Monday, February 10, 2014

On Being a Good Kisser

Every morning before David leaves for work, he gives me a kiss good bye.  It's no Rhett & Scarlett kiss, yet it still totally grosses the kids out.

In fact, the other day Mabel announced that  "Mom doesn't know how to kiss."   This coming from the girl who asked me once,  "Mom, when you were my age, did you think your mom was gross?"

David just laughed because....well....he knows better than her!   (Insert wiggling eye brows.)

Inevitably a conversation about  who was the first boy I kissed came up (other than my dad).  Gosh!  Flashback to Kevin Bacon.

They were clueless about Kevin Bacon.

I was 14 or 15 years old when the original Footloose came out in movie theaters and I developed a huge crush on him.

He was the next best thing in Tiger Beat magazine after Donny Osmond, Shaun Cassidy, Scott Baio, and Leif Garrett.  Yowzer!

I remember tearing a picture of him out of the magazine, taping it on my bedroom wall, and practiced kissing him.

Oh yes she did!  (Insert snapping Z.)

You can imagine that little bit of biographical information totally grossed them out and they now think they have thee most embarrassing mother on the planet!  Ha ha!

~  Patty  ~


  1. I thought of the little boy being read to in "The Princess Bride." Asking with suspicion: "is this a kissing book?" Thanks for sharing a kissing post! Hilarious!

    1. :) You are welcome! Aren't kids funny??!!

  2. Snapping are such a child of the '80's! I am loving this trip down memory lane. My nickname in junior high was "flash" from a jitterbug dance contest that I won...and the nickname stuck.

    I'm really hoping my girls never ask about my first kiss, and I am so grateful that I am trying to pass onto them that a kiss isn't just something that you do but should be saved for someone truly special you are ready to give your heart to.

  3. Hysterical, mostly because I can totally relate! I think my poster was of Donny Osmond, though. :)

    1. Donny Osmond. Yup. :) I remember receiving the Donny & Marie Osmond Barbie dolls and the their barbie stage from Santa one year. Beside Baby Alive doll, that was one of the best Christmas' ever!

  4. Ha! Ha! My big crush was Jake from 16 Candles! My kids always get so grossed out too - the boys especially ;)

    1. Dang! I had to go back and google could I have forgotten Jake???

  5. Hahahahahaha, you are embarrassing!! (just teasing)

    My best friend loved Shaun Cassidy, I, however, liked his older brother (in the show) Parker Stevenson!!

    My kids always get grossed out when we kiss too. Kids.

    Do you still like Kevin Bacon?

    1. Gosh! I wouldn't know what he is up to if you paid me to answer. I should go google him and see what he's been up to ;)

      Parker Stevenson!!! Oh yes...he was a heart throb as well :)


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