Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Piano Decorating Tips - Step 1

I had received some really helpful ideas when I asked for decorating tips for the piano area in the foyer.

I realized I should have take a couple of pictures to show the open area surrounding the piano in that post.  It may have shed more light on the matter.

First View ::   Looking from the kitchen/living room area into the foyer and dining room areas.

Second View ::  Standing by the front door / foyer area looking into dining room.

The dining room faces the east  and receives brilliant morning light.

In the many suggestions I received, Sarah gave me the confidence to do something with my own photography...

"...What about a canvas art piece that you have photographed yourself? You are a talented photographer and I think you'd have a great scenery photo to frame. I have done some faux canvas pics done at Walmart and love them. I also did mounted canvas as Christmas gifts this year, also from Walmart, and they turned out really nice."

So I did!

I chose a picture I took in April of 2010 of the Texas Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes that bloom profusely when they trumpet in springtime in Texas.

I had a print canvas made out of it from Sam's Club photo center.  (I did it online and it took about 6 days for it to come in.)

Before picture ::

What you now see when you walk into our house from the front door ::

So much better, is it not?

I found the round, red, tin clock at the gift shop in a Cracker Barrel restaurant.  

I needed to replace the original lamp since it was broken.  I found this new one at a Home Goods store.  

All in all, not a bad start to this project.  My next step is to find some piece of furniture, medium to tall in height, book case or something of the sorts to put on the left side of the piano.

Two more questions for y'all...

We need more space for guests' coats and purses and wondered...would a coat tree to the right of the piano look out- of- date?   


I did come across a cute, horizontal coat rack for the wall, but didn't know if it would throw the wall out of balance.  What do you think about that idea?

~  Patty  ~


  1. Looks beautiful, Patty!
    Perfect! : )

    Now for the coat rack question...
    I had a coat rack. It looked great. Until it was covered in coats. Then it drove me nuts. Stuff was piled on it, it looked messy, and it was toppling over because we piled way too many coats on top.

    Now I have several horizontal coat hooks. My cousin made them...your hubby is Handy Manny, right?...and I love them. He suggested I do a few in different lengths and hang them at different heights. Now, even Flynn can stand on her tippys and hang up her own. They look really nice, especially since he staggered them hanging up.

    So, good luck. It will look great whatever you decide. And thanks for the peek into your beautiful home. : )

    1. My fear is that yes, it would become a collect all for every coat in the house even though everyone who lives here has a place for their coat already.

      I miss my old laundry/ mud room in the last house we built. I specifically had those types of coat hooks, at various heights, too. I LOVED how the itty bitty ones could hang up their coats and put their shoes away underneath. Everything had a spot. No mud room here...

      David hung hooks (at different heights) in our storm closet. It's the closest and biggest to a door. It isn't as nice as the old mud room though.

      One nice thing about Texas weather is that all of our shoes can stay in the garage and still be fairly warm (in the winter). We could NEVER do that in Illinois. The temps were way too frigid.

      Thanks for the suggestions, Billie Jo!

    2. OH! So I loved the idea from the last post on hanging musical notes. I've been on the look out for them ever since. The closest I got was some perfect sized ones at Hobby Lobby, but they had hooks on the bottoms of them. I did not want the big hooks, just the plain notes. They were too big to cut off. (And metal). At any rate, I'm still looking for some notes for the wall :)

  2. I know that you're a Kohls shopper and maybe have some Kohls cash available. We have something very similar to this in our entry way that we got from IKEA. I am very happy with it. It holds a ton of coats and I think is nice looking.


    I would avoid the coat rack - they fall over too easily and if your little one likes to climb half as much as Peter does...just sayin'!

    Love your photography on the wall!

    1. OH! I love that cubby/ shelf. A LOT! We have an IKEA nearby and have used some of their products in the past. I've never been disappointed with them. That is a really good idea. Thanks, Heather!

  3. The photo is perfect and striking over the piano. It is a marvelous work of art all on its own, and I love how it is placed so beautifully to really set it off. An ideal splash of colors!

    I am going to echo the comment about coat racks falling over. It was the first thing I thought of when you mentioned it, because I had to remove one from our entrance hall when grandchildren came along. A toppling coat rack can be tough on a little one's head! And mine (which was "vintage" so probably a bit wobbly to begin with) would get quite unstable once coats got piled on it.

    I'm also going to echo the comment that you have a beautiful home. !

    1. Thanks for the compliment on the photo. The bluebonnets are just stunning to see in real life. Thanks for the heads up on the coat tree. Sounds like a bad problem to have. I never thought of it till y'all started mentioning it.

  4. I am loving that photograph canvas and that pop of red with the clock! So striking! I was just going to ask if you had an IKEA close by? (Ours opens either this Fall or Next Spring…I can't remember, but I'm so excited one is coming to KC!!!) I would check PInterest for more entry way storage ideas and see what you can come up with. I think if you have the other side of the piano balanced with a bookcase/shelving etc. the wall will look really nice! Hugs

    1. Thanks, Valerie! You must be excited to have an IKEA coming soon to your area of the country. I always get nervous inside...it is like a maze and can be hard to find your way out. But they have some amazing things. We have some desks from there and David's office furniture is from there as well. But the bigger the piece, the harder it is to put together and that's coming from my wood working husband ;) A shelf shouldn't be too hard though, right?

  5. Love, love!! You just made my day by a) showing us a bigger peek into your home (I'm not a stalker, I promise) and b) sharing a sneak peek at your project. So awesome! I want to come visit and walk in the front door :)

    I will echo what the other ladies have already said. I initially thought coat rack and then yes, pictured it fully and decided against it. I clicked Heather's link and REALLY like that idea. I think if you got bins in the cubbies to compliment the clock or colors in your photo, it would be a nice color splash in your foyer. I also agree that a small bookshelf or something on that other side would be the perfect compliment.

    Oh man, I cannot wait to see the finished product!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! Your idea is what brought it together for me. Now...stage 2....I just need some funds. May be a bit longer this time ;)

  6. The picture looks gorgeous! I agree about the coat tree, in theory it's a good idea, but they seem to get cluttered quickly. I know it would drive me crazy every time I walked in the door. I noticed that in our house in FL, no coat closet by the front door!! It's a good thing we don't need coats too often but it still would be handy.

  7. I've had you up on my screen all week!! I'm waiting for potatoes to boil, so I thought I'd a quick come read!

    I LOVE the picture you picked!! I love how it is something you took a picture of, it makes it even more special! It looks wonderful. Your home is beautiful!


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