Monday, February 3, 2014

Daybook Post - First Week of February - 2014

Outside My Window...

Bi-polar weather.

I Am Thankful For...

~ A better-than-expected dental appointment last week.   I LOVE this new dentist's conservative approach toward treatment.  (I go back for more work in two weeks.)

~ St. Apolonia, the patron saint of dental patients.

I Am Thinking About...

~ This DVD set I just purchased for Holy Week at 50% off through  I paid only $12 for it!

I have been wanting to replace the old VHS tape set for a long time, especially since we do not own a VHS player anymore.

From The School Room...

~ Religion Class  Epic failure but funny as all get out!

I purchased this movie a few weeks ago in order to celebrate the Feast of St. John Bosco, right?

So, as soon as we put the DVD in, we noticed something was not.  quite.  right.

It was a story on St. John Bosco.

It had the same movie format and setting.

But the man playing St. John Bosco did not look like the guy we remembered playing him in the past.  (Flavio Insinna, see above photo.)

I took out the disc to have a look.

It looked like the right movie.

We were thinking maybe we didn't catch the very beginning the last time we viewed the movie??

As the kids continued to watch the movie, I went in the kitchen area to look on David' lap top to see if there were other St. John Bosco movies out there.

Then I heard scene 3 on the computer.

I turned toward the image of two peasant women next to the town well breaking out in a fist fight...with pulling hair, punching, kicking, and the B-word (as in the one that rhymes with witch)  screamed not once, but twice.

I'm standing there in total shock... like Dorothy clicking her heals three times as she repeated to herself, "This isn't the St. John Bosco movie I saw before."

The two women took the fight into what I thought was the town square but it was, instead, a brothel!!

I am laughing as I type this recalling the moment.

There was a woman straddling a man, both drunk and laughing at the two fighting women.  There were no bare bosoms showing, but there was plenty of bosoms bouncing!

In that instant, I snapped out of my shock and tried to turn off the  computer screen, and of course it doesn't turn off until I hit the  dang button like 10 times.

I turned to see Stan the man sitting there with mouth gaping wide open and his eyes as big as saucers.  Sally asked me in a confused tone, "Umm..what just happened?"

Oh my gosh!    The whole scenario was quite funny.

Apparently there were 2 movies made about St. John Bosco and obviously the company burned the wrong movie onto the disc.   (We had been watching John Bosco: The True Story of the Apostle of Youth with Ben Gazzara).

I've already re-ordered (and received within 24 hours) another one from Amazon (where I purchased the first one).

I am telling you...there is ALWAYS excitement in this house!

What I Am Reading...

Following Mary to Jesus.  I am really enjoying it, but taking my time.  I like to read, reread, highlight, read again, and slowly digest the words.

From The Kitchen...

~ I have cleaned up my recipe page on this blog.  Geesh, things were a bit out of order.

~ Meatless Friday page.  I went and found all of my Meatless Friday meals and put them in one place.  I have 11 recipes that my family likes...a good rotation, but I hope to add more.

I Am Praying For...

~ My child who receives her scoliosis brace this Friday and visits the physical therapist.  **Please keep her in your prayers for the smoothest transition possible, both physically and emotionally.**

~ All those who have asked me to pray for them.

~ For my Father-in-law.

~ For my sibling's family.

I Am Listening To...

Clementine   ...."tebby-beddy" (a.k.a. Spaghetti)

Around My House...

~ Swim meets.

~ Horse camp sign up. (The girls are doing spring break camp instead of summer camp this year.)

~ David and Stan went on another camp out this past weekend with the Troops of St. George.  (The house always seems a bit calmer with the testosterone removed :)  Their troop hooked up with the troop from Fort Worth this time.  The group prayed the rosary around the camp fire and then had 2 priests from Mater Dei hear confessions and celebrate a Mass.  David had the opportunity to meet Taylor Marshall, the founder.

A Picture To Share...

She gets SO excited when I come in the door with groceries.  She always "helps" unload them :)

Have a great week!

~  Patty  ~


  1. When trying to get to the video to shut it off, did you feel like you were moving in slo-mo when actually you were most likely moving faster than you have ever moved in your life? I can see this story becoming one of legend in your family. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes I did, Margaret, yes I did! My oldest daughter and I kept laughing about it all weekend.

  2. I don't mean to laugh at your unfortunate movie event, but that was funny!
    Love your little helper! What a honey. Have a great week. Good luck with your daughter and her appointment. Will keep her in my prayers.

    1. Don't apologize for laughing...I had to share it. So comical! Thanks for the prayers for my daughter. She is going to need them.

  3. I am so happy that you updated the St. John Bosco movie because I had it next in my queue on Netflix. I will have to order the other one from Amazon as I have an unfinished order waiting...perfect timing!

    Peter is really into helping put away groceries. His favorite is carrying gallons of milk...super toddler!

    1. Go, Peter!

      I think the other movie would be fine, (Ben Gazarra was an excellent actor), but it is definitely for more mature audience.

  4. Hi Patty! I literally laughed out loud at your weather report. So funny!
    Oh brother, what a predicament with the movie. Sounds like something I would have done..punching the 'off' button repeatedly without success. Why is it that when you need it to work, it doesn't?

    I will join you in your prayers for your family. (You have been in my prayers this week.) The boy's camp out experience sounds amazing! How do you hear about things like this? I bet the priests were so encouraged by it too. They need to see the faithful bonding with each other and with God outside the church walls. What a blessing.

    Happy Monday my friend! I enjoyed my visit here, as always. Never a dull moment, as you said :)

    1. The weather has been so crazy this winter. Thanks for the prayers. They are greatly appreciated!


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