Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Shoes From the Attic

About 3 or 4 years ago, on one of my mother's trips down to Texas to visit us, we were all out running errands; one stop being a shoe store.  One or two of the kids needed some new summer sandals.  Along came Miss Mabel showing me a very pretty pair that she picked out for herself.  I admired them and complimented her on her taste and then mentioned, "I believe I have some shoes at home for you."  To which her shoulders slumped and her face fell as she moaned quite loudly, "Not shoes from the attic!!"   

I tried to stifle my laugh.  My Mom, when I told her  "shoes from the attic" were "nice" hand-me-downs in a bin up in the attic,  tried very hard not to laugh.  The sales lady smiled and walked away.

Poor Miss Mabel.  In her lowly state, she had coined the best phrase ever...."shoes from the attic"  (hand-me-down shoes).

Having three girls at the time, shoes from the attic were not some ancient, worn out, cracked shoes. They were shoes that were neatly packed in a bin up in the attic  in very good condition.  I would keep the good shoes and pass them on from one girl to the next.

I could feel her pain though.  Being one of nine kids, the middle child, and the third daughter in a row, I totally understood the disappointment that sometimes came with having to wear hand-me-downs.  Yet, that is life.  Character building moments!  I never met many girls who were not in that same situation, and many mothers I know today, including many of you, probably have a bin of shoes up in your own attics (or some basement) for your children.

Sadly for my pocketbook, I have found that after a certain age, (puberty), it is pointless to hold onto the shoes.  Their growth spurts are so different from one another; from their heads down to their feet. Yet their excitement for wearing a pair of brand new shoes puts a big smile on my face as I step back and watch them unpack, lace up or strap, (and even take whiff) of those new shoes :)  They are SO appreciative of the new shoes "from the store".

Character building!

~  Patty  ~

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Prayers for This Couple

In case you ever wondered what it may be like walking through ALL THE RED TAPE  during the adoption process, stop on over at  Jelly Belly's.

She can give you just a VERY small glimpse of what it's like.  (A VERY small glimpse that can be utterly nerve wracking after all the other emotional crud a couple goes through.)

Please keep them in your prayers today.  Their home visit is from 4-5:30pm Eastern time.

~  Patty  ~

Monday, February 24, 2014

Daybook Post - Baptisms & Weddings - February 24, 2014

Outside My Window

(My maple tree in the front yard is showing signs of new life.)

(New buds on the neighbor's pear tree.)

More, here, on what survived the ice storm from last December 6.

I Am Thankful For

~  The sacrament of baptism!

We celebrated Miss Clementine's baptism birthday on February 18.

(A card from her godfather's family :)

We gave her a little felt St. Cecelia doll, found here.  It's just perfect for  little hands!

Each year, we reread the  baptism cards that are kept inside each sacrament keepsake box.

~  The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony!

My in-laws celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary on February 19!!

I Am Thinking About

~ How quickly our summer calendar is filling up!

~ Living Liturgy.

For March we will celebrate the feast days of ::

March 8 - St. John of God (Patron saint of heart patients)

March 17 - St. Patrick

March 19 - St. Joseph

From The School Room

~  Sunday afternoon, we went to see The LEGO Movie with some of the families from our home school group.

~ Ester is studying a chapter on energy & plant life.

When baking soda is mixed with vinegar, it creates carbon monoxide and can put out a candle.

~  Studying outdoors...

What I Am Reading

~ I have a bin of material ready to go for Lent.

From The Kitchen

I don't do fish.  Ever.  I am so sensitive to a fish taste and smell that I gag easily from it.  My poor husband LOVES  fish but has to prepare it himself.

At any rate...

He NEVER liked catfish until he tried a new recipe.

The  kids and he LOVED it and told me they couldn't taste the fishy-ness in it.

Because I love him, I ate it.

For a non-fish eater, it was good.  That equates to a fish-lover's level of EXCELLENT!

I'll work on writing a post for his recipe :)

What I Am Praying For

~ For the repose of the soul of Phyllis' brother, Phillip Proctor

~ For all those who have asked me to pray for them.

~ For my mom.

~ For my in-laws.

I Am Listening To

The sound of David's tools as he fixes a few things on Miss Clementine's antique dresser.

Around My House

~ Patty-tizing!   A.K.A.  Mom going around the house with a big bag collecting things that will be thrown out or given away.    *I do this at least twice a month.  It is actually quite liberating.  Ha ha!

(And it gets the kids to pick up quickly!)

~  Outside My House

(My son is always sharpening his sticks into knives!)

A(NOTHER) Picture To Share

Miss Ester is modeling the T-shirt Shrug she made from a (2 for $5)  T-shirt from Michaels.  She found the craft idea in American Girl Magazine (Sept/Oct 2011 issue).

Have a great week, everyone!!

~  Patty  ~

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Outside My Home Today

After Mass this morning, I went outside to start surveying the damage done to my plants from the big ice storm last December 6.

I found life and death.

My beloved Jasmine Star did not make it.

Neil Sperry is an expert gardener in North Texas and he said that yes, sadly, it's done.  It was frozen at the base which is what killed it.

