Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Ripple Effect of Sin

We all sin.

Each sin has a ripple effect that reaches (and harms) others around us.  It is never just between God and oneself.  No.

Why do we sin?  Even those who try so hard?  Why do we fall prey?

After baptism, after the original sin from Adam and Eve has been wiped off of our souls, our souls are left week and easily succumb to sin.  Actual sin.  The sin we ourselves commit.

Catholics recite a penitential prayer in Mass called the The Confiteor.  The Confiteor in Latin means "I confess" or "I acknowledge."    We stand together and publicly acknowledge our sinfulness together, ending with the petition of asking our brothers in sisters (in Christ)  to pray for us.   We do this because sin effects all who are around us.

Last spring I sent out a prayer request regarding the spouse of one of my siblings.  That spouse, in a split moment, had made a choice that would effect so many others for the rest of their lives.  Yesterday, the judge passed down a sentencing.  It was a strong statement.

The actions of that person have forever changed the lives of all around.  There are the victims who are being battered by the direct hit of the immediate ripples and then there are those who are further out yet still touched in some way by the outer reaches of the ripples.

We all sin.

Some sins are bigger than others.  If we stop and reflect more often on how our actions hurt the others around us, that sin is not just between ourselves and God, maybe we would stand strong in His grace and pass up sin more often.

We must never forget about His mercy and forgiveness, the greatest gifts of all.  Know that if we desire His forgiveness, it is ours, but we must change our ways.  Faith and action go hand in hand for all…for those who seek forgiveness….and for those who must find a way to forgive.

~  Patty  ~


  1. When huge consequences happen due to split second decisions, I always feel that God must truly NEED to get the attention of the person. God has plans, big ones and can work all things together for the good of His glory. I do not know the situation, but will be praying. Your words are so very true, I've experienced first hand the ripple affect of sin and how those ripples just get wider and never really go away.

    1. I agree with God's hand being in this "outcome". I pray and pray that the closest victims will "work all things together for the good of His glory,"

  2. Always encouraging and inspiring, my dear friend...

  3. You know this post brought to mind the words in a song from a Catholic artist I know, "sin doesn't just hurt the sinner, but the innocent and the mystical body of Christ." Those ripples do reach the rest of us, they do touch the innocent.
    What a reminder to all of us. A wise and heartfelt post, Patty.

  4. Praying for your sibling and extended family dear friend! As I read this I got chills!!! Yes, our sin has such rippling effect. And, I think it is so important to remember (as victims) that our God is a merciful one…but also a JUST God!!! There is always forgiveness, but we most atone for our sins, too! Hugs

  5. I love this, because it is the truth.

    The ripples even effect those that just feel bad for others in such trials. The pain and suffering involved.

    So sorry your family has this to go through.

  6. Prayers for all! The ripple effect of sin is so painful, but God's mercy is at work always even when we can't see it/feel it.


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