Monday, February 17, 2014

Daybook Post - Talent Show - February 17, 2014

Outside My Weather... skies...low 70's!

I Am Thankful For...

Our home school group.

For my friend, Elizabeth, who co-chaired the talent show with me.

The pizza dinner / talent show had 13 out of 30 families participating.

I Am Thinking About...

St. Valentine's day.  We celebrate differently each year depending on what day of the week it falls on and how crazy-busy we happen to be at the time.

This year we had cupcakes (Sally made the night before), boxed chocolates, and a tiny "something special" for the kids.

And sweetheart shakes!

From The School Room...

~ This week is week #7 of the third quarter already!!

~ More snaps from the talent show ::

Clementine and her buddy practiced patience while they waited for dessert.

Stan the man read a short poem on the Sacred Heart of Jesus...(he was SO proud :)

Ester & Mabel performed a Tae Kwon Do routine.

And Sally made a tri-fold presentation of her swim team experience.

It really was a great night!

What I Am Reading...

Gathering material for lent.

From The Kitchen...

Made the famous Baked Spaghetti over the weekend.  (Recipe found here).

I say "famous" because this post has received some 135,000 hits on my blog.

 My family loves this meal.  Prep work is easier than lasagna and fancier than plain old spaghetti.

What I Am Praying For...

~ My FIL

~  For all those who have asked me to pray for them.

I Am Listening To...

Silence.  (And it sounds really good!)

Around My House...

~ Getting ready to remember Miss Clementine's baptism birthday on February 18.

~ Watching  some Olympics.

A Picture To Share....

There's a hot air balloon club about 15 miles away.  I went outside to see these four flying over our house.  It's actually a common site.  Once, one landed on a field nearby and the kids were able to help the  owner/pilot  deflate the balloon.  (It's similar to getting the air out of a pool float  :)

Have a great week!

~  Patty  ~


  1. What a wonderful Love Day and Talent Show. Patty!
    I think next year we will take a field trip down, ok?
    Your kids are all so talented, and cute to boot! : )
    Have a wonderful day, my friend!

  2. All that hard work for the talent show paid off!! It looked like a wonderful time!! I love your kids' creativity in picking their talents!

    I'm going to have to try that recipe! I'll pin it and put it on my grocery list next week!

    You had me at sunny and 70 degrees.

    Have a great Monday!!

  3. Hi Patty! 135,000 hits??? Oh my gosh, this recipe must be something else!

    The photo's of your talent show look so fun! (Can I have a cupcake??) And very well attended too. The smile on your son's face is one for the books, isn't it? And he read about the Sacred Heart? What was your smile like?
    Couldn't help but notice that your daughter got 'Swimmer of the Month' for two months! What a proud moment for her and you too.
    You and your FIL are still in my prayers my friend.
    Blessings on this Monday, where I see a foot of snow on the ground, and 5" predicted. Sigh...

  4. What a lot of goings-on at your place. That was quite an audience you had at the talent show. And the fact your son read a poem on the Sacred Heart melts my heart. Now, will you excuse me while I go click on the link for "sweetheart shakes?"

  5. I'm having fun catching up with you! The talent show sounds like such a wonderful group activity that's well-worth your hard work...Love Stan's poem:) Hmmm, How did I miss that popular spaghetti recipe? I'm going to have to check it out. Happy belated St. Valentine's Day!

  6. Looks like a fantastic talent show! And I will need to try that spaghetti recipe...I'm hungry just looking at the pictures.... :o) Becky

  7. That is sooo cool that the kids got to help deflate the hot air balloon! One of my sisters got to ride in one once when she was in photography. There was someone who needed a passenger, and she was in the right place at the right time!


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