I'm going to miss its intoxicating aroma this spring. :(

Surprisingly, this guy made it through the ice...

Although it  definitely needs to be cut back.  The paddles are drooping terribly from the ice and won't be able to handle any more weight when new paddles grow this season.

Rose bushes kick butt in Texas.

All five of mine are sporting new buds!

I have three pampas grass plants.

This guy is unscathed.

I swear I can hear the new, green stalks growing when I stand next to it.  Kind of reminds me of hearing corn grow.  No joke!

The other two... I think they are goners.

I'm thinking that I may replace them with more rose bushes.

My Day Lilies are coming up.

I knew they would since they are cold hardy to begin with.

Our winter lettuce just won't die!

We were just talking about how we need to start prepping the garden soil and planting a new crop of seeds.

This helps brighten up our front porch...

I LOVE Toland flags!!  I always purchase my Art Size flags at

And the most beautiful picture on this post would be Miss Ester modeling the lovely T-shirt Shrug she made...

She was inspired by the craft idea in American Girl Magazine, Sept./Oct. 2011 issue.  (They save their favorite issues.)

She purchased the T-shirts (2 for $5) at Michael's yesterday and followed the simple directions.  Waa-Laa, the perfect shrug!

And for inside my house....

Our climate is too mild to have "winter" decorations up, and I never put up Easter decorations during Lent either.  Just a personal thing; to each his own though, right?

I don't want my house to be "naked" either so I found some new items that have a little purple in them (purple for lent).

I love birds :)

(There's an acrylic bird on top of the bird cage.  So cute!)

Just enough green and purple for March/ Lent & Texas springtime!

I found the pieces at Michael's.  They were 40% off and I was able to use my "teacher" discount card (an additional 15% off!!)

Here's wishing you a beautiful, bright sunny Sunday!!

~  Patty  ~

Friday, February 21, 2014

Fat Tuesday Plans and Lenten Material

My birthday lands on Fat Tuesday this year!  Woot!  Woot!

All the  more reason to feast, right? (*wink*)

Actually, I told David and the kids today that I would like a King Cake for my birthday.  I've never had a "professionally baked" one and this VooDoo one sounds decedent!

Talking about Fat Tuesday reminded me our Lenten bin is up on the closet shelf, and I that needed to go through it.

The Story of the Cross: The Stations of the Cross for Children  can be found here.  (I bought mine at a MUCH cheaper price last year!)

Children's Stations of the Cross can be found here.   Stations of the Cross coloring book can be found here.

The Way of the Cross for Children can be found here.   The Way of the Cross for Children DVD can be found here.    The Sorrowful Mysteries CD can be found here.

Children's literature appropriate for lent and Good Friday...

The Giving Tree can be found here.    The Tale of Three Trees can be found here.

The Little Rose of Sharon can be found here.

Literature on the sacrament of Reconciliation and on Adoration as well as faith based material...

The Most Beautiful Thing in the World can be found here.  It is a beautiful story about he sacrament of reconciliation.   The Little Caterpillar That Finds Jesus can be found here.  It is about time spent with Jesus in Adoration.   My Path to Heaven: A Young Person's Guide to the Faith can be found here.  My Catholic Lent and Easter Activity Book can be found here.  Celebrating Lent can be found here.

Do we go through ALL THAT MATERIAL?  No way, Jose.  I just put the bin out and let them use what they need.  We do, however, always meditate on the Stations of the Cross and will use our candles we made last year.

There's also some adult reading for myself and David ...

Ash Wednesday is on March 5 this year.  Rather late, but that means Easter Sunday should be warm and sunny for us in Texas.

(I think little girls in sleeveless Easter dresses are so cute!)

Have a great weekend and a blessed Sunday!

~  Patty  ~

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Their Humor

Trying to remember the funny ones from the past two months....

Me::  Wow!  Clementine is really talking well.

David::  Great!  Just what we need; another talker in the house!


Me ::  I think Clementine has been our most challenging child at this age.

David ::  Yeah!  And we have one foot in the grave!  We are being punished for something.


She speaks about herself in third person.

"Baby watch Windy Poo."


We've encountered bedtime stall tactics much sooner with this one...

Me ::  Good night, baby!  (I start to close the door)

Clementine ::  Baby no bed.  Baby poo.

Me ::  (After checking her diaper) No poo.

Clementine ::  Baby no bed!

*We are trying to call her more by her name rather than 'baby' these days.  We don't want a narcissistic child on our hands!   ha ha ha!


Ester ::  I don't think I like country music.  (She meant to say modern country music.)

David ::  Turn.  in.  your.  boots!


Me ::  Ester, go get dressed for school.

Ester ::  But, pajamas are my school uniform!

Me :: Go get dressed.

Ester ::  Why?  It's not like I'm going anywhere today.


Stan and Sally arguing who does the most work between the two.

Stan ::  Oh yeah!.  Well Dad does the most work.....(long pause)......besides Mom.

Ha ha ha!  Smart boy!  He knows who washes his dirty skivvies!


Telling David that Clementine went to her first dental check up...

David :: How'd that go?

Me ::  Like trying to give a cat a bath!


