Sunday, February 23, 2014

Outside My Home Today

After Mass this morning, I went outside to start surveying the damage done to my plants from the big ice storm last December 6.

I found life and death.

My beloved Jasmine Star did not make it.

Neil Sperry is an expert gardener in North Texas and he said that yes, sadly, it's done.  It was frozen at the base which is what killed it.

I'm going to miss its intoxicating aroma this spring. :(

Surprisingly, this guy made it through the ice...

Although it  definitely needs to be cut back.  The paddles are drooping terribly from the ice and won't be able to handle any more weight when new paddles grow this season.

Rose bushes kick butt in Texas.

All five of mine are sporting new buds!

I have three pampas grass plants.

This guy is unscathed.

I swear I can hear the new, green stalks growing when I stand next to it.  Kind of reminds me of hearing corn grow.  No joke!

The other two... I think they are goners.

I'm thinking that I may replace them with more rose bushes.

My Day Lilies are coming up.

I knew they would since they are cold hardy to begin with.

Our winter lettuce just won't die!

We were just talking about how we need to start prepping the garden soil and planting a new crop of seeds.

This helps brighten up our front porch...

I LOVE Toland flags!!  I always purchase my Art Size flags at

And the most beautiful picture on this post would be Miss Ester modeling the lovely T-shirt Shrug she made...

She was inspired by the craft idea in American Girl Magazine, Sept./Oct. 2011 issue.  (They save their favorite issues.)

She purchased the T-shirts (2 for $5) at Michael's yesterday and followed the simple directions.  Waa-Laa, the perfect shrug!

And for inside my house....

Our climate is too mild to have "winter" decorations up, and I never put up Easter decorations during Lent either.  Just a personal thing; to each his own though, right?

I don't want my house to be "naked" either so I found some new items that have a little purple in them (purple for lent).

I love birds :)

(There's an acrylic bird on top of the bird cage.  So cute!)

Just enough green and purple for March/ Lent & Texas springtime!

I found the pieces at Michael's.  They were 40% off and I was able to use my "teacher" discount card (an additional 15% off!!)

Here's wishing you a beautiful, bright sunny Sunday!!

~  Patty  ~


  1. I so love the signs of new life and growth outdoors. This post reminded me that hopefully very soon I will again return outdoors, uncover my plants (after the snow has all finally melted) and be delighted by another growing season. Thank you for the hope!

    Your house is so beautifully decorated. I love the splash of purple and green, great choices. I am about ready to take down the winter stuff and make things 'bare' for lent. I will put out some purple and sand/pebbles and then await the springtime colors at Eastertime.

    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks, Sarah. I hope your spring weather arrives sooner than later. You have had it rough up there this year!

  2. Our (we call it Monkey Grass) made it, but barely. I'll give it a good trim, once we have some less windy days. Our rose bushes made it, thank fully. I don't see any shoots yet, but soon I will since I'm barely North of you. I follow Neal Sperry on FB, love love love his tips.
    Her shrug is beautiful, and looks so well made - Great JOB!!!

    1. My Monkey Grass always survives. It takes a beating though! I have another kind (purple fountain) and I don't think it survived either. I need to find something else to replace it with. Something that can take the terrible heat AND an occasional ice storm.

  3. I can't wait to take down all my February craft stuff (the things the kids made) and have it bare around here for lent...but like you, I like a little splash of color! I love your purple flowers!

    You KNOW I'm loving your updates around your yard...Those plants are pretty hardy, my roses amaze me every year that they survive our winters...It's so amazing it can be spring in one part of the country and so cold and wintery in another...God is amazing.

    Thanks for sharing your spring!

    I'm curious, how you'd cut those cactus plants?

    1. Good question on the cactus cutting. VERY CAREFULLY!!

      I use the long garden shears to cut at the base of each paddle. Then, using the shears, I carefully pick them up and toss them into a lawn bag. Without squashing the lawn bag down with my hands, I carefully pick it up and put into the trash can.

  4. I forgot, that shrug is so cute!! Awesome job! What a cute idea! Our neighbor has a grown daughter, I think she's 22...anyway, she gave us all her old American Girl magazines. I love how timeless the things in there are!


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