Monday, February 24, 2014

Daybook Post - Baptisms & Weddings - February 24, 2014

Outside My Window

(My maple tree in the front yard is showing signs of new life.)

(New buds on the neighbor's pear tree.)

More, here, on what survived the ice storm from last December 6.

I Am Thankful For

~  The sacrament of baptism!

We celebrated Miss Clementine's baptism birthday on February 18.

(A card from her godfather's family :)

We gave her a little felt St. Cecelia doll, found here.  It's just perfect for  little hands!

Each year, we reread the  baptism cards that are kept inside each sacrament keepsake box.

~  The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony!

My in-laws celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary on February 19!!

I Am Thinking About

~ How quickly our summer calendar is filling up!

~ Living Liturgy.

For March we will celebrate the feast days of ::

March 8 - St. John of God (Patron saint of heart patients)

March 17 - St. Patrick

March 19 - St. Joseph

From The School Room

~  Sunday afternoon, we went to see The LEGO Movie with some of the families from our home school group.

~ Ester is studying a chapter on energy & plant life.

When baking soda is mixed with vinegar, it creates carbon monoxide and can put out a candle.

~  Studying outdoors...

What I Am Reading

~ I have a bin of material ready to go for Lent.

From The Kitchen

I don't do fish.  Ever.  I am so sensitive to a fish taste and smell that I gag easily from it.  My poor husband LOVES  fish but has to prepare it himself.

At any rate...

He NEVER liked catfish until he tried a new recipe.

The  kids and he LOVED it and told me they couldn't taste the fishy-ness in it.

Because I love him, I ate it.

For a non-fish eater, it was good.  That equates to a fish-lover's level of EXCELLENT!

I'll work on writing a post for his recipe :)

What I Am Praying For

~ For the repose of the soul of Phyllis' brother, Phillip Proctor

~ For all those who have asked me to pray for them.

~ For my mom.

~ For my in-laws.

I Am Listening To

The sound of David's tools as he fixes a few things on Miss Clementine's antique dresser.

Around My House

~ Patty-tizing!   A.K.A.  Mom going around the house with a big bag collecting things that will be thrown out or given away.    *I do this at least twice a month.  It is actually quite liberating.  Ha ha!

(And it gets the kids to pick up quickly!)

~  Outside My House

(My son is always sharpening his sticks into knives!)

A(NOTHER) Picture To Share

Miss Ester is modeling the T-shirt Shrug she made from a (2 for $5)  T-shirt from Michaels.  She found the craft idea in American Girl Magazine (Sept/Oct 2011 issue).

Have a great week, everyone!!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Good Monday morning, Patty!
    And thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures of you beautiful kiddos outside enjoying the sun. And the grass. And the blue skies. You do realize we are living through you until we get a taste of that up here ourselves, right?
    You children are so beautiful, inside and out! : )

    1. I hope your weather warms soon! I feel so bad for everyone in the norther parts.

  2. Great post, so full of lots of goodness - as always, which is why I love visiting here!

  3. I love all the outside pictures!! A pear tree? Wow, that is cool!!

    My oldest daughter loves to rip-stick!! So fun to see your kids out in tees and shorts!

    Oh, my gosh, I am the same way with fish!!! I only like fresh caught, breaded and fried...and no fish taste! I cannot even stand to go to Red Lobster...Oh, the thought of that makes me gag. I went there once like 7 years ago, and I did not have fish...I think I had a salad and bread....The rest of my family (every one of them) loves seafood...

    Have a great day Patty!

  4. Hi Patty, I have a question for you... if you only did one family friendly Lent activity this Lenten season what would it be? I really feel inspired to do something this year but what. My time is limited to evenings but we could swap around our usual bible & prayer time to do something for Lent. I love those Stations of the Cross candles but they look so intimidating. HELP!

    1. HI Tara, For my family we do the Stations of the Cross every Friday...sometimes other days if time permits. If you don't want to do the candles, how about printing some off stations off and have the girls paste them on purple construction paper. You can tape them up somewhere in your house for Lent or keep them together and go through them on a weekly basis. Talk about them as you go through them. Slowly introduce the prayers that go with them. That's how I started my older girls out when they were younger. You could always mix it up and take them to your church for a Stations of the Cross "tour" and explain why Catholic Churches have them hanging. (You can google that explanation.) You can simply ask them what they think, especially with your oldest having such a gift for art appreciation. If you think they are ready for the beautiful prayers that go with them, I highly suggest The Way of the Cross For Children. Here is a link you can copy and paste in your browser::

      It is geared toward children and is done quite beautifully without losing the meaning.

      After a couple of weeks, if you want, you can take them to your church's Stations of the Cross evening (I am sure your church has that during Lent.)

      Here's one line example of the printable stations I mentioned earlier ::

      Also, Jen put together a fantastic Lent round-up with all kinds of kid-friendly activities and ideas. You should check out her post here ::

      The last thing on Stations is the DVD that I mentioned in my lenten post. The kids really enjoy it. The music is traditional and moving. It takes longer, you could break it up over a few nights.

      Whatever you choose, I pray that you will have a fruitful lenten journey!

    2. OH MY GOODNESS! Thank you friend, you ROCK! I actually took notes (like a paper and pencil) and wrote down all of the suggestions. I so appreciate all of the tips and am inspired. I'll keep you posted! xoxo ~tara

  5. Hi Patty! Your little Miss Ester is beautiful! Pink is a great color for her. Some day, I'd love to hear about your choice in the spelling of her name.
    Rah, rah Cecelia!! I am going to follow your link for that saint doll. I have an Isabelle and an Elizabeth to think about.
    Happy Anniversary to your in-laws! Better keep them away from your son's sticks if they want to see another year! LOL!
    Loved the chair drawn in the photo of your daughter. Cute!
    I'm getting better with fish actually. If you fry anything, it makes it go down easier :)
    Blessings to you and yours,

  6. I really enjoy these posts...Your photographs are always so vibrant and capture the simple beauty of your Godly family! Ester is so grown up all of a sudden! But really, all the kids are...They grow and change so quickly. What a beautiful and charitable thing you did, loving your husband so much that you tried something you didn't like. I'm sure he was so thrilled that you liked it! Thank you for sharing your heart's treasures here with us!


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