Here's hoping I put a smile on your face today :)

*Linking up with Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things and her "Funniest Post" theme!

~  Patty  ~

Monday, February 17, 2014

Daybook Post - Talent Show - February 17, 2014

Outside My Weather... skies...low 70's!

I Am Thankful For...

Our home school group.

For my friend, Elizabeth, who co-chaired the talent show with me.

The pizza dinner / talent show had 13 out of 30 families participating.

I Am Thinking About...

St. Valentine's day.  We celebrate differently each year depending on what day of the week it falls on and how crazy-busy we happen to be at the time.

This year we had cupcakes (Sally made the night before), boxed chocolates, and a tiny "something special" for the kids.

And sweetheart shakes!

From The School Room...

~ This week is week #7 of the third quarter already!!

~ More snaps from the talent show ::

Clementine and her buddy practiced patience while they waited for dessert.

Stan the man read a short poem on the Sacred Heart of Jesus...(he was SO proud :)

Ester & Mabel performed a Tae Kwon Do routine.

And Sally made a tri-fold presentation of her swim team experience.

It really was a great night!

What I Am Reading...

Gathering material for lent.

From The Kitchen...

Made the famous Baked Spaghetti over the weekend.  (Recipe found here).

I say "famous" because this post has received some 135,000 hits on my blog.

 My family loves this meal.  Prep work is easier than lasagna and fancier than plain old spaghetti.

What I Am Praying For...

~ My FIL

~  For all those who have asked me to pray for them.

I Am Listening To...

Silence.  (And it sounds really good!)

Around My House...

~ Getting ready to remember Miss Clementine's baptism birthday on February 18.

~ Watching  some Olympics.

A Picture To Share....

There's a hot air balloon club about 15 miles away.  I went outside to see these four flying over our house.  It's actually a common site.  Once, one landed on a field nearby and the kids were able to help the  owner/pilot  deflate the balloon.  (It's similar to getting the air out of a pool float  :)

Have a great week!

~  Patty  ~

Thursday, February 13, 2014

All That Snow!

Isn't that funny??!! 

My friend, Jen, shared that with me on Facebook last week.  (Jen  moved her family from MI to sunny FL this past September.  Great timing, huh?)

She was responding to my post on Facebook::

I am SO tired of shoveling!!  

(Ha ha ha!  I couldn't resist.)

In the meantime...

Here's wishing you all a happy, warm and sunshine filled St. Valentine's day tomorrow!



Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Daybook Post - Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes - Feb. 11, 2014

Outside My Window...

The kind of day that puts the "ugly" in winter.  Gray, foggy, and damp.

I Am Thankful For...

Great friendships...near and far :)

I Am Thinking About...

* The crazy lunatic who had our subdivision scared to death and the nearby elementary school  in lock down last Thursday.    I am praying for this sick and confused he must be to do what he did!!

* Flat Stanley has been our house guest for the past couple of weeks.  Actually, it is Flat Stanley II since I gave the first one a tour of the kitchen trash can...hasn't been seen since.  (That was embarrassing!)

* Our recent visit with a family friend at his new assignment,  Chaplain of the Catholic Campus Ministries on the SMU campus in Dallas.

While there, Father Arthur took us over to the  George Bush Presidential Library and Museum so Flat Stanley II could have a peek.

* The adjustment period we are helping our daughter  cope with as she deals with her new scoliosis brace.  (It takes us 20-30 minutes each night to get her adjusted properly and somewhat comfortable.)

* All the preparations going into  organizing of our home school group's St. Valentine Pizza Party / Talent Show this coming Sunday.

From The School Room...

* The older 4 kids made Our Lady of Lourdes grottos today as we celebrated the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.

I found the kits at Illuminated Ink.

* Stan the man watched Bernadette, The Princess of Lourdes, found here.

* Kids are working on their Talent Show entries for this coming Sunday ::

~Sally is showcasing her swim team (experience) on a traditional tri-fold board.

~Ester & Mabel are doing a Tae Kwon Do routine.

~Stan is reading a poem/ prayer on the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

~Praying Clementine doesn't undress and sing out loud, "I'm naked.  I'm naked."  (With hands on shaking hips.)

What I Am Reading...

* Following Mary to Jesus

From The Kitchen...

* Mabel made her first batch of banana / chocolate chip bread...

It smelled divine and tasted even better!  (I think she is taking to baking like a fish takes to water. :)

What I Am Praying For...

* For the repose of the soul of Billie Jo's father,    and for her entire family as they go through this difficult period.

* For my in-laws.

* For all those who have asked me to pray for them.

* For my sibling's family.

I Am Listening To...

Clementine talk and sing.  Every single age has been a blast with her!

Around My House...

* Kids' dental appointment today.  

* My dental appointment on Wednesday.  (St. Apolonia pray for me!)

* St. Valentine's day 

* Little Flower/ Little Women meeting coming up Friday evening.

* We are going GREEN around here!  

The girls tested for and earned their green belts Monday night!  (Don't mess the pony tails!)

A Picture To Share...

Flat Stanley II loved lookin' at the boots!

Happy Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes!

Have a great week!

~  Patty ~


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