something.


She speaks about herself in third person.

"Baby watch Windy Poo."


We've encountered bedtime stall tactics much sooner with this one...

Me ::  Good night, baby!  (I start to close the door)

Clementine ::  Baby no bed.  Baby poo.

Me ::  (After checking her diaper) No poo.

Clementine ::  Baby no bed!

*We are trying to call her more by her name rather than 'baby' these days.  We don't want a narcissistic child on our hands!   ha ha ha!


Ester ::  I don't think I like country music.  (She meant to say modern country music.)

David ::  Turn.  in.  your.  boots!


Me ::  Ester, go get dressed for school.

Ester ::  But, pajamas are my school uniform!

Me :: Go get dressed.

Ester ::  Why?  It's not like I'm going anywhere today.


Stan and Sally arguing who does the most work between the two.

Stan ::  Oh yeah!.  Well Dad does the most work.....(long pause)......besides Mom.

Ha ha ha!  Smart boy!  He knows who washes his dirty skivvies!


Telling David that Clementine went to her first dental check up...

David :: How'd that go?

Me ::  Like trying to give a cat a bath!


Here's hoping I put a smile on your face today :)

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~  Patty  ~


  1. Smiling here too!!!!!
    And for the record...Flynn thinks her name actually is BABY Flynn! : )
    Love the cuteness, Patty! : )

  2. Love them! She is just too cute.

  3. *grinning* from ear to ear! I am finding some goodies at our house too, mostly from the toddlers. Gianna asks all the questions and now Miss Margaret has all the cute sayings. Oh and in the sweetest little girly girly voice ever. Except when she's screaming, which she now has learned from her sister.
    These days are going by fast, my friend.

    1. I am shocked - even though I should not be - at how much the littlest picks up on some, ahem, not so nice big kid phrases, comments, sayings. What a difference from when the four older ones were younger. You have the best of both worlds....cute questions AND cute sayings :)

  4. I found you while reading another blog. What precious children! I love to hear the stories of a child. That "Baby" is just precious. Hey it could stick. Think about Dirty Dancing. :) I am a grandmother of a precious 2 year old boy with a baby girl on the way. I still call my daughter, "Baby girl" and actually my daughter-in-law too. It's what my heart feels. I say to my son, "That's my baby." But that's only when no one is around. He wouldn't let me yell it out when he was on the baseball field in high school. In college, he'd tell his friends, "Oh, that's just my mama."

  5. Cat in the bath thing...Friday Simeon has to get wax cleaned out of his ears and given a proper hearing test...(he's OK, it's just for his speech assessment) Say a prayer for me? :)

    Loved all these...especially the bedtime tactics...she's too smart for her britches!
    We still call Simeon "Baby" too. We can, they are still babies.

    Poor babies.

    1. If it wasn't on a two year old, I'd say no problem! Stan the man failed his hearing test and had to go to an ENT to get his ears cleaned out. It didn't hurt one bit, BUT...he was much older than 2. I'll keep you in my prayers!!

  6. It worked for me. They were great ones.

  7. Hi Patty! I loved the little conversations you posted, you definitely put a smile on my face! My granddaughter also talks in the third person...I don't think my kids did that? I love that Winnie the Pooh, it was a favorite of my dear Mom's, so I really enjoy seeing the stories passed down. Nice!

    Great logic on the part of your Ester! I'd probably say the same thing. But, school is school and being dressed is part of the plan.
    It's so great that you are blogging these things. I think you'll be smiling looking back on these days, don't you? You'll have such a great record of family life.
    Hoping for more quotables every day for you!

  8. You have the cutest kids!!! Aren't you so glad that you are writing these things down???!!!


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